You get the look ofsolid wood, without the price. Grey parque engineered wood flooring. lounge

Floored!: How To Make An Impact With Flooring

*This post contains sponsored content. All wording and opinions are our own as always though fillies.

The floor upon which we walk the walk and strut our daily stuff should surely be a fabulous reflect of our style. I mean we can turn a lewk from head to toe, so surely our home should get the same treatment from ceiling to floor? Nowadays cool, contemporary and quirky flooring is such a integral part of decor. Scrolling through the hashtag “From where I stand” on Instagram, it’s clear to see that our love affair with what’s beneath our feet is HUGE. Flooring’s not just about being purely functional, it can be truly beautiful – the perfect synergy of style and substance in your home. So click this way and prepare to be well and truly floored…

When we looked around at our new home, we realised how much of an impact choosing the right type of flooring for the right space/room plays in your decision making. After an extremely cold winter, we decided to take up the existing laminate in our lounge to lay insulation. We soon discovered that once ripped up, laminate is extremely hard to relay and so we are in the position to look for alternative flooring  – STAT!

Taking the time to weigh up the options can really make it so you get the most out of your choice and that it loves you right back. All kinds of practicalities have to be weighed up based on how the space is used – does it need to be hard-wearing, easy to clean due to animals or spills, is it a room that needs to be cosy or practical, is a cold or warm room, does it have high footfall from the “people traffic” in your home? All are valid questions to ask yourself before investing in what will be the right choice for floor in the various rooms of your house. For instance, whilst tiling or vinyl makes for a good choice in kitchens and bathrooms, carpet is better suited to stairs and bedrooms for comfort and cosiness underfoot.

So after our lamentable laminate faux pas in our lounge we have decided to opt for Engineered Wood Flooring for there, as well as our hallway and snug to create flow across our downstairs. With engineered wood flooring, not only do you get a real wood floor, which to be frank surpasses the look of wannabe laminate, it is super hard-wearing, long lasting, moisture resistant and comes in at about the same price as laminate but with a much nicer feel and finish. Nothing really beats the look of real wood, you can see and feel the grain because it has a higher quality finish and design, rather than printed on design. You get the look of a solid wood floor, without the price tag too. Plus, huge bonus for us numpties, you can pull it up and relay it if needs be!

Floored - how to make an impact with flooring by Fashion Du Jour LDN. Flooring 365 engineered wood flooring
Image credit – Flooring 365

So you’ve decided on your type of flooring, but now it’s time to decide on what colour to opt for. Is your room light and bright or dark and cosy? Or it a mash up of the two colliding? Because the flooring you choose can literally ground the room and has a huge impact on the feel of the space, as well as how light/dark the room is. The flooring can bounce the light from the floor upwards into your room. If the room is naturally dark, a light coloured floor can reflect much needed brightness and vice versa with a bright room and dark floor. Looking at your decor colours and whether you want to blend or pop with your floor choice can create a quirky look. We are considering going for a light grey wood, possibly in a parquet pattern throughout to go with our colour palette of various shades of grey (minus the red room, Christian), mustard and duck egg. Mixing a classic wood with an unexpected wood colour we think will make the space not only contemporary but classically cool too, whilst brightening up our slightly darker lounge.

Flooring is an extensive and potentially expensive part of your home, so be sure to avoid costly mistakes by getting floor samples. Like you would get paint and wallpaper samples, companies such as Flooring 365, will send you flooring samples of your choices. Lay these down in your space, live with them, see how they look at various times in the day/night and in natural and man-made light, hold them against your decor and soft furnishings to see whether the colours/textures work and heck, rub your hands and feet on them to see if you like the feel of them. You are going to be living with this decision for a fairly long time, so make sure you get it right and are completely floored with your choice. The samples are free, so USE them!

Follow these steps and you too can nab yourself a floor that will leave you truly floored! Happy hunting fillies.

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Until next time fillies,

Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN HQ x

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