The Ouai Haircare Range: Keeping Ahead Of The Kardashians by Fashion Du Jour LDN

The OUAI Haircare Range: How To Keep Ahead Of The Kardashians!

You read it right! If you are the type of filly that dreams (and drools) over the Kardashians lust-inducing manes and thinks to yourself “God dang it! Give me some of those #hairgoals! I will sell my firstborn if I have to!”, just take a second and rethink that pact with the Devil. The angel of hair has bestowed upon us a haircare range that will bless your bonce with Kardashian-worthy bounce. All hail Jen Atkin – keeper of the best hairdressing secrets and creator of “The OUAI”. A range whose ethos is to help you create modern, effortless style – everyday. It’s like having Jen on hand like the Kardashian clan does, and who doesn’t want that? But…is it any cop? Click this way and discover if using this haircare range can indeed keep you up with the Kardashians…

I don’t know about you, but following the Kardashians on Instagram and finding out who their glam squad is is a lil’ bit of a guilty pleasure. I profess – if I could, I would TOTALLY invest in my own personal primpers to maintain me. I struggle some days even to run a brush through my mane! I am all about that low maintenance, high performance life and want simple, easy to use products that deliver. And it appears Jen Atkin, the brains behind the perfectly undone yet impeccably pristine Kardashian hair and the creator of The OUAI agrees:


Kim Kardashian Hair Styled By Jen Atkin - The Ouai Haircare Range: Keeping Ahead Of The Kardashians by Fashion Du Jour LDN
Beautifully simple but simply stunning – ultimate hair goals from Kim Kardashian, brought to you by Jen Atkin

Amen to that! Looking after the hottest heads in Hollywood and beyond (think Arianna Grande, Jessica Alba, Chrissy Teigan, Haley Baldwin to name a few) – I’m not going to argue with this lady. Jen, I am saying ouai to trying The OUAI. Especially as now it is so darn easy to get your hands on as it is FINALLY on sale in John Lewis!

I decided to pick out a couple of haircare pieces, as well as couple of hair styling products from the range. I am trying to be a little more “styled” with my hair of late, but again I do NOT want to spend hours getting a result. With a busy-ass life, ain’t nobody got time for that fillies! That being said, your hair is the crown you never take off, so it was time to polish my halo accordingly.

The Ouai Haircare Range: Keeping Ahead Of The Kardashians by Fashion Du Jour LDN
From L to R: The OUAI Hair Texturizing Spray, Wave Spray, Repair Conditioner and Repair Shampoo

I picked up The OUAI Repair Shampoo and Repair Conditioner, and for styling the Hair Texturizing Spray and the Wave Spray. The packaging is sleek, no fuss but really rather display-worthy. Yup, you will want to be leaving this out as it is minimalistic shelf-porn to the Nth degree.

The shampoo and conditioner are legitimately THE best combo I have ever used to date – FACT! I have fine hair but a lot of it, which is a blessing and a curse. Usually when I wash it can go huge and poofy…which can be great as I love big hair. But with the big and poofiness, comes a lot of looking dry and not shiny at the ends, especially as I cannot be arsed sometimes to blow-dry it properly to seal in a shine. No such fear with this deadly duo! My hair was still big and bouncy with the most glorious, healthy sheen locked in. And can I talk about the scent? Just gorgeous. What I loved about using the products (other than the way the bottles delivered the product into my mitts easily), was that I could feel my hair softening as I used them, which I can’t say I have felt with many (if any) products before. This combo is great for everyday use for no fuss use but major impact and the results get better the more you use them.

Moving onto the hair styling products, well, I hate to say it but I was equally impressed with the results. I can say that the Hair Texturising Spray is now my go to product of the moment. Imagine a mixture between hair spray and dry shampoo – well this is the perfect hybrid! I like to call it my “blow-dry in a can” as the finish it gives is so salon-like it hurts and you can use it in a number of different ways. I love it for adding volume to day old (or longer) hair by flipping my hair forward and spraying into the roots. It’s great for fluffing up the end of a pony tail and creating a great quiff too. It is unparalleled on freshly washed hair to add grip if you want to do an up-do. I just love love LOVE it!

But what of the Wave Spray? Well, see below…

The Ouai Haircare Results - The OUAI Haircare Range: Keeping Ahead Of The Kardashians by Fashion Du Jour LDN

Hello shameless selfie alert but I couldn’t believe I had done this myself. The Wave Spray can be sprayed onto dry or damp hair and scrunched in to create beachy, undone waves that stick around all day, night…and for as long as you want really. Or you can do what I did and spray it all over wet hair, part dry it and shove it up into a couple of buns, then blast it with a hairdryer. I slept on it and then this tumbled down the next day! I scrunched in a bit more Wave Spray and then sprayed the Hair Texturizing Spray in and et voila – locks a Kardashian would lust over.

Would I buy more The OUAI products? That’s a no brainer – I am already scouting out the Dry Shampoo Foam! This range is seriously easy to use and is like having Jen Atkin on hand in product form. If you haven’t already, get to getting people!

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Until next time fillies,

Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN HQ x

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27 thoughts on “The OUAI Haircare Range: How To Keep Ahead Of The Kardashians!

  1. This sounds amazing! And the results you got with the wave spray totally speak for themselves, you look gorgeous. I love it when a range actually does what it claims to do, I’m definitely going to check this out 🙂 X


  2. I am torn between the texturizing hairspray and the dry shampoo!
    They even released hair supplementa too 😱


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