Clear Skin Win: FacetoxFace Mask Review by Fashion Du Jour LDN

Clear Skin Win?: Facetox Face Mask Review

Sundays are a great day for a bit of “me” time, as we prepare to face the week ahead. Nothing can make you feel ready to face the world than flawless skin, so our usual Sunday routine includes a good face mask. Enter Facetox and their organic face masks which extract, pull and detoxify your skin. As a detox is to the body, Facetox is claiming a similar effect to the skin. With many celeb users, we had to see whether this was a clear skin win. Click this way and find out whether it delivered Instagram-worthy skin…or was more style over substance

When Facetox popped up on Fashion Du Jour LDN’s Instagram feed with many of the Towie girls slathering the product on their faces liberally, I was instantly intrigued. I mean, who doesn’t love a celeb endorsement? Plus, this face mask looked FUN! A face mask that you mix together yourself, so it is freshly whipped up when you want to use it sounded fabulous, whilst also using only 100% organic and natural ingredients as well as being cruelty-free – well, hello guilt-free skincare! It was fair to say when my box of rather gorgeous looking 7 Day Facetox Face Masks arrived, let’s just say I was more than a little excited to rip it open and get to mixing!

Clear Skin Win?: Facetox Face Mask Review by Fashion Du Jour LDN

Combining the sachets of clay powder and rose water together in the cute purple bowl using the spatula I felt quite the beautician it is fair to say! Plus it smelt heavenly. This being said I felt that it REALLY needed mixing and that the ratios felt slightly…off. It seemed that there was too much powder and not enough rose water to make the mixture slack enough. Also, being that it was meant for a single use, the packets produced enough mask to make at least 3! Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you are having a girlie night in with friends or a couples night with your partner, but if you are feeling solo…you are going to have a LOT left over.

Clear Skin Win?: Facetox Face Mask Review by Fashion Du Jour LDN

Clear Skin Win?: Facetox Face Mask Review by Fashion Du Jour LDN

Once I felt that I worked the products together as much as humanly possible to a spreadable paste, it was time to apply to my freshly cleansed dry skin. The spatula is a great idea for applying the mask as I felt I could control the mask more whilst applying to the skin and allowed me to avoid the delicate eye area. Also it meant no product went under my nails, which usually happens when I apply masks with my fingers. Win! Warning – the mask is incredibly thick! Thicker than any mask, including other mud masks I have used, but this isn’t necessarily as bad thing. I felt that it was quite luxurious and felt that it would deliver lots of yumminess to my skin, which it was in desperate need of. It is also quite congested, stressed and sluggish at the moment and hoped this would be the perfect antidote to return its usual sparkle.

I left the mask on for about 20-30 minutes (or half of Gogglebox Sunday catch-up). During this time, the mask hardened and tightened, so made for the perfect opportunity not to move and practise my resting bitch face as facial movement was a bit limited! I loved that I could feel that it was working, as the Facetox’s secret is the combo of the ingredients creating a “negative charge” that literally acts to pull the toxins out of the skin.

Clear Skin Win?: Facetox Face Mask Review by Fashion Du Jour LDN
Witness the fitness – the things that I do in the name of FDJ LDN

When it was time to take the mask off, I decided to do it in the sink with my trusty Dermaflannel (read all about it here) which is perfect for taking off masks. Because the mask is quite thick, it can take a bit of work to remove completely. It also seemed to roll off a bit in clumps that slightly blocked my sink?! Next time I will be using a bowl of warm water to take it off in OR try to not put it on so thickly…or both! That being said, I was over the moon with the results! My skin firstly looked calmer and the spots I had were smaller and less angry looking. Secondly my skin looked a LOT more brighter and clearer, with a lush glow. Thirdly, was how it felt – baby soft and smooth and really comfortable. There was a warning on the box that said that potentially skin could be a bit red afterwards and I didn’t experience this. However, I do agree that you do need to moisturise your skin straight away as with the smoothness, comes a slight bit of tightness.

I would say that I would despite some of the little niggles with the face mask, that in the end the results were definitely worth the fuss! It makes for the perfect mask when your skin, much like your body, needs a good, deep detox and cleanse. It’s possibly one of the best at home facials I have used. Since using my skin feels rebalanced and yes, the perfect kickstart to do on Sunday to start your week right. Yup, Facetox, you are most certainly a clear skin win!

Got some of your own clear skin wins to share or have tried Factox yourself – we would love to hear about it in the “Comments” below. Loving our beauts beauty? Check out more reviews and how to’s here!

Until next time fillies,

Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN HQ x

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  1. Never heard of facetox but loving the concept behind it and I would love to try this but on your recommendation maybe on a girls night in than a solo performance


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