Silent Night: How To Create the #PerfectSleepingSpace by Fashion Du Jour LDN. Beach Huts Easycare Reversible Blue Duvet Set by Julian Charles Home Luxury Bedding and Curtains

Silent Night: How To Create the #PerfectSleepingSpace

Sleep – perchance to dream hey? But what if getting safe passage to the Land of Nod seems to be more a waking nightmare, than a silent peaceful slumber fest? I know if I don’t get my beauty sleep, I certainly become much MUCH more beast-like than Belle! But how does one create the most perfect of environments to enable the most blissful of sleeps? Much like the classic line from the aptly named film “Field of Dreams”: “If we build it, [it] will come”. So click this way and discover how to create the perfect sleeping space in your home…

Invest in comfort:
To lay the foundation for a good sleep, the best place to start is the bed you are sleeping on. Beds can be expensive AF but try to get the best your budget can stretch to. If however you are in rented accommodation or you cannot afford to update your mattress just yet, a great idea is to buy a foam mattress topper. Seriously, these are a godsend as they can plump out a sagging mattress or disguise a sneaky spring beautifully without breaking the bank. Also think about what what filling is to your pillow and adjusting the tog level of your duvet between seasons – these will also ensure you are getting the best conditions for sleep.

Silent Night: How To Create the #PerfectSleepingSpace by Fashion Du Jour LDN. Elegance Lia Silver Luxury Embellished Duvet Set by Julian Charles. Luxury Bedding
Elegance Lia Silver Luxury Embellished Duvet Set by Jack Charles Home Luxury Bedding and Quality Curtains –  currently £45-£65

Calming colours and cosy textures:
Once the bed is sorted, it’s time to review your boudoir as a whole. When it comes to decorating your sleeping space, opting for cool, calm colours are sleep’s best friend. Think pastel tones of blues, turquoises, greens and greys with plenty of white mixed in for good measure. By making the bedroom as calm in colour palette as possible, this will subconsciously calm the mind too.

Other ways to turn your bedroom into the perfect sleep space is to fill it with the cosiest, comfiest and softest of materials. Treat your bedroom like a boutique hotel and kit out your room with chic and sumptuous bedding, cushions, throws and furnishings in beautifully soft high count cotton, smooth, silky satin, plush velvet or faux fur. Luxury needn’t cost the earth either. Retailers such as Julian Charles offer outstanding quality luxury bedding but for an extremely affordable price, with most lines at 50% off the recommended retail price. Indulging in dreamy fabrics to surround yourself with will create a cocoon-like setting that will be soothing and be a joy to cosy down into each night for slumber time.

Silent Night: How To Create the #PerfectSleepingSpace by Fashion Du Jour LDN. Luna Duck Egg Luxury Thermal Blackout Pencil Pleat Curtain by Julian Charles Home Luxury Bedding and Curtains
Luna Duck Egg Luxury Thermal Blackout Pencil Pleat Curtain by Jack Charles Home Luxury Bedding and Quality Curtains – currently £25-£80

Shut out the world:
Studies show that to have a truly blissful and undisturbed sleep, it is wise to make the space in which we bed down as dark as possible to ensure we stay asleep till our alarm, and not the rising sun, wakes us up. So in order to not be disturbed, you might want to consider shutting out the maximum amount of light with some blackout curtains. Lots of styles also double as thermal curtains too, so you can make your nest extra snuggly in the winter months too. Hello double whammy of wonder!

Ban the tech:
As much as it is going to pain you, it’s time to rethink that pre-bed Instagram scroll or answering those emails…or even, shock horror, those Netflix binges before you sleep. Stimulating your brain with technology firstly makes the bedroom less of a bedroom – in that you will not treat it as a place to rest and switch off, as you are letting the outside world into your haven and filling it with activities that are designed to keep you awake. Also, research has shown that the blue light that is admitted by such devices can disturb sleep patterns, making slipping off the sleep a task. Therefore limit use of your phone, computer and TV in the bedroom to a minimum (you might even do as we have done and not have a TV in the bedroom at all to avoid temptation) and try to stop using technology at all for a least an hour before you intend to sleep to ensure the best night’s slumber.

Now that you have created your perfect sleeping space, all that’s left to do is cuddle on down and drift off. Good night and sweet dreams!

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*This post is in collaboration with Julian Charles Luxury Bedding & Quality Curtains – all choices, wording and opinions are our own as always though fillies.


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