Classically Cool: Charles Fish Jewellery

Some things, no matter the decade, are perma-classics! Wardrobe staples which never lose their shine. Those items we revisit time again, which look freaky fresh and timeless all wrapped in one. Paradoxically classic AND contemporary. Nothing is such an investment in style as a great piece of jewellery and Charles Fish know all about this. Established in 1830, they have been combining the hottest pieces in one stylishly stunning place. Yes, you will be sure to find a piece that will be close to your heart in years to come and also fashionably on the pulse right now. So click this way as we show you how to take wardrobe must-haves and style them up with one fabulous Charles Fish Jewellery piece that will always be classically cool…

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Awesome October Favourites! By Fashion Du Jour LDN

May Must-haves!

Ok, Ok…can someone explain where the FILLY May has gone? It’s been a whirlwind of werk werk werk werk werk and also a wee bit of well placed fun here at FDJ LDN HQ. But prasie be, we couldn’t have gotten through it without some of our May must-haves! Seriously these beauties have been utter beauty and lifestyle saviours at times. So why not click this way and discover what has been powering us through the month and what you need to know about NOW for the months to come!

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Slim Fast Summer Bod and #SlimFastLunchClub by Fashion Du Jour LDN

Get Your Summer Bod on Track with SlimFast and #SlimFastLunchClub

Ah summer, we’ve been expecting you! As the first rays of sun begin to pour through our windows, we can’t wait to dig out our summer clothes and get outside. But sometimes the thought of having to flash the flesh we’ve been contently hiding under our sweaters and leggings all winter fills us with dread. All of a sudden those extra pounds from comfort eating throughout the colder months no longer have a place to hide. Fear not though fillies – help is at hand from SlimFast with its hassle-free fully planned diet plan.

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Scandi-lous: How To Cekebrate Midsummer Eve Swedish Style by Fashion Du Jour. Photo Credit - Mercedes Harrison

Scandi-lous!: How To Celebrate Midsummer Eve – Swedish Style!

Ok fillies, so you’ve heard of Scandi-chic and Nordic-noir! No? Oh, but surely you know about Swedish Midsummer Eve? Yes, if visions of that Shakespearean classic “Midsummer Night’s Dream” starts filling your head with blissful wanderlust…then you are on the right track. Those clever Swedes have got the right idea by celebrating Midsummer Eve in style! Sure, Sweden may be twice the size of the UK but it also does collective celebrating in a way we can only dream of. In fact, Midsummer is second only to Christmas in Sweden when it comes to relaxing, gathering with loved ones and throwing an epic party. But just because we are in ol’ Blighty, that’s no excuse! So it’s time to dance this way and discover how we too can celebrate, Scandi-style!

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Super Size Me!: Instant Effects Lash and Lip Review by Fashion Du Jour LDN

Super Size Me!: Are Instant Effects Lip and Lash Products Heroes?

POW! ZAP! ZING! In an everyday battle for lusher lashes and fuller lips, Instant Effects has stepped into the fray as a hero for our faces! Declaring to increase our flutter and boost our pout by up to 20%, this new super hero whips out its Instant Lash Volumiser and Instant Lip Plumper in the face of adversity. With such claims, we wanted these power players in our corner to combat our niggles! But do these everyday goodies deliver…or are they in fact a bunch of baddies in disguise? Click this way and discover whether our woes could be saved!

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On Our Radar - LMJewellery Interview by Fashion Du Jour LDN


Handcrafted and utterly covetable  – LMJewellery put us in a state of jewellery-based joy when we stumbled across the brand’s Etsy store. From semi-precious rings to tri-colour statement pieces, the design led jewellery ooze contemporary chic and minimal magic that create maximum impact. They essentially opitomise cool and we wanted in! After acquiring a set of the brand’s achingly awesome Dotty Earcrawlers (check them out in our style post here), we just HAD to know more about the lady behind the lush. WARNING!: You are going to want it all (so yes, the links are shoppable). So click this way fashionistas and prepare to fall in love with Louise and her range STAT!

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A Fresh Taste!: The Living Food Kitchen Review by Fashion Du Jour LDN

A Fresh Taste!: The Living Food Kitchen Review

There is nothing quite like the taste of fresh food. Not only is it healthier on the whole, but the quality is usually a lot better and the ingredients don’t sound like a lab experiment! You can actually recognise and pronounce them…with the exception of quinoa that is! Feeding yourself the best but not compromising on taste is something we are trying to do more and more here at Fashion Du Jour LDN HQ as part of our “New Year. Fresh Start!” initiative (catch up with past posts here). And thanks to our new friends at The Living Food Kitchen and their range of yumminess –  we might just have the healthy eating side of things nailed! Click this way and discover how you too can discover a fresher taste…you may never snack the same again…Read More »

How to be a stellar bridesmaib by House of Fraser and Fashion Du Jour LDN

Made Of Honour: How To Be A Stellar Bridesmaid!

Wedding season is upon us and for some of us it’s extra special as you are not just another attendee – oh no no! YOU  are going to be a bridesmaid for one (or numerous – Miss Popularity) of your best gal pals. WOO HOO! But what makes a good bridesmaid? Before visions of scenes from “Bridesmaids” fill your mind with hilarity and horror, don’t panic fillies! With the help of those clever people over at House of Fraserwe share with you how to be a stellar bridesmaid, with a lil’ bit of our own experience thrown in too. You’ll be gliding down the aisle and into the “legendary bridesmaid” Hall of Fame in no time!

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