Totes Amaze: Our Big Bag Wishlist!

For us fillies here at FDJ LDN HQ, size DOES matter! Yup, hate to break it to you, but bigger sometimes is better. Nothing makes a sassy style statement like a f.a.b.ulous handbag and we like BIG BAGS and we cannot lie! Satchel, tote, bucket, cross-body, backpack in a plethora of pattern and popping colour – you name it, we heart it! And now it is the perfect time to nab yourself a wee brand bargain as many of the sales are kicking off. So click this way and shop our top picks from those lush lovelies over at House of Fraser. WARNING: Prepare for big bag-induced lust…

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Goddess-like Skin: Ftizjohn Skincare Radiance of Venus Advanced Skin Brightener review by Fashion Du Jour LDN

Goddess-like Skin: Fitzjohn Skincare’s Radiance of Venus Advanced Skin Brightener

Imagine being able to turn your skin from that of a mere mortal into that of a goddess? Well, when Fitzjohn Skincare’s Radiance of Venus popped through our letterbox here at FDJ LDN HQ, promising to give us the skin like the goddess of beauty and love herself, we were excited to see the results. Would this little pot of lush deliver on its claim to transform our skin quickly and easily day in and out? Had we managed to hunt out a top skin treat like goddess Diana? Did we manage to declare battle on our skin woes like Mars, the god of war…and win? Well, click this way and find out…

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thirty-plus-awards-graphic by Fashion Du Jour LDN

The Thirty PLUS Blog Awards: Please Vote For Fashion Du Jour LDN!

It has finally happened! Yes, us bloggers in our thirties have been making waves in the Blogosphere and finally it has been recognised with our OWN Blog Awards. The Thirty PLUS Blog Awards are now officially OPEN *cue thunderous applause*. Blogging has for too long been deemed the playground of the twenty somethings of the world, but we are proud to be part of a community that is rich with quality content, strong voices, sass and a whole shedload of life experience. It’s time to sit up and pay attention to a blogging niche that is crammed full of style AND substance. Click this way to find out why we are stoked for these awards and how you can vote for YOUR favourites (hint hint – yes…you can vote for us here at Fashion Du Jour London HQ…cough cough cough).

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Giving Summer The Cold Shoulder: OOTD

I don’t know about you, but sometimes with this so-called British “summer” weather, it’s hard to know what the FILLY to put on! Add in the fact that you may be dashing about town from work to meeting to post work frivolities and you could find yourself in a RIGHT two and eight (yup, the situ is that serious I’ve pulled out the cockney rhyming slang). Such a conundrum appeared last week – I wanted chic, I wanted stylish, I wanted comfy, I basically wanted a chameleon of a outfit. An outfit that would satisfy all my needs without sacrificing my time. With the way my life is, I need outfits which are masters of the QUICKEST of changes. Ones that can be thrown on without compromising my fashionista credentials! So click this way and find out how I gave this problem the coldest of shoulders…

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On Our Radar: Matilda Bay Apparel Interview by Fashion Du jour LDN

ON OUR RADAR: Matilda Bay Apparel

Hmmmm…what’s the BEST part of prepping for summer and your impending holidays? For us it’s treating ourselves to an amazing bikini or swimsuit for a bit (a lot) of perfect poolside posing, cocktail in hand and oversized sunnies on. Few selections come sassier and more covetably instagrammable than the gorgeous on offer over at Matilda Bay Apparel. One look over her beauteous bikini’s, sumptuous swimwear and awesome accessories and you will have a getaway wishlist as long as your freshly fake-tanned arm! In the latest in our “On Our Radar” series, we sit down with the beautiful Beth, the fabulous face behind the lushness to find out all about brand and her top picks. Click this way and prepare for utter wanderlust…

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