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Around The World In 4 Perfect Date Nights!

Ahhhh…date night! That designated time when you and your special someone make special time to do some…erm…special. To focus on the now, to enjoy each other’s company and escape into your own little love bubble. Is there anything better? Well yes, when you decide to make it just that little bit more magical and take it around the world! When you consider the cost of an average date night outing locally, why not be a savvy spender and go international? So whether you want to be romantic in Rome, loved up in London, parfait in Paris or naughty in New York, there’s a perfect date out there for everyone, and who knows, it just might be the one that takes your relationship to the next level! Click this way and discover the perfect destination for love…

Hold on tight fillies, because we are about to take you on 4 of the most perfect date nights in the world! And because we care for you and your bae so much, together with those lovely lot over at Angelic Diamonds, retailers of THE most gorgeous bespoke Halo Engagement Rings, we advise you on making the most of your date no matter where you are in the world with hidden costs included. Bonus! With that extra cash to splash…you might be able to visit all 4 of our top date night destinations…

Around The World In 4 Perfect Date Nights - Rome by Fashion Du Jour LDN
Photo Credit – CIEE.org

Rome, Italy

Enriched with history, art and of course FOOD, Rome has to be one of the many great capitals of the world. Come on – they created pizza for goodness sake! So, making any date in this beautiful Italian city is sure to result in romance of the most sophisticated of ways. Grab your Romeo or Juliet and see what this city has on offer to star-crossed lovers…

The beautiful game

If you are a lover of poetry in motion in spherical form, what could be better than surrounding yourself with people who share the same passions as you…and aren’t afraid to let you know about them! Head over to the grand Stadio Olimpico and attend a A.S. Roma football match, where you can buy a ticket for €100 (£88.02), you’ll be sure to hear those screaming fans. Probably not one for grieving football widows, as it’ll be slightly awkward if one of you is bored when surrounded by blaring fans! BUT if you both love the beautiful game, this date is sure to score!

Getting your tourist on

For those on a low budget, Rome is perfecto! Surrounded by some of the most stunning building, sight-seeing is the perfect opportunity to expose yourself to some culture…and not impact on the pocket. With lot of the main attractions within easy walking distance, wander hand in hand enjoying the discoveries made around every corner. And once you’ve had your fill, simply stroll to one of the many cafes nearby so that you can sit and people watch until your heart’s content with a tasty Gelato to enjoy. Places nearer to big tourist attractions tend to be more expensive, so beware and scroll a little further afield if so!

Cinematic love

If you do have a bit money to spend, there is plenty you can do, whether this is a quiet cinema date or a romantic dinner. In Rome, you can expect to pay €21 (£18.48) for your taxi and €57 (£50.17) for your meal for two in one of Rome’s fine restaurants. To top it all off, you can spend €17 (£14.96) on two cinema tickets. All the more money to spend on pizza hey?

Around The World In 4 Perfect Date Nights - London
Photo Credit – Discover London

London, England

For many, London is seen as the capital of the world! With its full amazing architecture, high-end shops, restaurants and bars, there’s never a dull moment on a date night here. Yes, London is on the doorstep and yes, for some of us, we know it like the back of our hand but it’s time to look at with fresh eyes people! Hidden gems are waiting to be found. When it comes to dates in this city, the world really is your oyster.

Going all out

If you think you and your partner are in need of a major treat, London is the perfect place to flash the cash. Why not try afternoon tea? Now, there are afternoon teas and then there are afternoon teas, and the prestigious Claridge’s Hotel in Mayfair is the gold standard in old school glamour. At £50 per person, you and your date can enjoy an outstanding selection tea, scones, sandwiches and a bit of fizz too. If you are both enjoying the lap of luxury, why not extend the high life living a little longer and book a superior queen room at £690 a night?

A knowledgeable trip

London is the place to broaden the mind and where you can absorb as much history as you can. You are literally surrounded by history! Yes, London is known for its fancy hotels and designer stores, but it’s also full of marvellous museums where you can learn more about the cultural history of London.

Most museums are free to enjoy including Tate Modern, the National Portrait Gallery and the National History Museum in Kensington. Once you’ve soaked in enough culture, why not head over to Westminster Bridge to see Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. Not only great to look at, you KNOW these iconic landmarks make for the best photos, so don’t forget to capture the moment by taking a selfie with your loved one. Once you’ve Instagrammed to your heart’s content, you can take a hop, skip and a jump along to the Southbank, which isn’t too far, where you can pick up some sensational street food, love performance including amazing pop-up events whilst taking in the great views all around you.

Movie romance

Leicester Square is the home of cinema, with it’s whirlwind of major movie premieres happening every other week where celebrities flock to be in attendance. If you’re not on the guest-list, then why not give your date the red carpet treatment with a trip to one of the cinemas in Leicester Square for £23? If all the big screen action has left you hungry, you can always get a meal including wine and dessert for about £66. Afterwards it would be rude not to hit some of the nearby bars right? Right! A pint will typically set you back £4.41, with cocktails costing around £9. Cheers to living it up in the capital!

Around The World In 4 Perfect Date Nights - Paris
Photo Credit – Trip Advisor

Paris, France

Awwwww Paris…can any other city really lay claim to being the land of love? Tourists flock come from far and wide to have a romantic time with their special someone, so why don’t you join them? Home to many of the world’s greatest writers and artists, Paris oozes style, sophistication and a certain chicness everywhere you walk. So it’s time to take a saunter!

At the top of the tower

For the ultimate date night, Valentine’s Day, it’s time to head to The Eiffel Tower. With its glittering structure overlooking the city of Paris, no place conjures up romance quite like here or looks so darn beautiful! And why not try booking in at 58 Tour Eiffel? It’ll cost you around €120 (£105.63) per person, however, if you’d like a seat in the window to witness the spectacular views, then you can pay the extra €30 (£26.41) to really take your romance to dizzying heights! Oh la la!

Penny-watching in Paris

Dating on a budget is simple in Paris — simply embrace your surroundings whilst walking the Parisian streets. As a symbol of their love for one another, many Parisians use padlocks and lock them to the Pont des Arts Bridge, writing a simple message on the padlock before throwing away the key into the Seint.

Yes, it will probably be the cheapest date you go on, but will hold a lot of meaning behind it! Locks can be purchased for a couple of euros each, or if you wanted, you could even bring your own from home. Be warned though, as Paris officials are urging couples to stop so that the bridges can be protected; so add at your own risk!

Food for love

Like all those classic movies, why not go for a candlelit meal in the city of love? And just like romance, food is a French speciality! Why not head to a quaint restaurant? There, a meal for two including wine and dessert will typically cost around €65 (£57.21). Afterwards, you could head over to the cinema, which will cost you an additional €20 (£17.60).

Around The World In 4 Perfect Date Nights - New York
Photo Credit – New York City Journal

New York, America

The Big Apple has something everyone can take a big bite out of! From theatrical shows on Broadway to the neon-lit Times Square and skyscrapers like the Empire State Building, the possibilities really are endless. As the song says – It’s up to you (New York, New York)!

Flying around NYC

For a truly unforgettable date in New York, you could pull out the stops and send your love sky high with a helicopter ride over the city. A private helicopter tour of New York’s famous landmarks will set you back around $1,500 (£1,184.40), so you’ll need to get saving if this sounds like the perfect date for you! But with unparalleled views of the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty and Central Park, this date might not only get your heart’s racing, but it could be the most unusual place to pull out the engagement ring! Now, that’s what we call taking your love to another level!

Concrete Jungle

Something a bit more relaxed could be a stroll around the iconic streets of this bustling city. Perhaps you could partake of Central Park or, if you’re feeling peckish, you could go to the restaurant featured in Where Harry Met Sally; you’ll be quoting lines from the film in no time!

If you’re still looking for more to do, head down to Wall Street where you can feel part of all the wheeling and dealing. Just be careful, as it’s a jungle out there…

The magic of the movies

Going to New York without taking in a good ol’ flick just wouldn’t be right! Whether you and your date plump to see the latest blockbuster or opt for an old classic, there will be plenty of dollar left for popcorn as a pair of tickets cost $28 (£22.11). Perhaps a meal would be the perfect side dish to your date? Including wine and dessert, you can expect a meal for two to cost you $111 (£87.66). After that, the two of you could paint the town red in some of Manhattan’s best rooftop bars. A cocktail will likely cost $14 (£11.06) and a pint of lager around $7 (£5.53). Enjoy!

We hope you take you love international with our top tips – we think your date nights will never be the same again!

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Until next time fillies,

Nicky and Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN HQ x

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11 thoughts on “Around The World In 4 Perfect Date Nights!

  1. If my other half had it his way every date night would be spent in Italy but I’m very much a New York kind of girl; both have great pizza so it’s totally fine. A helicopter ride over New York sounds incredible. As much as I love wandering the streets of NYC, it would be so amazing to see it from above without the general hustle and bustle.


  2. I’ve been to 3 of these but still haven’t explored New York yet. I really want to go there soon, so will plan a trip in the coming year!


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