Fluff Goals: LOTD Grey Faux Fur Coat by Fashion Du Jour LDN

Fluff Goals: LOTD Grey Faux Fur Coat

Take a moment and imagine the dreamiest of faux fur coats…it would be all kinds of soft, comfy yet chic and snuggly warm right? The utter definition of fluff goals! Now imagine that your ultimate faux fur is at the most affordable of prices. Now that really is a dream coat! But this is a reality fillies – you can have the lushest of faux furs for prices that are by no means luxe. Click this way and discover where to buy the best faux furs and prepare to own a coat that is utter #FluffGoals…

What’s a girl’s perfect partner for a trip to Disneyland Paris in super chilly February? Other than a handsome fairytale prince, it has to be the biggest, fluffiest faux fur a filly can grab! And with a plethora of thick-piled pretties – LOTD’s faux fur coats are where it is at. With faux fur coats starting at an astonishing £25, that leaves a lot of change left over for numerous crossiants and caffe au laits!

Fluff Goals: LOTD Grey Faux Fur Coat by Fashion Du Jour LDN

I decided to pick up this Grey Short Faux Fur Coat after seeing it on “Made in Chelsea” fashionista Louise Thompson’s Instagram. This little slice of King’s Road chic comes in at £50 and I must say it is worth every penny! Plus – inside scoop: There’s usually some kind of deal on onsite, so you could wait it out and grab your favourite LOTD for a whole heap cheaper with a promo code. Barganista’s rejoice!

Fluff Goals: LOTD Grey Faux Fur Coat by Fashion Du Jour LDN

For any princess worth her Disney DVD stash, this coat is an ultimate fairytale! Generously sized, fully lined and wonderfully plush, it is a dream of a coat. Basically – it’s wearable, every day glam which elevates any OOTD! Delivering style with a heap of substance, it’s roomy enough to fit your chunkiest knit jumper underneath but is streamlined enough to not be overly bulky. And zut alors – is it the cosiest! In the bitter French February weather, this kept me warmer than Ariel splashing about in a hot bath.

Fluff Goals: LOTD Grey Faux Fur Coat by Fashion Du Jour LDN

I opted for it in this beautiful dove grey, which looks divine when worn with nude pinks or minty greens. If you are more of a sassy Cruella De Vil, but sans the actual fur daaaahlings, it also comes in black. And let’s face it, with the quality of faux fur on offer at LOTD – why would anyone even entertain the real thing? Not us fillies!

Fluff Goals: LOTD Grey Faux Fur Coat by Fashion Du Jour LDN

Be sure to check out all the faux fur fabulousness and a wholeworld of awesomeness over at http://www.lotd.com. You are sure to fill up your basket within 5 minutes of scrolling…trust me, it’s easy to do!

Fluff Goals: LOTD Grey Faux Fur Coat by Fashion Du Jour LDN

If you want to check out all my top Disneyland Paris tips, then read my full Travel post here. And stay tuned for more OOTDness with LOTD!

Until next time fillies,

Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN x

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*This post is in collaboration with LOTD – all choices, styling and opinions are our own as always though fillies.

7 thoughts on “Fluff Goals: LOTD Grey Faux Fur Coat

  1. I really love my fur coat and it’s deep purple. My sister in law bought it for me from Canada and it’s extremely cosy. You look lovely in yours.

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