Clear Skin Win: FacetoxFace Mask Review by Fashion Du Jour LDN

Clear Skin Win?: Facetox Face Mask Review

Sundays are a great day for a bit of “me” time, as we prepare to face the week ahead. Nothing can make you feel ready to face the world than flawless skin, so our usual Sunday routine includes a good face mask. Enter Facetox and their organic face masks which extract, pull and detoxify your skin. As a detox is to the body, Facetox is claiming a similar effect to the skin. With many celeb users, we had to see whether this was a clear skin win. Click this way and find out whether it delivered Instagram-worthy skin…or was more style over substance

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Handbag Hero: Why DrPawPaw Balm Should Be Your New BFF by Fashion Du Jour LDN

Handbag Hero: Why Dr PawPaw Balm Should Be Your BFF!

You know the struggle right fillies – be it hand luggage allowance being a pain or not wanting to ruin the line of your fabulous new clutch bag with a load of bulk, but…you just can’t narrow down what you are packing! You NEED those 50+ products in order to get through the day right? Right! Well, stop right there my friend, as we might have found your new balm-based BFF! Yes, sometimes a product comes along that you want to hold lovingly and declare “Where have you been all my life?”. Step forward DRPawPaw’s Balmyour new best friend in balm form. Click this way and discover how this one tube will fast become one of the only things you need…

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Waxing Lyrical: Smooth Appeal Wax Kit

Waxing Lyrical: Smooth Appeal Wax Kit

Yes, Summer may be slipping through our still yet to be sun-kissed fingers but with plenty of weddings, parties, holidays and fab pin-revealing outfits to be worn – it’s still time to be waxing lyrically about hair removal! Yes, as much as we loathe it, it’s easy to love it with the right products and method in your corner. So we took Smooth Appeal’s Microwave Formula Wax Kit for a spin to find out whether this little pot of lush was REALLY one smooth operator indeed…

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Awesome October Favourites! By Fashion Du Jour LDN

Joyful July Must-Haves!

Hark – July is upon us and we are hoping for it to be totes joyful! With a veritable PLETHORA of weddings, events and work to attend this month, we are in need of an arsenal of awesomeness to see us through. From supplements to skincare, sunscreen to teeth whitening, we think these bevvy of lovelies will keep us in check all July long! Click this way and find out who we have in our corner this July…

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Goddess-like Skin: Ftizjohn Skincare Radiance of Venus Advanced Skin Brightener review by Fashion Du Jour LDN

Goddess-like Skin: Fitzjohn Skincare’s Radiance of Venus Advanced Skin Brightener

Imagine being able to turn your skin from that of a mere mortal into that of a goddess? Well, when Fitzjohn Skincare’s Radiance of Venus popped through our letterbox here at FDJ LDN HQ, promising to give us the skin like the goddess of beauty and love herself, we were excited to see the results. Would this little pot of lush deliver on its claim to transform our skin quickly and easily day in and out? Had we managed to hunt out a top skin treat like goddess Diana? Did we manage to declare battle on our skin woes like Mars, the god of war…and win? Well, click this way and find out…

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Exuviance and Merumaya Cleansers

Coming Clean!: AM To PM Cleansing Routines

With spring in the air and a renewed bounce in our step, it feels like the right time to overhaul our usual and lacklustre cleansing routine fillies. Yes, it’s time to spring clean the skincare routine! With Bridesmaid duties on the horizon and wanting to be as fresh-faced as possible, Leigh’s getting her cleansing game en pointe. Click this way as she comes clean about the AM to PM utter yumminess that she’s been using…

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Home Spa Essentials

Pamper Day: How to Create Your Own Home Spa

We are all so busy nowadays aren’t we fillies? Rushing about from work to social engagements to social media, there never seems to be enough time to stop, unwind and enjoy some “me time”. But with the weight of the world on your shoulders at times, it is SO important to take the time to indulge yourself with some spa treatments. And what if we could show you some ways to create your very own spa in your own home? Perfect for a Sunday or when you have a couple of hours to yourself our routine, with a few fab hacks will have you feeling like a goddess in no time! Click this way and prepare to unwind FDJ LDN style…

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New Year. Fresh Start: Glow Getter!

We are shouting S.O.S here at FDJ LDN HQ, fillies! Yep, it’s totally a “Save our SUNSHINE” moment as the cold snap has us dreaming of sunnier climes. But we weren’t downhearted for long when Organically Epic entered our lives with their promise to deliver us from our ghostly pallors with a product that brings us sunshine – bottled! In our latest “New Year. Fresh Start”, we show you how easy it is to achieve a golden glow all year round – quickly! Yes, this little beauty is a real tanning hack!

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New Year. Fresh Start: Bubblicious Beauty!

Nothing can put a bit of pep in our step than going for a spa treatment, but after checking out our bank balances and shrieking in horror, we think that may well be off the cards for a bit! But fear not, we have found the ideal product that will give you a spa-tastic experience in your own home whenever you want longggg into the New Year. So click this way and find out our new found beauty hack…

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