Awesome October Favourites! By Fashion Du Jour LDN

Awesome October Must-Haves!

It feels like we blinked and summer was over here at FDJ LDN HQ *sigh* but with the new season beginning it brings with it an abundance of autumnal awesomeness. Yes, we are looking forward to AW16 with gusto…and with an entourage of utterly uh-mazing products in our bag of tricks, we should be facing it in style. And of COURSE we will be sharing these secrets with you, our dear fillies! So click this way and find out what must-haves are making our October (and beyond) awesome…

Awesome October Favourites!by Fashion Du Jour LDN
With the first nip of October in the air, we are stepping up our skincare to keep it fed and nourished accordingly. Therefore slipping in a serum seemed like a good idea…after using for about a month, we have realised it was a GREAT idea in fact! We have been using Liq CC Serum Light in the morning and Liq CG Serum Night in the evening and our skin is drinking it in. Both are fresh and light to use but really pack a glow inducing punch. The daytime serum delivered a yummy shot of Vitamin C which protects the skin against the toils of the working day, whilst boosting your natural glow. We have noticed our skin is brighter and more even and smoother than a baby’s behind! Of a night, the good dose of glycolic and hyaluronic acid hydrates and exfoliates whilst you sleep, so you wake up to better skin each day. Slipping the pair into our daily routine has been a breeze and also a treat – we have been keeping them in the fridge as a refreshing lift. Plus storing it this way makes the products last longer too – hello top tip!

Awesome October Favourites - Covershoot Cosmetics Brow Kit by Fashion Du Jour LDN

Awesome October Favourites - Covershoot Cosmetics Brow Kit by Fashion Du Jour LDN
We just HAD to share our love for these little palettes of lush with you fillies! When we discovered these palettes in our local Savers, we couldn’t believe our eyes at the price. Once we used them, we couldn’t believe the quality and finish of the products. Usually when products are cheaper than a fiver, they are either short on pigment or don’t last. That is not the case with Covershoot Cosmetics! Both the Contour Palette and the Brow Kit are packed with quality that produce a great finish and we have featured both regularly on our Instagram on various MOTD posts. What we really love is the tutorials inside the lid so your eyebrow game can be on fleek or you can become a contour queen. Plus you get all the tools to create the look – how cute are the mini tweezers? We are collecting the rest of the range as we speak, keep an eye out for our make-up how to’s coming soon.

Awesome October Favourites - The Magic Facial Mitt by Fashion Du Jour LDN

This mitt really does live up to its name – magic! This is the Paul Daniels of the make-up removal world – now you see it, now you don’t…all without any product used. Just add water to the mitt and sweep away the day’s makeup. The lovely texture of the microfibre cloth also buffs your skin nicely too and pulls away dirt for a fab cleanse! We think this is perfect for holidays if you want to travel light. We’ve also been using it to wipe away face masks too. A great little multi-tasker!


Awesome October Favourites - The English Soap Company Soaps by Fashion Du Jour LDN
T to B: Vintage Rose, English Lavender and Coconut soaps packed with Shea Butter and prettiness!

We have been loving a bit of vintage glamour of late here at FDJ LDN and nothing denotes that than this b.e.auuuuutiful soaps from The English Soap Company. Bedecked in the most instgrammable wrapping, these little lovelies not only are fab on the eye, but an utter treat to the senses – they smell gorgeous AND they leave the skin silky smooth and indulged, thanks to sumptious Shea Butter. Our favourite has to be the Coconut for taking us away with its sun-drenched scent. Seriously, these soaps will fill any room with their gorgeous perfume which lingers on the skin all day. These blasts from the past are ones we definitely will be bringing with us into the present and future!


Awesome October Favourites - ImPress Manicure Kits by Fashion Du Jour LDN
L to R: Shimmer, Bells & Wishes and Kiss & Tell ImPress Manicure makes Nail Art quick, easy and fail-proof!

When our Insta feed fills up on Manicure Mondays with fillies who know how to nail a great bit of Nail Art, we are filled with envy. Now thanks to our secret weapon of ImPress Manicures, we can hack our way to the look, without the mess or fuss. These bad boi’s are super simple to use as you simply peel back the sticky tab on the back of your chosen nail and press down…and that’s it! No damaging glue, no drying time, no mess – just fabulous nails. Plus they are waterproof, so last and last! They remove easily too, so you can change up your look whenever you want. Utterly #FashionDuJourable!


Awesome October Favourites Kiss Looks So Natural Lashes by Fashion Du Jour LDN
L to R: Sultry, Vamp, Pretty and Ritzy

We have to confess, we have a bit of a love/hate relationship with lashes here! We LOVE the look of them, especially on others but rarely on ourselves as we never seem to be able to get a natural looking lash. When we do however, they seem to weigh our lids down and we tend to look…tired?! Thank filly for discovering Kiss and their Looks So Natural lashes as they do just that – look SO natural! They are extremely light, blend in with your lashline and lashes delivering flutter-worthy flirty lashes with ease. They taper at the end like natural lashes, so these falsies look nothing but real. These our now our go to on nights out and are slowly creeping into our everyday as they are so delicious! We have a fabulous bunch of make-up how to’s coming to the blog featuring these, so keep your eyes peeled.

Linziclip Hair Clips:

Awesome October Favourites Linziclip Hair Clips by Fashion Du Jour LDN
The Linziclip comes in a variety of colours which makes hairstyles a doddle and comes in two sizes – Mini and Midi

As you may know, we love a good hairstyle here at Fashion Du Jour LDN and are always on the look out for new products that can help us achieve good hair days errrday, quickly and easily. Step forward the Linziclip! Yes, this ingenious clip has reinvented the claw clip and made it stronger and comfier to wear. The claws now lie flat against your head, so no longer will the teeth dig into your scalp, especially if you are travelling and wanting to rest your head back! Hallelujah! They are strong too, so the clips are smaller. Mini is great for holding thinner hair or for creating styles like holding back braids and quiffs, whilst the Midi is perfect for half up do’s or full up do’s for the fuller haired of us. They come in lots of different colourways, so you are sure to find your match!

With these 8 wonders in our world, we think these style saviours are going to have us showcasing our A Game this October and beyond. What are your awesome October must-haves? Have you tried any of these products? Let us know in the “Comments” section below. If you enjoyed our monthly favourites round-up, be sure to catch up on our May Must-Haves and Joyful July Must-Haves here!

Until next time fillies,

Nicky and Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN HQ x

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  1. Wow, everything sounds great! Love the sound of the soaps, they’d make a lovey gift for my mum! I also really like the sound of Liq CC Serum Light and the nigh serum, too! It’s good to know it does indeed make the skin brighter! xx


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