Lylia Rose Purple and Orange Leopard Print Scarf

Sassy Style Up!: How to Tie Your Scarves

Ahhh the scarf – it’s a fashionista’s BFF all year round but especially in these chillier of months. With London Fashion Week around the corner and outfit planning for the shows we’re attending on our minds, we know that this staple piece will be part of our arsenal of accessories to style up our OOTD’s! But there are so many MORE ways to rock this much loved must-have than simply slinging around our necks to add a bit of sassitude to our look. Click this way fillies and let us show you some new ways to use our fave accessory!

Lylia Rose Purple and Orange Leopard Print Scarf
We are loving this Purple and Orange Leopard Print Scarf from Lylia Rose!

First things first you need to locate yourself a fabulous scarf! We selected this longline leopard lovely (Because you can’t go wrong with this print in our opinion – it’s basically a neutral right? Right!) from our go to accessories site, Lylia Rose, as they have an amazing allsortment of delights at equally amazing prices. We mean, this utterly #FashionDuJourable piece is only £8.99! SAT WHATTTT?! We adore their selection of great pieces that add that little bit of lush to any outfit leaving plenty of money left over…to buy more great pieces! F.A.B.ulous. Be sure to add it to your bookmarked list now.

So you’ve nabbed your stylish scarf? Well, it’s time to learn some new ways to wear it, which are probably the easiest little hacks ever. Let’s go!


This is super simple but simply super! Double your scarf in half and then drape it around your neck. Grab the looped end and put your hand through it, grabbing the other ends of the scarf. Pull the end through the loop and et voila…a easy breezy way to wear that won’t come undone!

Lylia Rose Purple and Orange Leopard Print Scarf


We are big fans of a snood here at Fashion Du Jour HQ. It makes for an effortless way of wearing without running the risk of loose ends unravelling whilst trotting about the town. With this super easy tip you can make ANY long scarf into a snood in seconds. Taking the scarf horizontally, knot together the top left side corner to the top right side corner and repeat the same with the bottom corners. You will now have fashioned a loo. Place the loop over your head, with the knots at the back, then loop again and there you go – you are snood to go!

Lylia Rose Purple and Orange Leopard Print Scarf


Now ladies, gird your loins as we are about to drop you a tip so crazy good, it may just blow your mind. Prepare for the knowledge bomb!!! Leigh discovered this styling secret on her travels to Dubai and it doubled her wardrobe options. Yes, you can create a handy little throw-over kimono in just a few knots! Take your scarf longways, grab one end and tie the short left hand corner to the short hand corner then do the same at the other end. Slip your arms through the “sleeves” you have fashioned and hey presto! You have yourself a little cover up for a night out or a day on the beach.

Lylia Rose Purple and Orange Leopard Print Scarf

There you go fash pack! We hope we’ve shared with you some new ways to bring new life to your favourite scarves…OR perhaps you are in the market for a new one? If so, we can offer our readers an EXCLUSIVE discount code for Lylia Rose! YES! Use discount code fashiondujour for 20% OFF any order with no expiry! So you can nab yourself a sassy scarf – the choice is yours fillies! Let us know what you opt for and if you have any terrific tips you want to share with us, don’t forget to comment or share with us on our Twitter, Instagram or Facebook!

Until next time fillies,

Nicky and Leigh at Fashion Du Jour | LDN HQ x

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17 thoughts on “Sassy Style Up!: How to Tie Your Scarves

    • Thanks so much Miss Pond! We are a BIG fan of the snood too. Changed up our wardrobe learning that little trick 👍 yes, LOVE this scarf – who doesn’t love a pop of print and colour on a grey day?😍

      Thanks for stopping by,

      Love Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN HQ x


    • Hi Louise!

      We were the same here – it’s a great go to style the loop de loop (love a pun here at FDJ LDN) BUT loved figuring out a couple of new ways to get a bit more out of them with these styling cheats. hope they have been helpful! Thanks – it’s a beaut isn’t it? You can’t wrong with a bit of Leopard Print ❤

      Thanks for reading and commenting Louise!

      Love Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN HQ x


    • Thanks so much Ashleigh! It’s SUCH a handy hack, especially on holiday or you find a scarf print you really love and want to get more wear out of it 👍 Thank you for visiting us here at FDJ LDN 😘

      Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN HQ x


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