Spain Stephanie's Boutique Bikini

Come Away With Me: Spain

Sometimes…just sometimes, no matter how lush life is, how much you love your work, how happy you are in yourself – you need a little getaway to reset, relax and re-cooperate with good friends and great sunshine. So when we were offered the chance to hop across to the Catalonia region of Spain for a few days with our friends – we jumped at the chance! But with hand luggage as our option, it was time to pack quickly, and SMARTLY! So come away with me and see what delights this fab region has to offer…and how to be smart with beauty and bikini’s!

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Come away with me – Hotel Gotham

Sometimes to appreciate the present, we have to step back into the past…and there is seriously no better place to do that than to saunter through the gilded doors of Hotel Gotham, right into the glamorous heart of the 1920’s. And the perfect travel buddy? Why, a makeup bag full of beautiful Bagsy Beauty! Oh and your gorgeous boyfriend of course!!! Join Leigh as she time-travels (without the need to build a machine) to a place that needs to be seen to be believed!Read More »