Lady in Red: Boyfriend Style Challenge With QUIZ Clothing

Lady In Red: Boyfriend Style Challenge with QUIZ Clothing

Style is a very personal thing. For me, I find everything I pick a creative, visual reflection of who I am. That’s why the thought of putting my style in someone else’s hands absolutely daunting! I know my body, I know what flatters it, what I feel comfortable in, what my boundaries are. I am the choices I make and I love being in control! So when I was approached by QUIZ Clothing to take part in a style challenge, I jumped at the chance. I love QUIZ Clothing and was looking forward to styling something up a treat. Huzzah!But mid celebration the real challenge was revealed. The catch? That my boyfriend had to pick the items. SHOCK HORROR! So did he rise to the challenge or crash and burn? And are we still together? Click this way and find out…

Ok ladies…close your eyes and imagine what your boyfriend would put you in, if they had the chance. You have absolutely no say until you open up the parcel. Yes…take a moment to really drink that thought in. What are you seeing in your mind’s eye? If visions of wispy bits of nothing masking as “clothing” paired with skyscraper heels that you can barely walk in float through your imagination, then girlfriend, you and I are on the same (scared) page!

When the parcel from those beauts at QUIZ Clothing arrived, accompanied by the wry expression from my boyfriend who handed it over – I braced from the worst. But seriously, I should give my fella a LOT more credit, as I think he pretty much nailed it! Behold – the combo of dreams…

Lady in Red: Boyfriend Style Challenge With QUIZ Clothing

Lady in Red: Boyfriend Style Challenge With QUIZ Clothing

Lady in Red: Boyfriend Style Challenge With QUIZ Clothing

He trod a fine line between knowing what I like fit, colour and style wise but challenged me with combining them to make it a striking little outfit which I could actually wear. I mean, the choice of dresses at QUIZ Clothing is exceptional – it is my go to for great dresses for all kinds of occasions (check out my top picks here), but in the hands of my boyfriend, I was expecting something uber tight and uber short.Tight and short are words that cause me to shudder and recoil as I head towards my mid thirties. What I got was something quite classic but that was also modern, something revealing without being obvious.

Lady in Red: Boyfriend Style Challenge With QUIZ Clothing

The first piece he picked was this Red Crepe Floral Print Bardot Wrap Front Dress. This dress is fitted in all the right places, yet flared to flatter too. I love that it showed off my legs and shoulders, which I am a big fan of, without it being too OTT. Personally I love subtle sexy, a flash of leg here, a highlighted shoulder there and this is like dress heaven! I also love how versatile this style is – a perfect boho chic little number which I could style up for day or night. Red is one of my favourite colours so that combined with the bold floral print really makes a style statement. I must admit, seeing this off I was worried but I really liked through this challenge, my boyfriend forced me out of my comfort zone – to wear more print and colour. I tend to be on colour merry-go-round of khaki, nude, grey, black, white, repeat…and this shook me up! What also got me shook? These heels!

Lady in Red: Boyfriend Style Challenge With QUIZ Clothing

I mean look at them – showstoppers or what?! Funnily enough, I had spotted these pretties on Instagram and had been lusting after them ever since…but thought I wouldn’t treat myself as they wouldn’t fit with my aforementioned colour merry-go-round! Well, Mike busted out the big guns in this style challenge and just so happened to pick the very same desired Red Blossom Print Barely There Sandals. Flying in the face of their name, these are not “barely there” when it comes to impact! Sassy, fierce, floral, red – these are there to be noticed. Plus, the ankle strap is exceedingly sturdy and the heel height is “big night out” perfect, minus the foot ache. AND oh boyfriend of mine – you have made double floral happen! It turns out that floral shoes and dress, in contrasting but blending prints works big time. I bow down to you, oh style god! You’ve nailed date night dressing – so…you better get planning somewhere accordingly!

What I also loved about these pieces is that they work great separately: I’d style the dress for daytime wear with tan wedges or gladiator sandals, fedora, a tooled leather bag and a ton of rose gold midi rings. The shoes I would wear with culottes or a jumpsuit in a contrasting cobalt blue to make them pop.

Lady in Red: Boyfriend Style Challenge With QUIZ Clothing

Lady in Red: Boyfriend Style Challenge With QUIZ Clothing

Lady in Red: Boyfriend Style Challenge With QUIZ Clothing

What I loved most about this challenge was how much it proved that my lovely partner pays attention to what I like, yet challenged me with things he would like to see me in/what he finds stylish. And with QUIZ Clothing in your corner…it’s hard to go wrong! I stepped out of my comfort zone…and I have to say it was pretty darn fun. Ladies – maybe it’s time YOU took the Boyfriend style challenge?

Until next time fillies,

Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN HQ x

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