Brand New Vintage: Rokit Clothing Haul by Fashion Du Jour LDN

Brand New Vintage: Rokit Clothing Haul

It’s official – old is the NEW new! If you are after some of the freshest looks, you might be best off giving the past a cheeky side eye. Vintage shopping is totally where its at if you are wanting to create one of a kind looks that remain totally timeless. But if the idea of riffling through the bowels of a vintage shop fills you with grim dread, it’s time to get over yo’self fillies. Rokit Clothing is where it’s at when it comes to premium vintage, that ironically doesn’t cost a premium! Click this way and discover what can be found – it’s time for some brand new vintage…

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Notting Thrill: The Elgin, Notting Hill by Fashion Du Jour LDN

Notting Thrill: The Elgin, Notting Hill

A stone’s throw from Ladbroke Grove tube, nestled amongst the blogger mecca of white-washed house lined streets, lies a thrilling little gem of a gastropub, The Elgin. Now, “gastropub” can be a term bandied about a fair bit, but if you looked it up in the dictionary, you would find this picture perfect pub its very definition! Click this way and discover why The Elgin is putting the Notting THRILL into Notting Hill…

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