On Our Radar: Matilda Bay Apparel Interview by Fashion Du jour LDN

ON OUR RADAR: Matilda Bay Apparel

Hmmmm…what’s the BEST part of prepping for summer and your impending holidays? For us it’s treating ourselves to an amazing bikini or swimsuit for a bit (a lot) of perfect poolside posing, cocktail in hand and oversized sunnies on. Few selections come sassier and more covetably instagrammable than the gorgeous on offer over at Matilda Bay Apparel. One look over her beauteous bikini’s, sumptuous swimwear and awesome accessories and you will have a getaway wishlist as long as your freshly fake-tanned arm! In the latest in our “On Our Radar” series, we sit down with the beautiful Beth, the fabulous face behind the lushness to find out all about brand and her top picks. Click this way and prepare for utter wanderlust…

So Beth, we are dying to know a bit more about YOU, the beaut behind the brand! Please tell us a little about yourself!
Matilda Bay was created by myself. I’m currently a student studying criminology and psychology and as the high street shops didn’t seem to like my very varied uni hours to give me a job, I thought I’d create my own job in the form of my own business! I love swimwear, but as many nice ones as there are out there, I felt something was lacking. That’s when I decided to make the high quality neoprene bikinis the centre of my business. To give people fashion and quality! Since I’ve had a relatively good reception I certainly see it continuing as a more permanent job rather than just something to keep me going! I’ve got lots of ideas on how to expand all year round.
What a fabulous idea – you really are a go-getter! We love that you are a blogger too! What made you start your blog?
Mainly just from being inspired by other bloggers! I love photography, I love fashion and beauty and most of all I love helping people by giving product reviews, sharing hints and tips etc. My blog has been a little neglected due to uni pressures so I’m really hoping to get it back up to a top standard very soon.
On Our Radar - Matilda Bay Apparel Interview featuring Pomona and Trey Neoprene Bikinis, by Fashion Du Jour LDN
We are totally hearting these Pomona and Trey Neoprene Bikinis here at fashion Du Jour LDN HQ at the bargainista price of £20!
We hear you, juggling blogging AND life can be challenging right? Matilda Bay is such an interesting name! Where did they originate from?
Brand name is such a massive thing to choose! You can’t just decide over night, I definitely thought about mine over a long period of time. I got the inspiration from my beloved pet Doberman, she’s literally my world. I know she isn’t going to be around forever so since she’s has such an impact on my life I thought it would be fitting to somehow make her apart of my business that can go on way after her time, in her memory effectively. Gosh, I sound like she’s already gone!!! But you know, I just wanted to dedicate something to her, basically!! Her name is Roxy Roo but her Kennel Club name is Magical Matilda – I think it’s the name she uses in shows etc. I think Matilda is a really lovely name and does make people question it. “BAY” simply came after, I needed to add something to Matilda. Needed to be something summery, but also all year round suitable, and perhaps reflect where I’m from? I live in a coastal town, where there are beach bays and harbours around every corner, hence where the name first came from. I was also quite inspired by Beyonce’s Ivy Park – after some synonym searches, Bay also appeared which sealed the deal for me.
On Our Radar - Matilda Bay Apparel Interview featuring Aurora Mermaid High-Waisted Bikini , by Fashion Du Jour LDN
Feel like Ariel with this mer-mazing Aurora High-Waisted Bikini!
Love it! It fits your brand perfectly and love that it is a lovely ode to Matilda too! So, what are the best parts and most challenging parts of your business?
I get a lot of questions about sizing. Sizing is actually a very hard thing to accurately calculate as one shops’ size 10 could be another shop’s size 8! Even if I match a bikini exactly to the measurements of a customer’s body, there’s a chance the item still won’t fit due to body shapes being so different! So I can only offer estimates and give advice on how the bikini fits myself and other customers – 9/10 it’s a perfect fit!
I also get a lot of requests to work with bloggers. Being a small business this is something I love to do but at the same time I can’t gift everyone! I usually approach bloggers who I am familiar with from blogging myself, who I know will do a good job for me. I hate to turn down bloggers who have asked so nicely but it is just impossible to have everyone working for me! I look for passion, loyalty, excellent content and brilliant influence in the bloggers I work with – I’ve learnt to tell who is simply after a freebie ha!!!!
On Our Radar - Matilda Bay Apparel Interview featuring Elva Neoprene Bikini, by Fashion Du Jour LDN
Be happy, be bright, be you – in your Elva Neoprene Bikini!
Aha! It must just be a reflection of how lustworthy your bikini’s are. What’s your proudest moment for the brand so far?
That’s a hard one! There have been so many. Every time someone says “I love your shop”, “I love this bikini” I get a happy little feeling! Even more so when customers tell me how pleased they are with their purchase AND share it with their followers – it’s such a good feeling! I’m also really proud of the bloggers and companies I’ve worked with so far, I’d never of thought something I sell would be on these fabulous websites.
That must be such a great feeling for sure! So what’s an average day like over at Matilda Bay?
It usually consists of taking orders, placing stock orders, stock checks, taking photographs of stock, looking for inspiration for new packaging or stock, making new packaging or labels and updating admit bits and pieces. Matilda Bay is currently working on a website too!
So exciting! Bet you can’t wait for that to launch, we know we can’t! What would you say influences and inspires you?
I am so inspired by people who have set up online shops. For example, an instagrammer named Taylor set up Hot Mess Clothing by herself and her brand is huge now! Similarly a YouTuber started her own business by printing her own slogan tee’s. I adore reading success stories like these, they are so inspiring and give me a great lift when I’m feeling less confident about the whole thing! And of course, Pinterest is my heaven for picking up ideas and inspiration for everything from stock to packaging!
On Our Radar - Matilda Bay Apparel Interview featuring Roseline Neoprene Bikini, by Fashion Du Jour LDN
*SIGH* This flamingo covered Roseline Neoprene Bikini is gorge!
Oh wow – didn’t realise that about Hot Mess. Hello inspo! Speaking of inspo, we are LOVING your range for major holiday vibes – if you HAD to pick, which piece/s would be your must-have to get you through SS16?
My favourite at the moment are the new Fleur high waist bikinis! They come in both pink and orange are so vibrant! I’m still very much a fan of the high waist bikini, they’re so flattering on all shapes and sizes. Second, I’d probably have to have the Roseline Flamingo Neoprene, it’s my signature piece and I couldn’t be with out it myself!
On Our Radar - Matilda Bay Apparel Interview featuring Fleur high-waisted Bikinis, by Fashion Du Jour LDN
Fleur High-Waisted Bikinis in orange and pink are flatteringly fabulous for us fashionistas!
We are obsessed with the Roseline too! What do you think the Matilda Bay customer is like?
I believe most customers are fashion conscious and looking for something a little bit special for their holiday this year. I can suit all budgets, have a wide range of patterns and styles which are bound to take someone’s fancy!
Totally, we think bargainistas will be blow away by your gorgeousness! Now if you had to pick, which celebrity would you LOVE to see rocking your brand?
Ooooh…Hmm… Somebody British I think, for a start. Just because here is where MB is based. I’d love to see them on someone like Michelle Keegan. Charlotte Crosby is another who would look fab. I know both of these ladies are involved with fashion brands so that’s really fitting too. Although if it had to be a US celeb, it would have to be my all time favourite celebrity, Angelina Jolie! It would be great to have MB seen to look fabulous on all ages!
How would you describe your own personal style?
At the moment it’s filled with very neutral, plain colours nothing with too much print. I’m really loving the minimalist look right now.
On Our Radar - Matilda Bay Apparel Interview with Beth from Sugarblur, by Fashion Du Jour LDN
Beauty and brains – Beth herself is a blogger.
You can’t go wrong with clean, crisp neutrals! Finally Beth…how’s AW16 looking at Matilda Bay? What are your key trends that we MUST have?
I’m thinking of bringing in some new items such as hand bags and back backs. I’m also thinking of switching the bikini range to lounge wear for A/W. So, lounge pants, PJs, slippers, dressing gowns all that cute stuff. I’m returning my own hand made two piece coordinates to MB next month, so maybe I could create winter versions with long trousers rather than shorts. Lots more trialling and planning is going to be going on over summer!Well we can’t wait to see what’s to come from you and your gorgeous collection over at Matilda Bay. You have such a great eye for style and we just know the future is looking utterly #FashionDujourable for you! Thank you for sitting down with us for a good old natter. So fillies, if you after gloriously pin-able AND pin-up worthy swimwear, bikini’s, holiday wear and more be sure to head over to Matilda Bay’s Insta now to shop the collection.Until next time fillies,

Nicky and Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN HQ x

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On Our Radar Interview with Matilda Bay Apparel featuring Jasmine and Daisy Bikinis -by Fashion Du Jour LDN
Holi-yay with Jasmine and Daisy Bikinis form Matilda Bay!

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    • That’s what we loved too LaaLaa! The variety of style and print means there’s bound to be something for everyone and so affordable too 😀

      Thanks for popping by!

      Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN HQ x


    • I know right? Cute and affordable is such a killer combo – plus we love how they are a little bit different from high street fare!

      Thanks for popping by Jess!

      Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN HQ x


    • Totally – I think a lot of brands to neglect the importance of fit and customer service, whereas Beth seems to have gotten the right idea which is so lovely!

      Thanks for popping by,

      Nicky at Fashion Du Jour LDN HQ x


    • I’m a big fan of the high waisted styles to Kimberly 😀 Love the floral high waisted ones too, totally on my lust list as a fuller figured lady. Awww thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

      Thanks for popping by,

      Nicky at Fashion Du Jour LDN HQ x


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