Stay Toasty: How To Save Money On Your Heating Bill. Poochon puppy tucked up on sofa in a yellow blanket, cuddling Kevin the Carrot Soft Toy

Stay Toasty: How To Save Money On Your Heating Bill

*This post contains sponsored content. All wording and opinions are our own as always though fillies.

Brrrrr…winter is not coming, it is HERE and it is not only nipping at our nose, but taking a big bite out of our money to boot! But fear not dear fillies, there are ways to stay toasty without impacting on your heating bill. Heck, it might even save you money! So click this way and find out how we are planning on beating the heating bill…

Woolfoot Heating, experts in boiler installation Leeds have produced this super handy infographic, packed with ways to save money on your heating bill. Some are easy to implement straight away – simple things like adding another layer of clothing, investing in a snuggly blanket to stay toasty (like Samson our Poochon loves to do) or knocking your thermostat down one degree, can all chip away at your heating bill. Little easy changes can add up to serious money being left in your pocket, rather than flying out of it!

Some changes require a bit more investment in the short term, but have long term benefits. Having moved into our first home, we have recently had to replace the boiler – ouch! Although this hit our balance hard, new boilers are packed with smart tech which make them quicker and more efficient, therefore saving serious cash in the long run. Once your new boiler is in place, it is important to have regular services in order to give them a “health-check” to keep them working at peak performance and keep saving you the pennies!

Stay Toasty: How To Save Money On Your Heating Bill by Fashion Du Jour LDN. Infographic by Woolfoot Heating

By incorporating these changes in your home, whether you do a few or all of them, you are sure to stay a lot more toasty. In fact, we’re sure you will warm to these tips once you notice the difference in your heating bill!

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