Handbag Hero: Why DrPawPaw Balm Should Be Your New BFF by Fashion Du Jour LDN

Handbag Hero: Why Dr PawPaw Balm Should Be Your BFF!

You know the struggle right fillies – be it hand luggage allowance being a pain or not wanting to ruin the line of your fabulous new clutch bag with a load of bulk, but…you just can’t narrow down what you are packing! You NEED those 50+ products in order to get through the day right? Right! Well, stop right there my friend, as we might have found your new balm-based BFF! Yes, sometimes a product comes along that you want to hold lovingly and declare “Where have you been all my life?”. Step forward DRPawPaw’s Balmyour new best friend in balm form. Click this way and discover how this one tube will fast become one of the only things you need…

Righty ho, let’s go! I’m going to put this down as a good old top ten of terrific reasons this fabulous product should ALREADY be in your bag, like, now (if not sooner)!:

Handbag Hero: Why DrPawPaw Balm Should Be Your BFF by Fashion Du Jour LDN

No 1: It’s the best Lip Balm you are ever going to use:
Seriously! This balm has been a godsend now we are heading in Autumn/Winter. I am a naughty gal who loves to chew on her lips and lick them if they feel dry (because that REALLY helps the situation…not!). So with the change in season, this can herald very dry, chapped lips…which isn’t a great look on its own, let alone when you want to rock a dark berry matte lip colour! But you can say goodbye to flaky skin and chappage on your lips once you start slathering DrPawPaw’s Original Balm on! Packed with the natural wonders of Papaya, Olive and Aloe Vera, your lips will be drenched with lush, soothed and protected. Plus a little does a LONG way, so a tube of this bad boi is going to last you well into next year! But it’s not just for lips fillies…

No 2: It’s great on nails and cuticles:
Try warming a little blob of balm between your fingers before rubbing into your nails and cuticles and you are guaranteed to notice a difference!

No 3: It banishes dry heels and elbows…and knees!:
Say goodbye to those troublesome spots of dry or cracked skin, as you can be flawless all over with a good dose of balm. I like to rub this into my heels especially as my poor tootsies tend to take the brunt of my passion for fashion in the form of shoes! Yup, pounding the pavement in high heels, sandals and ankle boots can create a gloriously gross amount of hard skin, so I have been slathering my feet in the balm, popping on warm socks and letting the magic happen. It’s also great for smearing on those dry areas before you go out – heels, knees, elbows and a generous glide of product down the front of the shins and you are good to go!

Handbag Hero: Why DrPawPaw Balm Should Be Your BFF by Fashion Du Jour LDN

No 4: It will tackle dry patches of irritated skin in a flash:
I have found that this is fantastic at helping keep skin flair-ups of eczema in check on my face and body. If I’m having an especially bad bit of irritation on my face, I warm some of the balm in my hands and smooth it all over my face before bed and wake up with much calmer skin the night day. Huzzah!

No 5: It bids buh-bye to minor boo-boo’s:
This balm is a super soother. It’s great on minor burns, insect bites…basically anything you want to take the sting out of. The other night at a wedding where I had been dancing up a storm but my new shoes were protesting, I glided on a bit of the balm around where the shoes were rubbing and this saved my tootsies a treat.

No 6: It says “See ya” to unsightly flyaways and snapped hair:
I really do tend to punish my hair! I sleep with it up in a ponytail or bun, I torture it with styling and backcombing on set and this has resulted in a fair amount of snapped hair that refuses to be tamed. So much so that hairspray doesn’t seem to be able to deal with. So, I have found that warming up a small amount of DrPawPaw between my palms and stroking onto and around my hairline tames frizzies a treat without making it horrendously greasy.

Handbag Hero: Why DrPawPaw Balm Should Be Your BFF by Fashion Du Jour LDN

No 7: It’s a fab highlighter:
Yes, pop this along your cheekbone for a caring, nourishing and popping highlighter! It’s also great for acting as an anchor for glitter come festival season too.

No 8: Mix it up, make a gloss:
The options for lip colours are endless if you mix this with your fave lippie and make yourself a luxurious lip gloss. It’s also awesome to just tap a little bit on the centre of your pout for a bit of POP!

No 9: It helps your Eyebrow game stay on fleek:
Hells yeah it does! This little lovely is great for smoothing and fixing your eyebrows in place.

No 10: It makes for the yummiest lip and cheek colour:
Love the original balm but want a pop of nourishing colour as well? DrPawPaw delivers with tinted balms in the form of Ultimate Red, Limited Edition Red Sparkle and our favourite, Peach Pink Balm. Yes, you have the benefits of the original balm with a lush tint of pigment-packed colour. I have been using this as a beauts lip colour but it also makes for a cheeky cheek colour. I dot it along my cheekbone, blend it in and gives the most healthy, dewy glow.

Handbag Hero: Why DrPawPaw Balm Should Be Your BFF by Fashion Du Jour LDN
Dotting DrPawPaw Peach Pink Balm along the cheeks makes for a cute flush of colour and looks lush on the lips too!

If those 10 reasons don’t convince you that your handbag is crying out for this hero, we don’t know what in the filly will! Have you tried DrPawPaw’s Balm at all? What are your favourite uses for it? Let us know your beauty hacks in the “Comments” below. Loving this beauty post? Check out our others here!

Until next time fillies,

Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN HQ x

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20 thoughts on “Handbag Hero: Why Dr PawPaw Balm Should Be Your BFF!

  1. I keep seeing such great things about this brand, I really need to give it a try for myself. My heels and my cuticles do need a little bit of TLC this sounds like it would be perfect for that. Love your tip about using it as a hightlight, I’d never have thought of that. x


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