Mer-mazing Make-up: How To Nail The Festival Look by Fashion Du Jour LDN

Mer-mazing Make-up: How To Nail The Festival Look

With V Festival this weekend, we are all of a flutter here at FDJ LDN HQ! Our Insta feed is choc-full of amazing UH-mazing festival make-up looks, leaving us utterly inspired to bring you our own how to into the mix. Taken from our Festival Luxe post recently, we show you how to create this mer-mazing make-up look easily to rock away in time for the last festivals of summer, any upcoming parties or holidays. So click this way and discover how easy it is to look fin-tastic!

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Awesome October Favourites! By Fashion Du Jour LDN

Joyful July Must-Haves!

Hark – July is upon us and we are hoping for it to be totes joyful! With a veritable PLETHORA of weddings, events and work to attend this month, we are in need of an arsenal of awesomeness to see us through. From supplements to skincare, sunscreen to teeth whitening, we think these bevvy of lovelies will keep us in check all July long! Click this way and find out who we have in our corner this July…

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Super Size Me!: Instant Effects Lash and Lip Review by Fashion Du Jour LDN

Super Size Me!: Are Instant Effects Lip and Lash Products Heroes?

POW! ZAP! ZING! In an everyday battle for lusher lashes and fuller lips, Instant Effects has stepped into the fray as a hero for our faces! Declaring to increase our flutter and boost our pout by up to 20%, this new super hero whips out its Instant Lash Volumiser and Instant Lip Plumper in the face of adversity. With such claims, we wanted these power players in our corner to combat our niggles! But do these everyday goodies deliver…or are they in fact a bunch of baddies in disguise? Click this way and discover whether our woes could be saved!

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Let’s Get In Formation: How to Be More Like Beyoncé – Errday!

Ok now ladies, let’s get in formation and dress ourselves accordingly to the rules of Queen Bee! We all know how when a killer track by the lady herself comes on the radio or at the club, we all tend to unleash our inner Sasha Fierce for the length of the song…but why just leave that on the dancefloor? By channelling our inner Beyoncé, not only in those moments of music but in our style, in our attitude AND in our everyday life  – we think that not only will you be perma on fleek wardrobe-wise, but you will also feel empowered in yourself. Yes! It’s time to emblazon yourself in positive slogan tees with the ladies greatest ideals and strut about like the female version of a hustler you are…let’s Beyon-SLAY divas! Click this way and discover how Virgo Seven slogan tees can help you dress accordingly to unleash the beast and help you run the world, girls!

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New Year. Fresh Start: Glow Getter!

We are shouting S.O.S here at FDJ LDN HQ, fillies! Yep, it’s totally a “Save our SUNSHINE” moment as the cold snap has us dreaming of sunnier climes. But we weren’t downhearted for long when Organically Epic entered our lives with their promise to deliver us from our ghostly pallors with a product that brings us sunshine – bottled! In our latest “New Year. Fresh Start”, we show you how easy it is to achieve a golden glow all year round – quickly! Yes, this little beauty is a real tanning hack!

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LFW: Moixa SS16 Collection – “Beautiful Beast: Out of the Woods”

As a month of fashion weeks around the world ends and the glitter starts to settle, we thought it the best time to share one of our favourite London Fashion Week experiences. We were lucky enough to be invited to Moixa‘s fantastical fairytale of a show, which was a riot of rich colour and sumptuous fabrics. And guess what? You, our fellow FDJ LDN fashionista, are joining us on the Front Row. So take your seat as the show is about to begin!

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Skincare Week is coming…

As summer slides away and autumn sweeps in with crisp winds and biting temperatures, we thought what better way to face the new season than to shake up our skincare routine and weatherproof our visage accordingly by test-driving some fresh and fabulous products! Therefore we are declaring today the start to…SKINCARE WEEK! Want to see what goodies are getting the go-ahead? Well, step this way FDJ LDN fillies and see what delights we will be reviewing!

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Come away with me – Hotel Gotham

Sometimes to appreciate the present, we have to step back into the past…and there is seriously no better place to do that than to saunter through the gilded doors of Hotel Gotham, right into the glamorous heart of the 1920’s. And the perfect travel buddy? Why, a makeup bag full of beautiful Bagsy Beauty! Oh and your gorgeous boyfriend of course!!! Join Leigh as she time-travels (without the need to build a machine) to a place that needs to be seen to be believed!Read More »

LWD – Little Winter Dress!

When we think of winter, what do we think of? Cosy nights in, Christmas nights out, snuggly layers and, of course, the white stuff – SNOW!!! Now what about WEARING white in winter? Many of us recoil in horror and hiss like Dracula being offered a two week holiday to the Bahamas!!! Not on your style NELLY, we hear you say! But fear not FDJ fillies, we think it’s time to tear up the fashion rulebook and have a rethink! So don’t bid a fond adieu to your summer LWD JUSTyet. With a little bit of clever styling we can extend its wearability into winter…well, at least for a little while longer…

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