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May Must-haves!

Ok, Ok…can someone explain where the FILLY May has gone? It’s been a whirlwind of werk werk werk werk werk and also a wee bit of well placed fun here at FDJ LDN HQ. But prasie be, we couldn’t have gotten through it without some of our May must-haves! Seriously these beauties have been utter beauty and lifestyle saviours at times. So why not click this way and discover what has been powering us through the month and what you need to know about NOW for the months to come!

Hair Must-haves:
Nothing can pull a look together and make you feel more on top of the world than a good hair day, right fillies? But with long locks like my own, it can be not only my crowning glory but also the bane of my life, especially when I am pushed for time and the last thing I feel like doing at 5:30am is washing my hair. That’s why discovering Sexy Hair‘s Style Sexy H2No 3 Day Style Saver Dry Shampoo has been a snooze time godsend. Now, yes, it is a little bit more expensive than your average supermarket buy, BUT seriously once you try this you will be converted as I was. It’s a big can full of lush, which has the yummiest, sweetest fragrance which leaves hair smelling utterly edible (NOTE: please don’t eat your hair, however tempted you may be), but it also doesn’t leave your hair coated in a matte powder. It makes it healthily fresh again, with a natural shine (but in no way greasy)…not with an unnatural grey powdery film that can be the big giveaway of using dry shampoo. So with this beaut you can literally spray, rub, brush and go! (Btw, keep your eyes peeled for our fab 3 day hair tutorials coming to the blog next week! Or why not catch up with our Kylie Jenner x Coachella Rainbow Braids tutorial now?)

May Musthaves - Sexy Hair H2No 3 Day Style Saver by Fashion Du Jour LDN

Speaking of brush, when I have decided to fashion my hair into some semblence of coiffed calm, rather than “dragged through a bush” chic this month, I have been using the Arconic Brush, as it has made blowdrying my hair a breeze. It’s been designed specifically with us ladies with longer follicles in mind and it is a delight to use. The curved design of this paddle brush gives you the ability to style and smooth large sections of hair fast, which means less arm ache and more fabulous full hair. Plus it’s got a really nice grip on it too, so no slippage and greater control. Score!

May Must-haves - Arconic Brush by Fashion Du Jour LDN

And once my hair is styled or spritzed to maximum taming? Well, I am a BIG fan of shoving it up into some kind of uber top knot that would rival a pineapple or an 80s gym bunny uber pony because I find that the mane just can’t ALWAYS roam free with a busy lifestyle. I appear to have been doing my hair a lot of ill treatment though by using the wrong kind of hairbands when tying it up…yup, falling asleep with your hair up or using bands that cut into the hair has resulted in a fair bit of damage at the roots and a lot of snapped hair?! So, this May I decided to invest in some better hair bobbles, not just whatever I find lying about in my beauty drawer. Quif has delivered the ultimate hair band-it’s hero in the form of their Magi:Bobble! Available in a plethora of colours, these bad boi’s don’t pull or snag the hair whilst holding it in place securely…plus they don’t dig in if you fall asleep in them as they are soft and squidgy. Yes, they look a bit like telephone cord, but YES! My head is thankful for the root rest and I am glad to be no longer doing damage! Here’s to healthier regrowth STAT!

May Must-haves - Magi:bobble and Nobodys Child patches by Fashion Du Jour LDN
The perfect accompaniment for colour-pop hair bobbles? Nobody’s Child’s beauts colour-pop clothing patches of course!

Face Must-haves:
One of the many great things about becoming a blogger I have found is that I have become a lot more aware of what I am using on my face as well as keeping abreast of the latest skincare brands and trends. We were lucky enough to be approached by Beaut-Boutique who asked us to trial some of their products…and we have become obsessed! Housed in quite possibly the most luxely enjoyable gold and silver pumps, these organically awesome products truly deliver. I love that when reading the ingredients on the products they are all recognisable and pronounceable, not like you are in Science class! My product highlights? Firstly, the Grapefruit Cleanser is an utter joy to use as it smells UH-MAZING and is crammed with nourishing and cleansing oils like avocado, apricot kernal and coconut, that leave your skin clean and soft. The Marine Collagen Under-Eye Serum is full of cooling, anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory lushness like aloe, vitamin E, green tea, arnica and superfruit extracts and smooths on a treat. My utter favourite would have to be the Vitamin A C E Hydra-Serum which delivers your skin a topical 5 a day! It’s packed with hydrating awesomeness from tomato leaf extract to seaweed by way of apple, melon and passionfuit extracts with various oils thrown in for good measure. My skin literally drinks this in and feels cushiony and comfortable straight away. And to finish off? Why you have gotta try the brand’s Stem Cell Active Moisturiser! This glides on and sinks in quickly, leaving your skin silky smooth and satisfied. Blissful! It’s also currently on offer for £5, so is well worth stocking up on!

May Must-haves - Beaut-Boutique Products by Fashion Du Jour LDN

I have also been trying to take the time to pamper myself more often (click here on our top tips to create your own spa at home) and have been trying to use face masks at least one night a week. My current favourites have been from new brand Ooh-arr and they really do a great job quickly. I have been having lots of early starts, as well as lots of social occasions this month and it has been quite draining to say the least. So to balance out the manicness, I have been trying to spend 30 minutes at least once a week with an Ooh-arr face mask on and a good magazine or a binge on Netflix. My go to mask has been Rosie Glow which is meant to rejuvenate whilst deep cleansing and is a rather fetching bright orange on the face! Afterwards my skin is smooth, less blotchy and with no signs of what a stressful month it has been. You can squeeze at least 4-5 masks out of each sachet, so hello to all your barganistas! Plus at a penny-pinching £1.20 a sachet, this one is for you. And the retro packaging is, like, #TotesInstagrammable!

May Musthave - Ooh-arr Face Masks by Fashion Du Jour LDN
Dead Sea Cooler and Star Glow clay face masks are beauts too!

Food Must-haves:
Running around so much can make choosing good food hard. As part of my “New Year, Fresh Start” mantra, I am trying to eat as healthy and clean as possible, but with minimal effort. So this May, my must-haves are food stuffs that will help me reach my goals with zero hardship or stress. And nothing can be more of a minefield than snacks! To knock naughty cravings on the head I have been packing Two Chicks Chirps in my handbag. These clever “crisps” are actually made from free range egg white and as well as delivering on taste, they pack a low carb, high protein punch to keep you satisfied and sin-free. They are available in most stores in Salt & Cracked Pepper, Sour Cream & Chive and Jalapeno so you indulge yourself without any kind of guilt. They also do handy, pourable egg white and yolks that make for quick omelettes, etc, for the savvy timesaver.

May Must-haves - Two Chicks Chirps snacks by Fashion Du Jour LDN

I have been reading a LOT about the importance of getting enough Omega-3 and its importance in heart health and warding off heart disease, as well as addressing joint health too. I always seem to forget I’m in my 30s and actually I should be safeguarding myself against such things now?! I don’t get the chance to have fresh fish every day of the week, so that’s why I’ve started taking Wiley’s Finest Peak Omega-3 Lemon Alaskan Fish Oil once day. I either take a teaspoon in the morning or I drizzle it over a salad to make a dressing, as it has a nice lemony taste. Deliciously effortless!

May Must-Haves - Wileys Finest Omega-3 Alaskan Fish Oil by Fashion Du Jour LDN

After my pretty successful teatox (read all about it here) the other month, I have discovered that there’s a new kid on the block. Yes, welcome Skinny Coffee Club’s 28 Day Programme. Apparently just one cup of this coffee that is rammed full of green coffee bean, matcha green tea, spirulina and wheatgrass a day will boost my metabolism and fat-burning potential. Ok, this should be interesting! I LOVE a good cup of Joe in the morning to get me going, so slotting this in should be no hardship. Though I will be interested to take it black and without sweetener though…oh and I get to use a cafetiere too! Stay tuned to see how I get on.

May Must-haves - Skinny Coffee Club 28 Day Weightloss Programme by Fashion Du Jour LDN

Life Must-haves:
I have had quick a few special occasions of late, including birthdays and weddings (catch my tips to be a stellar bridesmaid here). So I have started to get crafty and actually make my cards to people! Shock horror – this is SO unlike me! But I think it’s a really nice and thoughtful touch PLUS you are putting energy into creating something that’s special and unique. Yup, you are making effort and that is priceless. I have been using this kit from Stampin’ Up and it contains everything you need to make great looking keepsakes. It has a easy to follow guide to show you how to do everything and then the possibilities of combinations are utterly endless. So next time you reach for a quick card at the supermarket, have a little think, go home and get creating!

May Must-haves - Stampin' Up Stamp Kit by Fashion Du Jour LDN

In an extension of my living well New Year ethos, I am trying to extend that to every area of my body. I know it can be a bit of a *ahem* delicate subject, BUT what we use as our protection of choice during ladies days can impact on your health and comfort. I have been using Veeda Natural products for about 2 months now and it’s a little change that I want to shout about! Their tampons and towels are 100% natural cotton, with no bleaches or synthetics, which is nothing but good news for one of your most sensitive areas! The products can help reduce the risk of toxic shock, irritation and allergic reactions, plus are really comfortable against the skin. Heck I get grouchy enough during my time of the month, so any little helps. As well as being kind to your lady bits, they are kind to the environment too as the packaging and lining of the towels are biodegradable. Huzzah!

May Must-haves -Veeda Natural Products by Fashion Du Jour LDN

Phew! It’s been a busy ol’ May but with the beauts in this post in my arsenal of awesome, it has been a bit of a breeze! Roll on June I say! Have you tried any of these products? Got any must-haves you have discovered this May? Be sure to share in the “Comments” section below.

Until next time fillies,

Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN HQ x

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30 thoughts on “May Must-haves!

    • It really has…in fact, where is this year going? Thank you – so glad you enjoyed! REALLY recommend the face masks – cute and brilliant results for the money.

      Thanks for popping by!

      Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN HQ x


  1. May wasn’t here to stay at all…soon to be June next week, crazy. I love those hair boobles, I own a few from various brands and it’s a must have for curly hair to keep from snagging.


    Liked by 1 person

    • I KNOW! Where HAS it gone? This year is whipping by :/ I am obsessed with them, they are literally the best right? No more tangles or headaches ❤

      Thanks for stopping by LaaLaa,

      Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN HQ x


  2. I am liking the sound of that dry shampoo a lot – nothing like a good product to save you on a bad hair day! Thanks for the tips!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Totally! I am loving them as they are a lot more caring on my hair and don’t pullany hair out when you take them out…which for me is a miracle 😀

      Thanks for commenting,

      Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN HQ x


    • Hahahahahaaaa! I was exactly the same Lottie…I was like how is this possible, how is this not a crisp?! But they actually do taste like crisps bizarrely 😀 Yes, it’s a bit of a find – the smell is just incredible and I love that it doesn’t leave a powdery finish ❤

      Thanks for popping by!

      Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN HQ x


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