Paws For Thought - Hills Science Plan Healthy Development Puppy Food Review by Fashion Du Jour LDN. Beige Poochon Puppy

Paws For Thought: Hill’s Science Plan Healthy Development Puppy Food Review

*This post contains gifted product. All opinions are our own as always though fillies.

As you may be aware, there’s a new addition to the FDJ LDN family. Samson, our 5 month old Poochon. With his fabulous hair and mighty spirit, he has bounded into our lives and straight into our hearts. And from the amount of puppy love he has been getting on social media as well as on the streets come walkies time, he really is top dog! Making sure our fur baby is as happy and healthy as possible is our main priority. One of the first ways to ensure your puppy is in their prime is to really look at what you are feeding them. With so many brands on the market, it can be a baffling world of choice. Finding that perfect balance between delivering tasty food that your puppy will want to devour, whilst ticking all the nutritional boxes and being the highest quality possible to please puppy parents can be a challenge! When Samson was asked to try Hill’s Science Plan Healthy Development Puppy Food, we were delighted to review. So let’s paws for thought and see whether Samson felt ruff after reviewing it or whether it was in fact…the dog’s bowl licks…

We had heard great things about Hill’s Pet Food from our vet, who highly recommended the brand as one that delivered not only great nutritional value, but used high quality ingredients and wasn’t packed full of unnecessary sugars and chemicals. With the double thumbs up from the vet, we felt confident that Samson’s nutritional health was in good hands!

Paws For Thought Hills Science Plan Healthy Development Puppy Food Review by Fashion Du Jour LDN. BeigePoochon puppy playing in garden with blue ball

Boasting the tagline of “Clinically proven nutrition that can transform your pet’s life”, Hill’s can back up the claim with scientific fact. Packed with antioxidants for a healthy immune system, Omega-3 from fish oil and optimal mineral levels for mobility and skeletal development as well as high quality ingredients for gentle, healthy digestion and great taste, it certainly promised to be transformative food! We opted for the chicken flavour food and looking at the ingredients on the back, unlike other dog foods, it wasn’t like reading a science textbook with words you can’t pronounce. The recipe contains high quality protein from chicken and turkey, mixed with maize and flaxseeds and all sorts of delightful natural (and pronounceable) goodies.

Paws For Thought Hills Science Plan Healthy Development Puppy Food Review by Fashion Du Jour LDN. Beige Poochon Pupp on grass in garden

Samson loves dry food and it’s what we have been raising him on, so transitioning him slowly over from his regular food to this was easily done, without any stomach upsets. Sometimes, especially as he is going through the second stage of teething, we soften his food with water and this works a treat with this puppy food, creating a slight gravy.

We can sit all day debating the nutritional composition of puppy food, as in theory, we know that we want the dog to eat the best food we can give them. But the main thing is – will the puppy actually eat it and enjoy it? Samson can tend to go through stages – one minute he loves his food, the next he just wants to snack on a variety of treats and turns his nose up at what’s in his bowl and more often than not, the most delicious thing in the world is whatever happens to be on YOUR plate!

Paws For Thought Hills Science Plan Healthy Development Puppy Food Review by Fashion Du Jour LDN. Beige Poochon Puppy leaping through air running in garden

However we noticed during the transition period of weening Samson off his old food and onto Hill’s Science Plan Healthy Development Puppy Food that his taste for food from his bowl renewed massively. He couldn’t seem to get enough! So much so that when his bowl is empty he has taken up banging it with his paw to ask. no, demand for more. Seeing your fur baby chomping happily away on their food and cleaning every morsel from their bowl is one of the best feelings. Long may this continue!

As you can see Hill’s Science Plan Healthy Development Puppy Food delivered for us – happy puppy and happy puppy parents!

Be sure to check out more lifestyle posts here – we promise there will be more Samson soon.

Until next time fillies,

Mike and Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN HQ x

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