The Ouai Haircare Range: Keeping Ahead Of The Kardashians by Fashion Du Jour LDN

The OUAI Haircare Range: How To Keep Ahead Of The Kardashians!

You read it right! If you are the type of filly that dreams (and drools) over the Kardashians lust-inducing manes and thinks to yourself “God dang it! Give me some of those #hairgoals! I will sell my firstborn if I have to!”, just take a second and rethink that pact with the Devil. The angel of hair has bestowed upon us a haircare range that will bless your bonce with Kardashian-worthy bounce. All hail Jen Atkin – keeper of the best hairdressing secrets and creator of “The OUAI”. A range whose ethos is to help you create modern, effortless style – everyday. It’s like having Jen on hand like the Kardashian clan does, and who doesn’t want that? But…is it any cop? Click this way and discover if using this haircare range can indeed keep you up with the Kardashians…

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Mer-mazing! How To Get Festival Mermaid Hair Easily

Much like our favourite finned filly, Ariel, we want to be where the people are…and that seems to be at the hottest festivals this summer! But fear not fellow land lubber, with a few fabulous products and our oh so easy how to, you can have luscious mer-mazing mermaid hair this festival season, whether you are on land or sea…or even at a festival in the first place?! So click this way and find how you too can incite Ursula-like envy with your easy, breezy wavy mermaid waves! Please note: No fork comb a la The Little Mermaid needed!

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Coachella X Kylie Jenner - How to do Festival Rainbow Braids Easily by Fashion Du Jour LDN

Coachella X Kylie Jenner: How To Do Festival Hair Rainbow Braids Easily!

*SIGH* With Coachella festival and a myriad of plaitastic hair do’s filling our social media feeds and hearts with uber envy for the past week and a bit, we just couldn’t help ourselves! Yes, we thought it would be the utterly perfect time to share with you how to create your own little slice of hair envy to wow at this year’s festivals. Inspired by Kylie Jenner’s rainbow braids she rocked recently at the festival herself, we show you step by step just how easily you can recreate the look too. Click this way and prepare to become #InstaFamous fillies!

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LWD – Little Winter Dress!

When we think of winter, what do we think of? Cosy nights in, Christmas nights out, snuggly layers and, of course, the white stuff – SNOW!!! Now what about WEARING white in winter? Many of us recoil in horror and hiss like Dracula being offered a two week holiday to the Bahamas!!! Not on your style NELLY, we hear you say! But fear not FDJ fillies, we think it’s time to tear up the fashion rulebook and have a rethink! So don’t bid a fond adieu to your summer LWD JUSTyet. With a little bit of clever styling we can extend its wearability into winter…well, at least for a little while longer…

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