Waxing Lyrical: Smooth Appeal Wax Kit

Waxing Lyrical: Smooth Appeal Wax Kit

Yes, Summer may be slipping through our still yet to be sun-kissed fingers but with plenty of weddings, parties, holidays and fab pin-revealing outfits to be worn – it’s still time to be waxing lyrically about hair removal! Yes, as much as we loathe it, it’s easy to love it with the right products and method in your corner. So we took Smooth Appeal’s Microwave Formula Wax Kit for a spin to find out whether this little pot of lush was REALLY one smooth operator indeed…

At home waxing has been something I have done with UTTER trepidation in the past as a) my pain threshold can sometimes dip pretty low and b) I can be clumsier than a clown on a tight rope. But over the years, I have become quite the dab hand with the ol’ self wax. I love that with waxing, once it’s done, you can say goodbye (good riddance) to unsightly hairy legs/under arms/bikini line for a good 4 weeks. Huzzah! I am a time conscious filly, so one less job to do in the shower for a few weeks is a blessing in my uber-packed book. PLUS being perma de-fuzzed always bodes well in my career with costume fittings, etc. Waxing is the busy gal about town’s saviour, whether home or away. So when Smooth Appeal’s kit came into FDJ LDN HQ with the claim that it was not only packed with skin soothing Tea Tree Oil but also a unique hair growth inhibitor that could leave skin hair free for up to 6 weeks…I had to give it whirl – STAT!

Waxing Lyrical: Smooth Appeals Wax Kit

The kit, which contains up to 10 treatments, has everything you need to wax your legs, body etc easily. Simply microwave the pot with the lid off, on a plate for 20 seconds, then leave for 5 minutes, before stirring that bad boi up. The wax should be smooth like runny honey and feel like warm bath water on the skin (test a tiny bit on the inside of your wrist fillies – DO NOT use if it is too hot, wait a further few minutes for it to cool if so).

Waxing Lyrical: Smooth Appeals Wax Kit by Fashion Du Jour LDN

What I noticed when I removed the tub from the microwave was the clean, satisfying smell of Tea Tree which always is reassuring AND spa-like. Consider yourself a beauty therapist at this point ladies and gents! My top tips to put in place before you start waxing? Take a couple of Paracetamol about half hour before you start and dust any area you are about to wax with talcum powder for a good grip. Now back to ze waxing! The wax itself spread on cleanly and thinly with the wooden spatula provided, even though the spatula is a little thinner than what I am used to using. This was more akin to a ice lolly stick but actually was good for getting into hard to reach areas, like round the ankles and the bikini line. The strips are a nice length and are made from soft pliable material which made waxing off a breeze. However you only get 5 of these?! Yes, you can re-wax with the same strip numerous times to the point that the wax is too thick to use. Yes, you can reuse these strips again for future use by washing them in warm soapy water and leaving them to dry. But when you are in need of a full waxing session, ideally you need at least 10 strips I would say to be able to do both your legs, under arms and bikini line. That being said, that is my only slight peeve with what is a really a pretty perfect product!

Waxing Lyrical: Smooth Appeals Wax Kit by Fashion Du Jour LDN
Remember: Always apply wax in the direction of hair growth, then smooth the strip in the same direction. Then quickly pull back in the opposite direction to remove hair.

The wax easily and quickly removes even the shortest of hairs, relatively painlessly. I also love that the wax is water soluble so that once you are done, you can wash away residue with warm soapy water and you can pop on a nice bit of moisturiser to finish. And the best bit? The results do last longer than most wax kits! I am a girl that has been “blessed” with fast hair growth, so usually I find that regrowth can occur 2-3 weeks later. However with this beaut, I am still distinctly smooth and silky 4-5 weeks later and going strong! That 6 week claim may actually be a reality. Plus thanks to that Tea Tree I have experienced zero irritation or ingrown hairs – jackpot!

So if you in the market for a new wax kit, I am beyond certain that you willing be waxing lyrical about Smooth Appeal.

Until next time fillies,

Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN HQ x


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Waxing Lyrical: Smooth Appeals Wax Kit by Fashion Du Jour LDN



19 thoughts on “Waxing Lyrical: Smooth Appeal Wax Kit

  1. I definitely could not wax my own legs at home, I think I’d die of pain. This does sound really good though, I might have to bite through the tears and do it because shaving is far too time consuming


  2. This sounds great! I’ve been looking for a new wax to do at home! It’s good to know the strips are re-usable! Thank you for sharing. xx


  3. That’s a good shout out with the Paracetamol beforehand! Waxing can be painful, but given the right tips and products like so, it makes a painful job more bearable!


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