NintenDON’T Miss Out!: How To Have Great Times With Friends by Fashion Du Jour LDN. Retro Nintendo Game pads

NintenDON’T Miss Out!: How To Have Great Times With Friends

Despite being deemed for geeks and being unfashionable, a recent report showed that the video game industry is worth more than both the film AND music industry. Along with the seemingly never ending amount of comic book movies in the cinemas, there has never been a better time to be a “geek”…just like me! So do people who play together, stay together? Click this way to discover how to NintenDO have the best times with your friends, including your partner!

Try as I might, my better half here at FDJ, doesn’t really get on board unless the games are Disney related. Recently though, we had a breakthrough! Due to moving into our first home and having many friends with young children, we’ve discovered Games Nights! No, not the film (although that is great if you need a film recommendation) but a gathering of our best friends to take part in online party games.

Wayyyyy back when this would usually mean gathering around a tiny 14 inch TV playing 4 Player Goldeneye or if you really liked falling out with your friends, Mario Kart! I love having a retro Nintendo night with friends as you can see from the photos. But it’s now 2019 and we no longer need to gather around the world’s smallest TV, we can stay at home playing on massive TVs and there is no better system for party games than the Nintendo Switch!

NintenDON’T Miss Out!: How To Have Great Times With Friends by Fashion Du Jour LDN. Lads playing Retro Nintendo games

I’m sure you have seen them by now as they have been out for a couple of years but they are basically a tablet screen with detachable controllers which can be customised to be as colourful as the Nintendo characters themselves. Everyone knows Mario with his bright red hat and moustache! Playing with friends online who also have a Switch can be great fun especially if you use voice chat for those friends who live further away such as Leigh’s friends who live in London whilst we are in Manchester.

The Switch has the same type of motion controls as the Wii, so you can relive your memories of playing tennis and bowling by swinging your arms around. But remember NOT to hit the person next to you – unless you have a really competitive spirit which might happen if you win a race in Mario Kart 8 in the last seconds via a well timed Red Shell attack. You can also work together if competition isn’t in your nature. There is a full River Rapids game in Mario Party which is a combination of lots of mini games where you and your friends get to row – literally row – your boat between events where you can either be strutting down the catwalk or escorting penguins back to their mamma.

NintenDON’T Miss Out!: How To Have Great Times With Friends by Fashion Du Jour LDN. Nintendo Switch
Photo image – Nintendo

Due to being a couple of years old now, there are some great deals out there which can include extra games such as the recommended Mario Party and Mario Kart packaged together with the console. Rather than just going to the High Street though, I would use a comparison site like You can get the most up to dates deals by using a comparison site for both online AND in store which might save you a trip to the shops. It can be extremely frustrating to miss out on a great deal especially if you are spending over £200 even if it is excellent value.

Once you have picked it up or had it delivered, you and your family and friends are ready to go! By making savings, you can use the extra cash for a number of accessories because the Switch is also portable unlike other games consoles available. You will certainly want a carry case and screen protector for on the bus or train.

NintenDON’T Miss Out!: How To Have Great Times With Friends by Fashion Du Jour LDN. People Playing Nintendo Switch at party
Photo Credit – Nintendo Kotaku

Often seen as a “kids” games consoles, Nintendo actually have made some of the best consoles and games for playing with your friends and as they catch up with their online networks, there are less reasons than ever for that 13 year old that played the original games not to still be playing with friends old and new today!

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to NintenDO it!!!

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Until next time fillies,

Mike at Fashion Du Jour LDN HQ x

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*This post is in collaboration with Latest Deals – all choices and opinions are our own as always though fillies.


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