PBL – Perfect Black Leggings by Venus Cow

There are some staples that any fashionista worth their salt MUST have in their wardrobe: A well cut white t-shirt, a fabulously chic winter coat, a good pair of jeans, a classic tote bag and of course, a wonderful pair of leggings! Now, as we all know FDJ LDN fillies, the latter can prove somewhat elusive. In fact the perfect pair of black leggings can prove to be the Holy Grail of the fashion world. Who here has actually managed to find some that deliver on fit, quality AND durability? Very few we can imagine, as we reflect on how many pairs we have had the displeasure to wiggle and jiggle into. But fear no longer ladies, Venus Cow may well have cracked it! So click this way and discover whether theirs may well be the ultimate PBL…

Wearing Venus Cow Perfect Black Leggings and Bra Top in size S/M

I’m going to be brutally honest fillies, in fact, let’s put it down in black and white – I have never met a pair of leggings that I have truly liked, let alone loved! I have bought many. From the various high-street offerings to online finds to high-end “investments”. From cheap and not so cheerful to expensive and also not so cheerful! Each endeavour has left me ultimately disheartened and turned me into the Goldilocks of leggings: they were either too long, too short, too tight on the bottom but too baggy on the waist, too much muffin top, too much VPL, too thin a material, too much jiggle – the list goes on. Yes, I had 99 problems and my leggings were definitely one! I am a firm believer of the adage “Buy cheap, buy twice”, so would always go to a more expensive high-street brand to get my fix. Alas, I was still left wanting and just told myself all leggings are the same. They are ultimately the ULTIMATE fast fashion piece and therefore are churned out with little care or consideration sadly. They do not get to hang around in my wardrobe too long as there is a constant conveyor belt of pairs entering and exiting due to holes appearing, waistbands sagging, knees bagging, colour loss, etc. Let us take a moment to think of all those poor, sad leggings…*sigh*… But when Venus Cow and their Perfect Black Leggings sashayed across my path promising a pair that would change my preconceptions and outlast its contenders, I knew as a self-confessed black legging aficionado, that I had to take these for a spin.

Wearing Venus Cow Perfect Black Leggings and Bra Top (Size S/M)

And boy was I glad I did! I was initially drawn to the brand’s ethos of providing “affordable luxury” which sits fashionably alongside our blog’s ethos of bringing all our fillies “aspirationally attainable” style, beauty and lifestyle. Venus Cow delivers this in spades, promising a wardrobe staple that has not only longevity but is perfect for all, whatever your age or size – elevating the usually humble legging to an investment in style and quality.  They are a little bit of luxury everyday that lasts in fact. Founded by Shirley Yanez, her vision was to create a range of staples that aren’t simply “wear and bin”, but last, flatter and most importantly, FIT!

The perfect loungewear? Styling up Venus Cow Perfect Black Leggings and Bra Top (Size S/M)

And YES, these fit like a dream! No “one size fits all” here. You will feel like they have been tailored to you as they mould to your curves, but don’t cling. I can see why these are gaining such a following from celebrities, fitness bloggers and women everywhere! I tried the leggings in various situations to put them through their paces –  going out, at the gym and around the house as loungewear and they never let me down. I felt utterly comfortable, fabulous and #FashionDuJourable! PBL incorporates a two-way stretch, so however much I moved or stretched, they went with me, making a workout a breeze and running around between castings a delight. Unlike most leggings where you are constantly pulling them up because they do not come high enough on the waist, I didn’t have to adjust these once through my busy day. The material is thick and so supportive, with no risk of baggy knees or bottom! So not only was it like wearing shapewear because there were no jiggling thighs and NO muffin tops to be seen (hello slimmed out figure!), but it also meant that no matter what, due to the thick material, there was no risk of dreaded see-throughness or VPL. In fact, I went as far as to putting white pants underneath my PBL’s one day (a HUGE style sin in my books. I must say ten Hell Mary’s to the high fashion priestess Kate Moss immediately) and lo and behold – no sign could be seen through. Hallelujah!

Wearing Venus Cow Bra Top and Perfect Black Leggings (Size S/M)
Wearing Venus Cow Bra Top (Size S/M)

So pleased was I with my PBL’s that when I discovered that Venus Cow had also just launched a sport luxe Bra Top as part of its range, I decided to give it a whirl as the perfect pairing for my new gymwear. Again, I was not disappointed. Made from the same thick and supportive material as the leggings, this bra top moulds to your shape and provides a light support perfect for yoga or dance sessions. I hate having to adjust my clothing when I’m working out or in rehearsals as I find it so distracting, and frankly, irritating! So I really loved the thick elastic under the bust on this, as usually with these kind of bra tops I find either dig in or roll up, whereas this did neither. It stayed in place and was super comfy no matter what I did. I would say that if you are doing a more strenuous exercise like Zumba you would need to pop a sports bra underneath for a bit of extra support. I also found this a versatile crop top to dress up for a day/night out too – styling it up with a body-con skirt and a kimono over the top. It worked incredibly well as the ultimate loungewear with my leggings on a lazy day of blogging on a weekend.

Wearing Venus Cow Bra Top (Size S/M)

In conclusion, would I recommend our fillies buy a pair of PBL’s? I would have to say yes! I am well and truly converted. In the false economy of picking up five cheap pairs versus buying one pair of these bad boi’s, there is only one answer: I would opt for the Perfect Black Leggings everytime! That’s because I am confident in saying that one pair of PBL’s will outlast those five pairs AND outperform them tenfold. It’s that black and white!

Wearing Venus Cow Perfect Black Leggings and Bra Top Size (S/M)

Be sure to check out the brand’s Twitter and Instagram and join the movement – your body AND wardrobe will thank you for it!

Until next time fillies,

Love Leigh at FDJ LDN HQ x

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6 thoughts on “PBL – Perfect Black Leggings by Venus Cow

  1. beautiful! I love the all black 😀 and I have the same sneakers hehe – they go with everything
    Instagram: the_ch1ara

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  2. Wow, you look so cute and this sports outfit of yours is really amazing! 😀
    I especially like your Adidas sneakers. Which socks do you wear with them or do you go sockless?

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