International Women's Day: BooHoo WOMAN Collection by Fashion Du Jour LDN

International Women’s Day: Boohoo WOMAN Collection

I don’t know about you, fellow filly, but more than ever, 2018 is the year of the woman: It’s the 100th anniversary of us getting the vote thanks to the Suffragette movement and women today are standing up against the establishment with the “Me Too” campaign gaining momentum. Females are proudly pushing the very definition of what being a “woman” is to fit their own terms. Heck, even Big Brother became an all female household – flying in the face of its very male heavy name! So this International Women’s Day are supporting the day with the launch of their fantastic “WOMAN” collection, which not only looks great but does good things too. Click this way and support the cause…

International Women's Day: BooHoo WOMAN Collection by Fashion Du Jour LDN. Woman Tshirt

We have come a long way but to continue to rise and be equal, we must strongly and fiercely stand by our fellow woman, lifting each other up, not dragging each other down. It sounds pretty obvious right? But the sheer amount of “girl on girl crime”, to quote “Mean Girls” (which in itself is a great advocate of how destructive backstabbing can be and how to overcome it), is a big hurdle in getting to where we all deserve to be. From pulling apart how fellow women act or dress to actively choosing to not to support our sisters in the struggle to get equal pay and equal treatment by continuing to accept how things are as the “norm” – our silence and non-support impact on ourselves, as well as others. For things to continue to change, we have to add our individual voice in order for things to get better for all of us. And we can do that -together!

International Women's Day: BooHoo WOMAN Collection by Fashion Du Jour LDN. WOMAN tshirt

Just look how one act of bravery can break years of awful, powerful silence – the global #MeToo movement. From the small start of one woman’s tweet to women everywhere sharing their story via the hashtag to the end of Harvey Weinstein’s dethroning as a titan of Hollywood, the proof is there that by standing together change can, and will, happen. This in turn will make it better to be a woman in this day and age, and for future womenkind. We are the Suffragettes of our generation.

Support from our male counterparts is of course important too! When International Women’s Day came around, it was interesting the reaction that was seen in both sexes. I know many pro-female males and that is just awesome. But my boyfriend said that a male colleague declared in the office huffily “Well, when’s International Men’s Day?!”. I have never been so proud of my boyfriend as to what he replied. He said “That’s every day!”. Won’t it be nice when we get to a stage where it IS women’s day EVERY day? We do that by working at it together – every…single…day! So heck, why not do it with what you choose to wear?

International Women's Day: BooHoo WOMAN Collection by Fashion Du Jour LDN. WOMAN tshirt
The Olivia WOMAN Box Slogan Tee is just £8, with £5 going to the Wonder Foundation

Boohoo have chosen to use their super powerhouse fashion brand to create the “WOMAN” range. It is not only fashion forward but forward thinking. Proudly emblazoning “WOMAN” across key fashion pieces, you can not only look fierce, but do fierce things for your fellow filly. For instance, for every sale of this “WOMAN” Box Slogan Tee, Boohoo will donate £5 of every sale to the Wonder Foundation. Wonder is a charity that strives to advance young women and girl’s education and equality around the world. By curating this feminist driven slogan tee, your “WOMAN” t-shirt is a great way of making a statement whilst contributing so much more through buying it. What a great collection to launch on International Woman’s Day? So go check all the fashionable ways to show your support over on Boohoo now if not sooner.

Wishing all our fillies a HUGE happy International Women’s Day – you are awesome and can do awesome things!

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Until next time fillies,

Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN HQ x

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*This post is in collaboration with Boohoo – all choices, styling and opinions are our own as always though fillies.

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