Fashion Du Jour LDN ChinUp Mask Review

A Non-Surgical Facelift?: The ChinUp Mask Review

You read right fillies – a non-surgical face lift! We were somewhat dubious too when we found out about this product that claimed you could  lose 2cm+ of fat off your chin in just one use. That’s something worth looking into right? Right! So click this way and discover whether the hype is the reality…

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Exuviance and Merumaya Cleansers

Coming Clean!: AM To PM Cleansing Routines

With spring in the air and a renewed bounce in our step, it feels like the right time to overhaul our usual and lacklustre cleansing routine fillies. Yes, it’s time to spring clean the skincare routine! With Bridesmaid duties on the horizon and wanting to be as fresh-faced as possible, Leigh’s getting her cleansing game en pointe. Click this way as she comes clean about the AM to PM utter yumminess that she’s been using…

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Lampshade Trend Fashion Du Jour LDN

Get Lit!: How to Style the Lampshade Trend

We have spied a trend afoot, fillies! Yes, the funnily named “Lampshade Trend” is striking a cord with fashionistas everywhere and it’s easy to see why. The “voluminous top layer plus Over the Knee boots” mantra is well loved by the likes of Kourtney Kardashian and Binky Felstead because A) it looks FAB whilst being highly flattering and easy to wear and B) it is PERF for this annoyingly chilly time of the year! So, click this way as Leigh shares with you our take on the trend and how you too can get lit up by the Lampshade Trend.

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True Brit Scented Nail Polish Removers

Nailed it!: True Brit Scented Nail Polish Removers

UGH! Nothing stings the nostrils (and sometimes the eyes) more than a heavily chemically scented, highly Acetone based nail polish remover! Oh my, does that horrid smell linger! Well, when we heard that the lovely lot at True Brit had developed a remover that delivered all the removal power with the divine scents of Strawberries and Cream and Elderflower and Cucumber, we couldn’t wait to get our mitts on them and see if they had nailed it!

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Let’s Get In Formation: How to Be More Like Beyoncé – Errday!

Ok now ladies, let’s get in formation and dress ourselves accordingly to the rules of Queen Bee! We all know how when a killer track by the lady herself comes on the radio or at the club, we all tend to unleash our inner Sasha Fierce for the length of the song…but why just leave that on the dancefloor? By channelling our inner Beyoncé, not only in those moments of music but in our style, in our attitude AND in our everyday life  – we think that not only will you be perma on fleek wardrobe-wise, but you will also feel empowered in yourself. Yes! It’s time to emblazon yourself in positive slogan tees with the ladies greatest ideals and strut about like the female version of a hustler you are…let’s Beyon-SLAY divas! Click this way and discover how Virgo Seven slogan tees can help you dress accordingly to unleash the beast and help you run the world, girls!

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