Happy #VanLife Happy Van Wife Top Places To Escape To In The UK - by Fashion Du Jour LDN. VW Camper Van

Happy #VanLife, Happy Van Wife: Top Places To Escape To In The UK

Due to imminently moving house but still needing a break away this year, Leigh and I are looking closer to home and instead of a week in Spain, we’re discussing a week or so in the UK, hiring the classic VW Camper van and touring around to spend time in places we’ve always talked about but never been! We get to spend quality time together and go on an adventure with everything we need travelling with us! So, why don’t you be our backseat passenger and come along…

Happy #VanLife Happy Van Wife Top Places To Escape In The UK - by Fashion Du Jour LDN. Edinburgh Landscape

Lets start with crossing the border into Scotland and into the capital in the North, Edinburgh. Having previously been here only once and on a Stag Do, I always intended to go back and see it in daylight hours and with a lower blood alcohol level. There are always events on and one of the biggest is the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where acts from all over the world converge to entertain the masses. However, during this time, accommodation is scarce and so staying in a camper van is an ideal solution. There are also over 100 parks, the Edinburgh Castle, Zoo as well as the most listed buildings than anywhere else in the world, which is handy as day to day I work at an Architects. If you want to be a little more chill, perhaps a brew in the cafe where J.K Rowling plotted parts of the Harry Potter novels?

Happy #VanLife Happy Van Wife Top Places To Escape In The UK - by Fashion Du Jour LDN. Newcastle at Night, bridge

Only a few hours south of Edinburgh, we travel down to land of bad weather but good shopping, Newcastle. There are walks along the River Tyne with a number of cafes and bars to hide from the weather. But if the Gods have chosen to let the sun shine down on you, there are bridges new and old, plus another Castle. If museums are your thing there is the Centre for Life with its 4D cinema and the Great North Museum taking you back in time to experience life from Victorian era and Natural History Displays. The city itself is extremely good looking and may be more well known for reality TV stars these days but there is plenty of culture and life beyond the parties and preening.

Happy #VanLife Happy Van Wife Top Places To Escape In The UK - by Fashion Du Jour LDN. Conwy Castle

North Wales and Conwy!
From Newcastle to Wales, we cross the country with maybe a stop off in Manchester to get a fresh set of clothes from home, to Conwy. Famous for the Castle (anyone else notice a trend?) but also the home of my brother, we have our own personal tour guide for the area. There are a large number of seafood stands and restaurants along the Quay on the way to Britains smallest house, which doesn’t take up much time to visit, and the start of the castle wall walks. If the sun is shining, the views are fantastic and you can smell the sea salt in the air which is heaven to me. About 30 minutes from the Castle and the Quay, is Llandudno. Another coastal town with cafes and great seafood but also a dry ski slope with a cable car journey to the top of the slope.

Happy #VanLife Happy Van Wife Top Places To Escape In The UK - by Fashion Du Jour LDN. Cornwall, cliffs. seaview, beach

Sticking with the coastal views, a days drive from North Wales, is Cornwall. It’s about as South West as you can get and one part actually is…Lands End! It’s also home to the Minack Theatre, an open area theatre with sea views which is an awesome location for drama and also a previous location performed at by Leigh whilst she was at drama school. The Eden Project is nearby which is perhaps a vision of the future with it’s two biomes the size of 30 football pitches containing plants and flowers from all over the world. Cornwall has great surfing so if you are brave enough to sea temperatures, you can attempt to ride the waves which is something I’ve always wanted to do since watching Baywatch on a Saturday night. I’m certain the South West of England is the same as 90’s California right?

Despite all the driving, Leigh and I actually enjoy a road trip together so this, along with all the sites of Britain, would make for some great stories and photos. We would want to do the trip in the classic VW Camper Van (exactly the one in your head right now) but due to their age and obvious mechanical issues they could have, I’d make sure you hire from a VW camper specialist. Also visit the local websites for information on prices and times for all events and activities you are planning on visiting. Stay tuned to the blog for details of our trip…unless Leigh’s soft furnishing budget spirals out of control 😉

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Until next time fillies,

Mike at Fashion Du Jour LDN HQ x

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*This post is in collaboration with Sherwood Campers – all choices and opinions are our own as always though fillies.


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