Giving Summer The Cold Shoulder: OOTD

I don’t know about you, but sometimes with this so-called British “summer” weather, it’s hard to know what the FILLY to put on! Add in the fact that you may be dashing about town from work to meeting to post work frivolities and you could find yourself in a RIGHT two and eight (yup, the situ is that serious I’ve pulled out the cockney rhyming slang). Such a conundrum appeared last week – I wanted chic, I wanted stylish, I wanted comfy, I basically wanted a chameleon of a outfit. An outfit that would satisfy all my needs without sacrificing my time. With the way my life is, I need outfits which are masters of the QUICKEST of changes. Ones that can be thrown on without compromising my fashionista credentials! So click this way and find out how I gave this problem the coldest of shoulders…

You know those days where you are literally running for your life? Those ones where you can barely catch your breath, but you can’t seem to say “no” to anything that is on the menu for that day? Yes? Well, I seem to be having a veritable plethora of those kinda days in the diary atm. I can suffer from serious FOMO, and as such find I have pencilled in 2 different kinds of work, a casting or meeting, then some kind of social soiree at the end to reward my busy bee-ness. Therefore I find I need to dress in a way that addresses all those kind of engagements – which can be a fine balance of practicality and stylability. Essentially, I have to create my own “crazy busy day” uniform! It’s got to be something that is easy to get changed in and out of, quickly! If I am running late for work I can whiz out of it into uniform or if I am off to rehearsal or a fitting I can jump in and out of easily in a short pop of buttons. It also has to look stylish, not only to please who I am seeing that day, which can range from prospective employers, fellow fashionistas at events to friends and the bf, but mainly to please myself! Yes, I said it – I mainly dress for myself. When I get the chance to be out of various uniform/s, I embrace my “me” clothes to the Nth degree and pick to wear things that make ME smile.

Dungarees – Matalan Kids. Cold Shoulder Top – Primark. Tote Bag – Prada. Trainers – Converse. Frilly Socks – Primark

It is therefore with a huge chuckle at irony that when I don’t have to be in any kind of corporate get up, I decide to let my inner child out! I am a HUGE fan of dungarees (or “Ga-Dinga-Dunga’s” as I like to call them) and I laugh with gay abandon at the fact that in my 30’s I am wearing dungarees, usually paired with pigtails, more often NOW than when I was 5! Add to the fact that these particular bad boi’s were bought in the Kid’s section and you can pretty much see where my mentality can sometimes lie (and if you don’t like it, I shall blow a raspberry)! This being said, I think dungarees are incredibly stylish, if styled in such a way. I have been rocking dungarees and overalls on nights out for about 2 years now and they look super cute paired with the fiercest of heels and a pop of red lipstick.

So when last week I had to jump from engagement to engagement with the greatest of ease without neglecting on a bit of flair – out they came. I decided to shop my wardrobe for the rest of the ensemble, as I usually find some hidden gem hidden at the back with the labels still on. Sure enough after a good rummage I discovered this long forgotten cold shoulder top that I had bought last year in Primark. This beaut was £1…yes you read right – £1! “Why hadn’t you worn it before?” I hear you gasp. Well, it is about 3 sizes too big for me…I bought it anyway as I knew I would think of some way to rock it in the foreseeable future. And now was its time to shine! Rising like a fashionable phoenix from the depths of my wardrobe! *Insert majestic bird call here*

Giving Summer The Cold Shoulder: OOTD by Fashion Du Jour LDN

By tucking the volume of the top into the dungarees, no one (hopefully) was any the wiser that this was actually swimming on me! I am a lover of the cold shoulder look and think that flashing your shoulders is really quite seductive, especially when everything else is covered up. I think it is a really pretty, flattering and wearable trend and with this particular ensemble I liked the mix of feminine and flirtyness , with a big dollop of childlike fun. Adding to the look with uber comfy and trusty Converse (paired with cutesy frill socks of course) and bringing out my “grow-up” Prada bag for a nod to the fact I am an adult, I was good to go for my mad dash of a day. PLUS the real beauty of this outfit was that I could get changed in and out of this lickity split without rumpling it with creases or messing up my makeup or hair too much, perfect for a day on the go!

Giving Summer the Cold Shoulder: OOTB Matalan Dungarees Primark top Prada Bag Converse trainers by Fashion Du Jour LDN

So with all this running around like a headless chicken, what makes for the perfect “non-slip” face and hair? I am finding that my best bet for busy days is choosing simple and effective multi-tasking products that last the distance and hardly need topping up/reapplying. I have been using Osmo’s Extreme Volume Mega Styling Foam on my hair for the past few weeks now and love it for keeping my hair full and bouncy. Unlike most mousses I have used, this one also makes my blow dry last longer, fights those pesky frizzes brought on by my running in and out of the humidity and downpours as well as leaving my hair REALLY soft and feeling like there is zero product in it. It kept the wave in my hair for this full and wavy pony alllllll day (stay tuned for full hair tutorials later this week or click here for our latest one inspired by Kylie Jenner). Skin was kept flawless with my fail safe combo of Exuviance Sheer Daily Protector (check out all about it here), which is a lush tinted moisturiser with added SPF 50 and Bagsy Beauty’s WonderWand which is a double ended concealer and highlighter which is perfect for touch up’s on the go (read about how much of a travel buddy it is to me here). I kept eyes simple and simply smudge free with defined eyebrows and flutter worthy lashes thanks to the killer combo of Bare Minerals Lash Domination (a new fave) and my secret weapon of Instant Effects Lash Effects (find out all the fabulousness here). Et voila – a fail-safe face to face the day!

Hair – styled with Osmo Extreme Volume Mousse. Skin – Exuviance Sheer Daily Protector and Bagsy Beauty Wonderwand. Eyes – Collection Brow Palette and Extreme Liquid Eyeliner, Instant Effects Lash Effects, Bare Minerals Lash Domination.

After working two different jobs and a meeting, I was MORE than ready to meet the other half of the FDJ LDN sisterhood, Nicky, for a good natter and a great cocktail. Dashing across London to meet her at one of our favourite haunts, Grand Union just by Smithfields market, I was more than ready for their 2-4-1 cocktails and a chit-chat. What’s really awesome is this deal lasts from 12pm-8pm most weekdays, so you can sip away to your hearts content. ALSO, they have just brought in a new food menu which is LUSH – we highly recommend the Crab Roll and Sweet Potato Fries. Utter food porn right there and HUGE portions!

Giving Summer the Cold Shoulder: OOTN Grand Union Pornstar Martini Cocktails by Fashion Du Jour LDN
Pornstar Martinis are perma-fave of ours at Grand Union, Smithfields
Giving Summer the Cold Shoulder: OOTN Grand Union Pornstar Martini Cocktails by Fashion Du Jour LDN
Cheers – Nicky enjoying the happiest of Happy Hours at Grand Union

Yes, this may have been a MATHOM of a day fillies, but all in all, it was pretty darn glorious and ended pretty sweet (and pretty tiddled). When your days and weeks get busy, you just gotta find that balance – in life, in work, and of course, in your outfit! It would appear that good clothes can perhaps take you to good places. Choosing outfits that can keep up with your pace of life is half the fun! Find joy in what you do, where you go and what you wear to have those adventures. Now that’s what I call utterly #FashionDuJourable!

Until next time fillies,

Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN HQ x

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Giving Summer the Cold Shoulder: OOTD Matalan Dungarees, Primark Top, Converse Trainers, Prada Bag by Fashion Du Jour LDN

Giving Summer the Cold Shoulder: OOTD Grand Union Royale Cocktails By Fashion Du Jour LDN


Giving Summer the Cold Shoulder: OOTD Matalan Dungarees, Primark Top, Converse Trainers, Prada Bag by Fashion Du Jour LDN

Giving Summer the Cold Shoulder: OOTD Matalan Dungarees, Primark Top, Converse Trainers, Prada Bag by Fashion Du Jour LDN


28 thoughts on “Giving Summer The Cold Shoulder: OOTD

    • Thanks Louise – such a fan of this style too, find it so versatile and wearable for most occasions. Glad you liked how I styled it…and yes, it seems everyone is a big fan of the bag. I will have to take him out more often 😀

      Thanks for stopping by,

      Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN HQ x


    • Thank you so much Chelsea – love that you think I rocked it 😀 😀 I thought dungarees wouldn’t suit me, so I think it’s worth a whirl next time you are shopping…you will rock them too I’m sure ❤

      Thanks for stopping by,

      Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN HQ x


  1. I am a HUGE fan of dungarees too! I could also let my inner child out.. I need some dungarees now, haha. They’re so perfect for our so called summer! (Don#t even get me started on the weather lol!) They are very comfy to wear and yours certainly look comfy. I love your look and I really like that bag!!


  2. […] as you may or my not remember, my eternal love for the dungaree is real! Don’t believe me? Check out my “Giving Summer The Cold Shoulder: OOTD” post here to fully understand my obsession. So it made perfect sense for me to take the summery leap and […]


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