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Pandemic Pampering: How To Lockdown Your Winning Morning Routine

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So, we’re going through a pandemic…not exactly the best of times hey? When boy band Blue joyously sang about “having the city on Lockdown”, I doubt this is what they had in mind! With this new way of living comes new ways of being, as our usual routines are thrown out the window. Mornings are tough at the best of times and now with so many of us working from home due to the current state of affairs, the challenge to be as productive, especially in the morning, is REAL! The urge to stay in bed, stay in your PJs and stay generally unwashed can be a habit that’s hard to shake. But you can lockdown a morning routine that will keep you on track, by encompassing a whole heap of pandemic pampering along the way! So click this way to find out how to be winning too…

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