How to Photograph Your Interiors like a Pro by Fashion Du Jour LDN. Lounge, grey, wall art, photography

How To Photograph Your Interiors Like A Pro!

We’ve done it – we are about to move into our first home, fillies! And you know what that means – we have been pinning away all the gorgeous interior ideas on our Pinterest board for design inspiration or screenshotting all things Instagrammable. As bloggers, you know we will be wanting to share our own housing flair to the internet. But how do you pull off pictures that are #inspogoals? The reality is, amazing-looking photos of your interiors don’t just happen by chance! Oh no! It takes time and effort to nail that perfect shot. So, who better to speak to than experts in luxury interior design? We chatted to Oro Bianco to learn all the top tips and tricks. So click this way to find out how you too can easily ace nailing super-attractive photos of your home…

Good lighting:
Any high ranking Instagram influencer worth their hashtag will tell you that “lighting is key” to reeling in the likes! This applies to all things – whether it’s a selfie or your interiors, the phrase still rings true. Lighting can make or break your photo, creating atmosphere and mood, so it’s important to find the right time of day or use of artificial lighting  to create your perfect shot.

You want to create a light, spacious and airy feel to your room? Choose a time of day when there’s lots of natural light. Is romantic or mysterious more your bag? Then opt for dim lighting. Play with opening or drawing the curtains or blinds, use different levels of artificial light – experiment…and once you find the right shade for your shot, you’re sorted!

How to Photograph Your Interiors like a Pro by Fashion Du Jour LDN. Bedroom, dusky pink, faux fur throw, cushion, copper gold lamp

Get the angles right:
Angles, angles, angles! Ask anyone worth their lens in the world of photography, angles are arguably the most important aspect of a picture. When shooting your room, take on a trial and error approach, by snapping photos from as many different angles as poss to decide which make you feel “snap happy”!

One fail-safe angle that works in almost space are lower shots taken at ground level, where lots of floor space is visible. More often than not, this angle makes your photo look more professional and spacious. Rooms where you cannot see much floor can create an unsettled, strange feeling that viewers do not like. And no one wants a photo that gets 10 likes right?

How to Photograph Your Interiors like a Pro by Fashion Du Jour LDN. Pineapple wall art, grey, coffee tables, cactuses

Quality equipment:
As with all things in life, you get what you pay for. So if you’ve got the money to spare, it’s really worth splashing the cash on a proper camera with a high quality lens. They say that a tradesman is as good as his tools, and whilst a keen eye for detail is important, expert equipment really does take your photos to another level. Yes, iPhone cameras are pretty awesome these days to nail a shot on the fly, but they can’t compare to the shots that can be taken on a proper DSLR. With demand going up, prices are going down and many are much more affordable. And if you don’t fancy purchasing outright, why not borrow from a friend?

No more blurring:
Nothing makes you scroll past a picture on social media quickly than a blurry shot. Unfortunately it screams “Hello amateur hour”! Even if you have the world’s steadiest hands, it’s always likely that a bit of distortion can occur. One way to eliminate this is to invest in a tripod to keep your interior shots looking as focused, professional and sharper than the knives in your knife block! Mini ones can be purchased online again for a reasonable enough price and little touches like this will raise your photography game leaps and bounds.

How to Photograph Your Interiors like a Pro by Fashion Du Jour LDN. Loft bedrrom, distressed brick, faux fur rug, urban style

Get rid of distractions:
Even the most tasteful of interiors can appear cluttered in photos, making your eye bounce around the picture. So  before getting your snap on, cast your eye about and see what you can tidy away, being sure to only leave what is necessary to the photo or things you want to draw attention or focus to.

Removing objects like one too many ornaments, cushions, wires and bins (or clumps of clothes on your armchair, or worse the floor *ahem fashion bloggers ahem* will mean the viewer isn’t easily distracted and ensure that your intended focal points are the most important aspect of the photo. With great interior design photography – less is certainly more!

Follow the above tips and et voila – you’ll be trending on the interior inspo hashtag in no time!

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Until next time fillies,

Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN HQ x

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*This post is in collaboration with Oro Bianco

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