Dramatic paint colours - Interior Goals - 2018 Home Design Trends by Fashion Du Jour LDN

Interior Goals: 2018 Home Design Trends

There’s something about a new year that makes you want to dust off the old and usher in the new. And the perfect place to start? Well, how about redecorating our homes? Because lets face it – they’re so 2017! It’s 2018, so why not leave everything in the past and when it comes to interior design? It’s super achievable! And as 2018 is the year that we are getting our OWN house, we are keen to pick up some tips too. We’ve teamed up with Oldrids & Downtown, a department store that has over 200 years’ experience and retailer of the most covetable dinner sets, to find out what the key trends for home design in 2018 are. Click this way, it’s time to meet your 2018 interior goals…

In order to move forward, it helps sometimes to look backwards! Yes, reflection is key to progression.  So, what were some of the best trends that transformed our homes over the past year?

Greenery- Interior Goals - 2018 Home Design Trends by Fashion Du Jour LDN

The World’s Colour of the Year for 2017 was the world’s brightest neutral – Greenery! Everything from the looks on the catwalk to commercial design, seemed to turn a dreamy shade of green and soon took up shop in our homes too. Maybe it’s because the Greenery shades reminds of refreshment and revitalization, making it the ideal colour to make your house a home

untreated walls - Interior Goals - 2018 Home Design Trends by Fashion Du Jour LDN

Another big design hit in 2017 were untreated walls. Yup, it seemed near on impossible to scroll through Instagram without seeing this aesthetically pleasing rustic and industrial look, especially when paired with a wood burning stove and a heap of copper and oodles of marble. As well as being total #InteriorGoals, quite cheekily this trend actually was a brilliantly clever way for homeowners to save both time and money when decorating. Cashback!

When it came to homeware, there was a fond addition of cork. This environmental friendly material was used throughout the year to make items everything from vases to glasses and even lampshades! Offset usually with some kind of metal work, the mix created a modern luxe feel that stood out. I mean – look at these stools made from cork…they really are corking (pun intended – you may groan)!

Cork homewares - Interior Goals - 2018 Home Design Trends by Fashion Du Jour LDN

When looking at what was popping in kitchenware, it seemed EVERYONE had joined the Masons…the Mason jar club that is! Yup 2017 was a year were things became upcycled or used for things other than their original purpose and the humble Mason jar became a thing of hipster beauty. Usually accompanied with a striped straw, mason jars are the perfect cup for a cheeky cocktail or a yummy smoothie. Cheers!

Mason Jars - Interior Goals - 2018 Home Design Trends by Fashion Du Jour LDN


We hate to break it to you rose gold lovers, but copper is going out as quickly as it came in. Gold and brass furniture is making a comeback, but in a much more subtle way, using as an accent, rather than full on bling. For instance, why not have gold legs to a table accompanied with a white top or these super cute tubs for your plants. Your home will be guilt-y of being fabulous, fillies!

Gold and Brass - Interior Goals - 2018 Home Design Trends by Fashion Du Jour LDN

Crisp, pristine white kitchens with clean lines were all the rage last year, but this year homeowners will break out from the starkness and mix up it! Combining materials and colours to give their kitchens a bit more character. No more click and repeat white kitchens and more individual quirky coolness which brings a more New York loft feel through the mix of finishes.

Cool Kitchen - Interior Goals - 2018 Home Design Trends by Fashion Du Jour LDN

When it comes to soft furnishing, prepare to get rich. Deep, vibrant colours add depth and cosiness to your home and any visitors might not want to leave! Now we’re not saying go overboard with the old paint palette but why not try some shades you haven’t before. Apparently mustard is where it’s at atm…why not be the trend setter amongst your friends.

While 2017 was light and bright, 2018 is darker and much more bold. Those untreated walls of 2017? They are about to great treated to whole new look. Picture grey walls with your mustard curtains – it’s an interior designer’s dream.

Dramatic paint colours - Interior Goals - 2018 Home Design Trends by Fashion Du Jour LDN

As previously mentioned, gold has trumped copper and is bringing with it a whole heap of 70s inspo with it. Expect a return of wooden furniture – and a delighted look on the face of your parents who remember it the first time round?! From your dressing table (accompanied by a long motel-like mirror) to the units in your living room to yourhomeoffice desk, you will have plenty of storage space that will also stylishly pop against the rich colours of your walls and soft furnishings. Groovy baby!

1970s Wooden Furniture - Interior Goals - 2018 Home Design Trends by Fashion Du Jour LDN

So what are you loving and loathing in 2018? It’s time to decide what are YOUR 2018 interior goals. Check out our other interiors and homewares posts here.

Until next time fillies,

Leigh and Mike at Fashion Du Jour LDN HQ x

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  1. I want to love these things, but they seem lik eSO much to me, I have never been very talented with the whole home decor thing, I love the look of it all, but I see half this stuff and think “wow thats alot of stuff to dust”

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