Father's Day 2020 How To Celebrate, Whether Near Or Far. Pink Moonpig Cardboard box, white father's day card with dog on it, blue tin of fudge with Happy Father's Day

Father’s Day 2020: How To Celebrate, Whether Near Or Far

*This post contains gifted product from Moonpig. All wording and opinions are our own as always though fillies.

With Father’s Day being this Sunday, it’s time to celebrate our dads, whether they are biological, are like a father to us or are a “father figure” in our life. This year especially, with the global pandemic happening and our usual ways of celebrating limited through social distancing, finding ways to show your love and appreciation is extra important, whether you live near by or far away. This situation might have its limitations, but love itself doesn’t. So here’s how to show your love this Father’s Day, whether near or far, 2 metres apart or across the other side of the country…


Make it personal:
Nothing makes a card and gift more personal than taking the time and making it personalised! With companies such as Moonpig, it’s easier than ever to make something super special for your special someone. There’s a HUGE range of customisable Father’s Day cards, that you can pimp to your personal preference with photos and text of your choice, so they become a gift within themselves. Personally, I tend to frame a lot of the cards I have gotten off friends and family from Moonpig and have them on our gallery wall, as they are totally frame-worthy.

They also have an incredible choice of Father’s Day gifts – so whether your Dad loves a tipple, would be thrilled with an Only Fool’s & Horses Monopoly Set or you want to take him on an adventure with a trip on a steam train for when lockdown is over, Moonpig have you covered.

Getting your card and gift at the same place takes the headache out of scrolling the Internet and the hassle of sorting numerous deliveries. Their turnaround on sending stuff together is pretty speedy, despite the pandemic, so you can order safely in the knowledge that it’ll be there on Sunday (if you order, like, now). Plus I particularly like that their packaging is all recyclable with minimal plastic.

Father's Day 2020 How To Celebrate Whether Near Or Far by Fashion Du Jour LDN. Freedom Brewery Beer Gift Set and Glass from Moonpig. Pink Moonpig box

Write it down:
Words mean a lot, especially at the moment, where we might not be able to say them face to face. Take the time and write a proper message in the card you are sending. In the current climate and with so much uncertainty going on in the world, make sure the main man in yours knows how much you love and care and are thankful for all they have done for you in life. On Sunday, whether you get to give the card at a socially distanced picnic or it’s coming from across the country, know that what you say IS important, this year in particular. Don’t rush it and speak from the heart – your dad will LOVE it!

Be all-inclusive:
Father’s come in many forms. For me, my “father” is my mother and I always celebrate her on Father’s Day. She raised my sister and I single-handedly and taught us by example that a woman can do anything and everything – you can be strong, independent, lift heavy things, decorate, work hard, not hide how smart you are and speak your mind, all in the most lady-like and stylishly savvy way! For many people who I know, 2020 seems to be about breaking the rules and creating new social norms, so why not include those who have been like a father to you in the non-traditional or non-biological way?

As well as sending a card and gift to my mum, I decided to include my partner Mike this year in the Father’s Day festivities. He’s been an amazing “paw-rent” to our 1 year old Poochon Samson…so why not send a card from his pooch? I mean, it was difficult for Samson to type the words with his fluffy paws, but with a little from mummy, I think he nailed it 😉

Father's Day 2020 How To Celebrate Whether Near Or Far by Fashion Du Jour LDN. White Poochon puppy with Fathers Day Card saying No. 1 Dog Dad

Zoom on by, spend time together, be creative:
Ahhhh Zoom – where would we be without this virtual life-saver? If you cannot be with your Dad in the same physical space, get together in the virtual one. You can bring all the family together, no matter where they live in the world and gather your siblings and your parents in the same meeting room! Be creative with your Father’s Day celebration – why not create a pub quiz around all the things your dad loves for instance? Or have a virtual beer tasting or cocktail making night, where each Zoom attendee makes the same beverage? How about a film night, where you all watch Pa’s favourite film at the same time? Or share your best dad jokes, stories and photos? If lockdown has taught us anything is that spending time together, even though apart is super important and extra special on celebrations.

If you ARE in lockdown with your dad or can be in their company, keeping in place the current lockdown rules through social distancing, why not do the same things but in the garden? If…the British “summer” allows you to of course.

Father's Day 2020 How To Celebrate, Whether Near Or Far. Pink Moonpig Cardboard box, white father's day card with dog on it, blue tin of fudge with Happy Father's Day, with Salted Caramel Fudge spilling out

However you choose to commemorate Father’s Day 2020 – make sure you do…as much as our parents can downplay these kind of days, they do mean a lot to them and are the perfect opportunity for you to express how much they mean to you!

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Until next time fillies,

Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN HQ x

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