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Writing a Joint Blog | 5 Months on…Q & A

It’s official! Fashion Du Jour LDN have just turned 5 MONTHS OLD! Where has that time gone hey fillies? From Insta-blogging on our own personal accounts for a number of years to deciding to finally take the plunge and blog together, it’s been quite the Fashion Du Jour-ney (read our very first post here)! So, for our 5 month blogversary, we thought it would be the perfect time to continue the Joint Blogging TAG here at FDJ LDN HQ. Started by the lovely ladies at Soeurs de Luxe (from one pair of blogging sisters to another), we answer all those burning questions you might have.  So click this way as we reveal the fun times AND hard times as a blogging partnership.

Q1: What made you want to write a blog together?
Leigh: It was something we discussed on and off for about 3 years. I modelled a lot for various blogging events and loved the people I met through them – bloggers are so friendly and the brands were so warm! A lot engaged with me through my social media because they knew me from the events and wanted to know why I wasn’t blogging. So, I started Insta-blogging from my personal account, connecting with bloggers and brands and it just seemed the next logical step with all the wonderful contacts I had made through modelling and Instagram was to launch Fashion Du Jour LDN!
Nicola: Much like Leigh, the blog became an off-shoot of what I do as a career. I am a copywriter and regularly work for various fashion, beauty, lifestyle and style blogs and brands providing content. It’s wonderful but the idea of creating something that was truly “ours” was very exciting. Creating Fashion Du Jour LDN meant we could write under our own steam, with our own style and voice, essentially creating our own brand. So, we decided to combine our passions and talents together and BOOM! FDJ LDN HQ was born!

Leigh Modelling for Tinkilove at London Fashion Week
Leigh Modelling for Tinkilove at London Fashion Week

Q2: Who does most of the post writing?
Leigh: We tend to split it. We sit down and chat about upcoming content or ideas. Then we plan it into our blog planner of what needs doing when, factoring it around our work schedule (as we are very busy ladies in our own careers), as well as who the post “fits” most. It works better if the post is written by the person it suits or feels more passionately about it.
Nicola: Exactly! If it’s a beauty (LOVE sharing fab facial finds) or lifestyle post, I’m more than likely to write it. I have loved sourcing designers and companies for our “On Our Radar” series as I love discovering new and exciting brands (Missed out on the series so far? Catch up here). If it’s a fashion, health and fitness or at outfit post, it’s going to be Leigh. A lot of the time we write a post together! We have very similar writing styles but you can hear our individual voices coming through, so it adds a lovely contrast and roundedness to a piece.

Nicky Using Fountain of Youth Products
Nicky always gets first dibs on road-testing the beauty products!

Q3: Is it easier generating content when there’s two of you?
Leigh: That old adage of two heads are better than one…well yes! That applies for blogging most certainly. We can bounce ideas around or one will suggest an idea and the other can put a new spin or angle on it. Heck, even our Mum gets involved with ideas, as well as great puns for blog post titles. She’s “totes hilar”!
Nicola: That being said…sometimes we can have too many ideas! But hey, we will have content for months right? Right!

Enjoying a night out from Fashion Du Jour LDN HQ
Work hard, play hard – enjoying a bit of sister time is very important at Fashion Du Jour LDN HQ

Q4: Who does what with social media, who are we talking to each day?
Leigh: If it’s Instagram or Twitter, that, my friends, will be me! I love a bit of social media and it’s so much fun chatting to fellow bloggers or people that enjoy what we are sharing on our various platforms. I love putting together our feeds for social media, especially Instagram, which is also our most popular network!
Nicola: Yeah, Leigh’s totally on top of that side of the blog. We take it in turns with Facebook posts. I tend to look after the technical side of things with regards to the running of the blog, as well as emails and outreach.

Q5: If you’re gifted anything or approached by brands, who gets first dibs?
Leigh: We have tended to have been very lucky in that most of the brands that have approached us know that there are two of us, so send two of whatever product/allow us to choose one each…which stops a lot of arguments!
Nicola: That being said, we do have different interests and styles, so we do pursue individual interests and styles on the blog. The brands that we are approached by as individuals reflect this. It’s so nice that those that approach the blog know us two different girls with different styles and we can build really lovely working relationships with them individually. When we ARE sent something individually, whoever the product was sent to, it’s theirs for the keeping. But we are sisters, we do share…which is pretty awesome!

Leigh wearing Topshop, River Island, New Look and Stephanie's Closet
Leigh wearing Topshop, River Island, New Look and Stephanie’s Closet

Q6: Do you ever argue about content?
Leigh: It might be tempting fate, but we haven’t really argued about content…yet! We wanted Fashion Du Jour LDN to be a place for both of us to express ourselves. I think it really helped that when we finally decided on the blog, we sat down and we created our ethos:

Two sisters. One ethos. To create “aspirationally attainable” style, beauty and lifestyle to all.

This ethos keeps ourselves AND the content we bring to the table on the same page.
Nicola: Indeed, that’s what we always go back to – the ethos. Does the content/brand we are featuring/products we are using fit with being “aspirationally attainable? If it doesn’t, we tell each other. There is no point featuring a product or event on the blog which doesn’t fit with OUR brand just because we are getting it for free. It’s insincere and can confuse your readership. So, working together is about being honest and clear and keeping each other to the same vision we created together. We don’t lose focus that way! And how can you not be anything but honest when you are working with your sister? I mean look at the picture below…if we went through having those fringes together, we can do anything!

Fringe Benefits of the 80s
Fringe Benefits of the 80s!

We hope you fillies enjoyed getting to know us and the way we work a little bit more. Fashion Du Jour LDN is a labour of love and we are so excited that you fillies have jumped aboard with us. The support we have got on here and across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Bloglovin has been incredible and we can not thank you all enough. We have learnt so much whilst developing a brand and ethos that is truly ours. We haven’t had to buy followers on our social media or plagiarise other bloggers’ ideas, style or articles. We have learnt to say no as well as yes to opportunities that have come our way and have kept true to our integrity in doing so. We have been 100% ourselves and we will continue to do so! We have attended some exciting events, worked with some amazing brands and most of all become part of one of the most talented and friendliest communities. Fellow bloggers – we salute you!

Be sure to catch up with the previous Blogging Partnership TAG Q&A’s on Soeurs de Luxe, Elle and Mimi and Original Minds! We are passing the gauntlet to the fab blogging partnerships of Footnotes and Finds, Chapter Break and Black & Sigi. We are looking forward to seeing your posts. Be sure to TAG us in them!

If any of you have any further questions, be sure to add them in the Comments section before. We love having a natter with you lot! And don’t forget you can SUBSCRIBE to blog by clicking the button at the top right of the page or follow us on Bloglovin’.

Until next time fillies,

Love Nicky and Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN HQ x

12 thoughts on “Writing a Joint Blog | 5 Months on…Q & A

    • Thanks Rachel! I bet that’s really cool as you both understand what it’s like to run a blog. As we said on Twitter, this is about people that run a blog together, so a little bit different. Hope you enjoyed the post!

      Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN HQ x


    • Thanks Kirsty! We are glad you found the piece interesting and enjoys reading it – so lovely to hear. Yes, we hadn’t really heard of many blogging pairs either when we started…but we thought “heck, why not?”! It works for us and continues to do so, we hope. It’s just so nice to share something you love with someone you love. Thank you for stopping by and hope you do again in the future!

      Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN HQ x


  1. Wow! it seems you have some a really long way in five months! You’ve clearly been dedicated :). I see that you mentioned when brands approach you they are kind enough to send you a sample each… I was curious to when brands started approaching you? If you don’t mind me asking that is! Your dedication is a real inspiration 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Cheyanne,

      Thank you so much for such a lovely message! The time has whizzed by and it does feel like we have done a far bit in that time 😃 No, not at all, ask away! With regards to being approached by brands, that started even before we had the blog up as we were both Insta-blogging and we formed relationships. Pair that with our careers as a actress/model and a copywriter, we had various connections there too. So when we transitioned to the main blog a lot was already in place. However more opportunities came through from when we launched onwards, independently and not from prior connections. It’s been pretty amazing to have worked with some of the people we have for a relatively young blog. We hope it’s because we are so engaged with our readers, our ethos and providing quality content that brands wish to collab with us 😊

      Thanks for stopping by and chatting – will stop by your blog now lovely!

      Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN HQ x


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