Small Prices Big Gains How Musclefood Can Transform Your Meal Time And You By Fashion Du Jour LDN. Grey bowl with Musclefood ready meal of pork meatballs and couscous. Girl holding bowl wearing grey t-shirt and blue jeans

Small Prices, Big Gains: How Musclefood Can Transform Your Meal Time And You

*This post contains gifted product from Musclefood and affiliate links. All wording and opinions are our own as always though fillies.

Lockdown – from lavish lunching to decadent dining by way of serious snacking, we can safely say we have packed on a bit of what I like to fondly call “Pandemic Poundage” over the past few months. Yup, unfortunately there’s only so much all you can eat madness whilst binging on Netflix that a body can take sadly…and mine had seen a LOT of that over the last 5 months. So I decided it was time to start taking first steps towards getting my weight back to its usual comfort zone. I know part of getting back in control is food prep but heck, food prep can be tiresome, pricey and requires…thinking. I wanted quick, healthy, quality meals that were as convenient as they were tasty and at a good price to boot. So prepare to meet your food prep saviour in the form of Musclefood Prepped Pots! Click this way to discover how you can transform your meal time and in turn, yourself…

Small Prices Big Gains How Musclefood Can Transform Your Meal Time And You By Fashion Du Jour LDN. Muscle Food Prep Pots Moroccan Pork Meatballs and Cous Cous and Meatfree Mock Chicken Tikka on wooden kitchen worktop
Musclefood Prepped Pots in Moroccan Tagine Pork Meatballs and Cous Cous and Meatfree Mock Chicken Tikka

Myself and Mike have been big fans of Musclefood online food delivery since they launched, regularly ordering their meat bundles due to their quality, as well as their exceptional value for money. Seriously, they are superior to high street store produce! For instance, their chicken breasts are lean and juicy and unlike supermarket ones, aren’t pumped with water or shrink when they are cooked. In fact, the past couple of years we have ordered their Christmas dinner hamper which takes all the fuss out of sorting your festive fayre – all your meat, veggies, sides and even your gravy are delivered in one chilled box, so they arrive super fresh and at a date of your choosing including Xmas eve. Plus they include recipe cards for making all your veggie side dishes. It’s proper glorious *insert enthusiastic chef’s kiss here*. So when we decided it was time to knock the crap foods on the head but wanted the convenience of a ready meal – we knew Musclefood’s Prepped Pots were going to be well worth a try. It’s fair to say we weren’t disappointed!

Small Prices Big Gains How Musclefood Can Transform Your Meal Time And You By Fashion Du Jour LDN. Wooden Breakfast Bar in grey kitchen. Green glass jars, copper gold accents, graham & brown copper wall paper. Two bowls of food. Musclefood Prepped Pots in Beef Ragu and Mushroom Risotto
Musclefood Prepped Pots in Beef Ragu and Cherry Tomato Tagliatelle and Chicken and Mushroom Risotto

We decided to try two weeks of Prepped Pots for lunch and dinner to kickstart healthier, cleaner eating, reengage with portion control and hopefully shed a few pounds in the process. We were pleasantly surprised at the value for money – 10 meals was £29.95, working out at £3 a meal. That’s not bad value, especially when you actually try the quality of the pots themselves and their ingredients. Musclefood only use lean meats, meaning less fat whilst also being high protein. That less fat/high protein combo is key when it comes to weight loss or maintaining a healthier lifestyle. We also loved that the pots are “clean eating” with no artificial ingredients and lots of veg, usually 1-3 of your five a day. Speaking of veg, I’d also been looking to cut down on meat consumption in general over this period too and was delighted to find tasty, satisfying vegan/vegetarian options available which delivered as much of a protein punch as their meaty counterparts.

Small Prices Big Gains How Musclefood Can Transform Your Meal Time And You By Fashion Du Jour LDN. Musclefood Prepped Pots Mock Tikka Curry
Musclefood Prepped Pot – Meatfree Mock Chicken Tikka Curry

In fact, there is a dizzying amount of mouthwatering dishes available, so you if are planning on being on meal prep for awhile, you would be hard pushed to get bored with the variety on offer. Everything we opted for tasted utterly sensational! From The Brit Aboard Vegan Breakfast which was packed with spinach, beans, tomato, potatoes and the most delicious vegan sausages I’ve ever tasted to the Beef Ragu and Cherry Tomato Tagliatelle which was rich with meat and garlicky sauce and homemade tasting pasta – everything we ate was sublime and did not taste “diet” at all. Proof that low calorie, low fat doesn’t have to be low taste. That could be down to the dishes being developed by Michelin star chefs I suppose!

Small Prices Big Gains How Musclefood Can Transform Your Meal Time And You By Fashion Du Jour LDN. Bearded muscly man in a grey t-shirt eating Musclefood Prepped Pots Moroccan Pork Meatballs and Cous Cous

What I particularly liked about these was that they came frozen but you defrost them the night before in the fridge. Why I thought this was great is that they were not only fresh, but I felt it was making me plan out my next day’s eating the night before, without having to physically prep the food. Food prep is actually a lot of work – chopping, weighing out, working out fat/protein/calories, then cooking and popping in tupperware. Musclefood have done all the heavy lifting for you. I felt it was readdressing the balance I had thrown off through lockdown of eating whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted and was reeducating me planning my eating and portion control, whilst being quick and easy to cook. If there’s one thing I am, it’s a pro microwave chef – DING!

We can safely say after two weeks, the Musclefood Prepped Pots not only transformed our meal times but us as well – it reset our unhealthy eating patterns and huge portions and our jeans were the loosest they had been in a long time! In fact, we plan on getting more of these meals in to replace any ready meals as we know these deliver on taste, price and helping maintain a healthier lifestyle going forward.

If you are new to Musclefood and wish to try, there’s an even better deal for first time customers, who can get 10 pots for £20.99. That works out at £2.10 per meal! So click here for this Musclefood’s Prepped Pots deal. They really do deliver – small prices, big gains.

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