"I Slay": Making A Statement With Virgo Seven

“I Slay”: Making A Statement With Virgo Seven

Heck fillies, sometimes you just have to make a bold statement and you have to make that statement in STYLE! Yes, you can be loud and proud without even uttering a single syllable if you let your clothing do the talking. With sassy slogan-strewn sweaters and t-shirts, the savviest sisters know that you can SLAY in the most fashionable of ways. So click this way and discover how the power of the written word can speak volumes…

Ok…I admit it – I am a word nerd! My love for language and its power to empower, evoke and elevate is a forever kind of romance for me. How combinations of these phonic delights can conjure up and convey the deepest of emotions through a series of shapes is incredible! A simple sentence, a string of words, can create love, hate, hope, terror, laughter and a plethora of possibilities in between…it’s just magical, right?

"I Slay": Making A Statement With Virgo Seven

That’s why discovering Virgo Seven and its range of utter word porn-worthy sweatshirts and t-shirts is my holy grail! Their combination of tongue in cheek statements across the brand, coupled with fabulous quality and wearability makes them stand out from the crowd. When I slip on one of their tees or sweaters, I feel that I am dressing on two levels: 1) To please and empower myself with the statement I have chosen to wear and 2) my chosen outfit lets everyone else around me know what I am about, without having to say a word and so they can choose to engage with me accordingly! When I am wearing my “I Slay” jumper, to get all 90s old skool on yo ass…you better recognise!!!

"I Slay": Making A Statement With Virgo Seven

As I get older, I am realising the importance of being in the”Self Love” club. Not in a two fingers up to everyone, big headed love affair with myself kind of way. But in a look after myself,  “Know you worth. Add tax” vibe and one that I think everyone should have. So in-keeping with this, this “I Slay” jumper is totes approps. A gentle reminder to the world around me that I know that I can handle whatever dragons this life might send my way to slay…plus it’s as cosy as a mother trucker too! And…who doesn’t LOVE a bit of gold lettering to flash about? I ruddy love this jumper!

"I Slay": Making A Statement With Virgo Seven

Yes, I have talked about why we should all channel our inner Beyonce on the blog before (click here to catch up). Whether you like her or not (not probably being the wrong answer), you have to love her ethos and her strong message to women not to put up with any kind of shiz, yet support your fellow ladies.

"I Slay": Making A Statement With Virgo Seven

Women of the world – my message to you is this: You will not get anywhere in this life by unscrewing another women’s lightbulb in order to make YOU shine brighter! That being said, never let anyone dull your shine either. We all rise by working together. And let’s do it in Virgo Seven’s sassiest slogans!
"I Slay": Making A Statement With Virgo Seven

If you are after a piece of your own Virgo Seven awesomeness, whether you want to pick up a pre-made slogan or create your own, you are in luck. Head over to http://www.virgoseven.com, choose your perfect piece and enter “DUJOUR10” for 10% off. Now that SLAYS!

Until next time fillies,

Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN HQ x

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"I Slay": Making A Statement With Virgo Seven

"I Slay": Making A Statement With Virgo Seven

"I Slay": Making A Statement With Virgo Seven

"I Slay": Making A Statement With Virgo Seven

28 thoughts on ““I Slay”: Making A Statement With Virgo Seven

  1. Love the Gold on that jumper! In all honesty the statement completely went right over my head, until I read your post. You’re right, saying ‘I slay,’ is self empowering but not in a pompous way, it’s self love in a mindful way. I love it 😀


  2. I love the gold lettering on the top. I am a fan f words and slogans on my clothes and always have been. I could really wear one of these!

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