Self Love How To Be Your Own Valentine by Fashion Du Jour LDN

Self Love: How To Be Your Own Valentine

Today may be Valentines day but I declare that every day should be about love, especially when it comes to yourself! Whether you are lucky in love or loving the single life, the longest relationship you are going to have is the one you have with yourself. And as my queen and life goals icon Ru Paul declares emphatically “If you can’t love yourself, how in the HELL are you going to love somebody else?”. So click this way and discover little ways to be your own Valentine – here’s to self love…

There really is no shame in loving yourself fillies! In fact, it is probably the most empowering thing you can do. Self love and self appreciation is on the rise, with some women taking to “sologamy” – that’s the official term for having a relationship with yourself. Here are some of my favourite tips for making yourself the love of your life:

Be mindful: 
In this busy world we are living in, with the constant ping of notifications on our phone and work filling up our minds, as well as our inbox, it is important to take some time out. Put the phone in a drawer, step away from the laptop and engage with yourself by reconnecting with a bit of meditation and mindfulness. Reducing stress, depression and anxiety – taking time to check in with yourself is the ultimate path to self love. When the world seems to be stealing away my sense of self, I like to reconnect by putting on my favourite music, light an awesome smelling candle and sitting with my eyes closed, concentrating on my breathing. Another way I like to be at one with myself is through exercise, such as dance or yoga. Getting lost in the physical rather than the mental can provide a welcome break when your brain needs a bit of respite. Find something you love doing and lose yourself in the quiet of it!

Know your worth: 
Whether it’s a job you hate, a friend that is draining your very life essence or a partner that doesn’t appreciate your unique youness – it is time to know your worth! Look closely at the relationships around you and how they make you feel about yourself. If they make you feel like an utter pile of poo, chances are it’s time to ditch that shiz as quickly as possible! Surround yourself with those that have a positive impact on you, declutter the rest and reevaluate often. Holding onto toxic situations or people can cause a lot of unnecessary strain out of fear of being deemed impolite or worse, a big ol’ bitch! But staying in those relationships or places of work is not good to YOU and that is who is the most important person in all this. It can be HARD – I’m talking from experience. But usually, if you have cut something or someone out, they have usually handed you the scissors themselves through their behaviour – so snip away! Step back from that job you hate or those people that make you feel less than good about yourself and you will be surprised how much more time and space you suddenly have…and how much easier you can breathe. That time you can then spend with those who count and most importantly, to be truly yourself!

Self Love How To Be Your Own Valentine by Fashion Du Jour LDN

Make a promise to yourself:
Touching further on the idea of  “sologamy”, you might want to treat yourself to a self-love ring – a physical representation of your love for yourself, a dedication to always putting yourself first. Angelic Diamonds, retailers of round engagement rings, have seen a rise in sales of ladies buying rings for themselves since 2016. Self love is growing it would seem! So why not treat yourself and declare a la Destiny’s Child “The rock I’m rocking, I bought it!”

Me time: 
Going to the cinema or grabbing a bite to eat shouldn’t always be a group activity! The simple joy of taking yourself out shouldn’t be underestimated…and it also means you don’t have to share your snacks either. I particularly enjoy taking myself on walks around exhibitions or seeing a film that I want to see for instance, pleasing only myself! So look at doing some things or going somewhere that brings YOU true joy. Enjoy alone time and make a date with yourself and take your fine ass OUT out!

Wishing you Happy Valentines Day and here’s to you – be your own Valentine every day and here’s to celebrating self!

Until next time fillies,

Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN x

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