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New Year. Fresh Start!: Top Tips for Keeping Fit You CAN Keep!

Yes, it’s February! How are those New Year resolutions going? Good? Well done! Not SO good? Hey let’s call January a trial month, OK? OK! Fashion Du Jour | LDN have got your back fillies. In the latest in our series of little lifestyle hacks to get your v.2016 you en pointe (catch up with the rest of the posts here), we spoke to the fabulously fit fitness guru, Matt Lo from Outrivals to get the lowdown on ways to stay healthy this 2016, as well as a rather amazing workout that you can do ANYWHERE and in only 10 minutes!

Matt Lo from FitMiBody

Matt Lo is a man that knows what he is talking about – I mean look at him! LOOK AT HIM! So when he offers you easy and quick fitness and lifestyle tips, you are going to listen. After years of working in the fitness industry as a personal trainer and for various health clubs, Matt decided to create his own movement. Outrivals was born!

 Believing in making things more accessible, believing in individuality and believing in challenging the standard norm, FitMiBODY makes personalised fitness training accessible for everyone.

Outrivals offers a range of packages that combine unique classes and personal training to address the current “one-size-fits-nobody” approach, which means that each person is seen as a wonderfully glorious individual – hurrah! With a team of carefully selected trainers who range from sports professionals to strength coaches and nutritionists, you know that your health and fitness is in expert hands. And with each class accommodating only eight people, you can be sure that you will experience focused attention from your Outrivals trainer!

FitMiBody Motivational Fitness Quote

We asked Matt for some simple to follow tips that we can all factor into our everyday routines, so that we can meet those 2016 goals we have set ourselves just that LITTLE bit easier:

This time of year when we are all trying to lose the extra weight we put on over the Christmas period means we have to up our cardio and incorporate strength training into our fitness regimes. This strips the fat off and should be the starting point for anyone wanting to lose weight and get in shape. Of course there’s the normal cardio methods such as running, cycling, rowing etc. which are great, but for those of us that get bored on a treadmill we have some great exercises sure to get you sweaty!
– Burpees (watch the Outrivals Team doing burpees !)
– Jumping Lunges
– Bunny Hops over step
– High Knee jumps

Great ideas to mix it up there Matt! Who doesn’t love a bit of variety? BUT trying to get in shape is not just about going to the gym or keeping active, oh NO! There are other little factors which can help us lose weight without even really trying:

– Aim to workout a least 3 times of week. Vary WHAT you are doing so that you don’t get bored!
– Aim to drink 2.5 litres of water a day. It’s needed to flush toxins and if we stay hydrated our energy levels are enhanced, as well as our metabolism!
– Rest is key! Our bodies need at least 7 hours of sleep a night. It helps our energy levels and affects our mood. This means we are more likely to want and feel like going to the gym the following day after a good night’s slumber.
– Eat 3 well-balanced meals a day! Try to make things using fresh, seasonal foods, this way you know exactly what is going into your food and therefore body. Food is fuel, so try to include all food types (yes that means good fats like those found in nuts and avocado and carbohydrates) – this will help with energy levels as well.
– Get your mind set! Think of something you are going to work towards. Whether it’s getting ready for a holiday this summer or wanting to buy yourself a whole new wardrobe for your healthier self, use that incentive to drive you forward!

FitMiBody Fitness Advice
Why not save these Weight Loss Top Tips to your phone or put somewhere to motivate you?

These tips sound so easy to keep and incorporate into your lifestyle, right? We know that we are living uber busy lives and it sometimes feels like we don’t have 10 minutes to spare…but fear not! Matt has put together this super quick yet very effective mini workout. The following routine CAN be done in 10 minutes that ANYONE can do ANYWHERE with no extra equipment! So grab that water bottle…READY? LET’S GO!:

Each exercise you will do for 1 minute with as many reps as you can, then 30 seconds to rest between:
– Jumping lunges – Lunge and then jump, switching legs. Repeat for full minute, as many as possible
– Air squats – Squat with feet shoulder-width apart as low as possible and come back up. Repeat for full minute, as many as possible
– Plank  – Hold for the full minute
– Iso squats –  Squat and hold as low as possible for the full minute
– Plank to Press Up – Start in a plank, bring right arm up so your arm is straight, then bring the left one up to join so you are in a Press up position, then go back down one at a time, back into a plank. Repeat this move for the full minute, as many as possible
– Tuck jumps – Jump as high as you can, tucking your knees up to your chest. Repeat for full minute, as many as possible
– Burpees

 FitMiBody Motivational Quote

And there you have it fillies. Quick, simple and easy tips to incorporate into your daily routine! As the image above from Outrivals (formally FitMiBODY) says “Push yourself, because no one will do it for you”. We would love to hear how these tips have worked for you! Do you have any great tips that work for you? We’d LOVE to hear them in the Comments section below!

Many thanks to Matt! If you wish to hear more about Outrivals , then please visit where you can find about all of their various classes and fitness packages including the HERO package ‘EVOLVE’: UNLIMITED classes with a personal trainer for six weeks. Clients will have a dedicated trainer who will design and guide them through a bespoke training and nutrition programme aimed at transforming their fitness routine. Trainers will be on hand throughout the programme to advise, motivate and answer any queries. This package also includes a full lifestyle assessment, body measurements, progression photos and unlimited access to FitMiBODY classes.

Until next time,

Nicky and Leigh at FDJ LDN HQ x

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