New Year. Fresh Start: Glow Getter!

We are shouting S.O.S here at FDJ LDN HQ, fillies! Yep, it’s totally a “Save our SUNSHINE” moment as the cold snap has us dreaming of sunnier climes. But we weren’t downhearted for long when Organically Epic entered our lives with their promise to deliver us from our ghostly pallors with a product that brings us sunshine – bottled! In our latest “New Year. Fresh Start”, we show you how easy it is to achieve a golden glow all year round – quickly! Yes, this little beauty is a real tanning hack!

Now, we are pretty sure we’ve all used facial tanners before. We for one can also vouch for every successful facial tanner we have used, we have used another ten that haven’t made the grade, leaving us looking more orange than Michelle Keegan after a Caribbean holiday, dipped in sweet chilli sauce! And who hasn’t had an patchy, streaky face despite being meticulous in application? Further more, for every successful one we have used, there hasn’t been one without its little glitches that you let slide – the colour may be fab, the coverage wonderful BUT you are left with tanned fingers or a bad smell, or worst still it brings you out in the odd spot or doesn’t have any added skincare benefits. So when Organically Epic rocked up saying that its Eco by Sonya’s Natural Face Tan Water would change the way we tanned, we were immediately intrigued. Organically Epic are the exclusive UK stockists of Eco by Sonya products and we were delighted to trial its delights!

Yes, it is a water! NO, you do not drink it! This wonderful water promises to change the way that you see facial tanners. Whilst delivering a gorgeous glow that you’d hope to expect from any good tanning product, this one is packed with only organic and natural ingredients, making it perfect for Vegans as it is approved by PETA too. Your face will beam without anything harmful or artificial being used. Packed with skin-caring ingredients (such as Aloe Vera, Radish Root and Orange Peel oil), it’s anti-aging AND anti-acne. It also moisturises whilst not clogging pores> Basically, it’s a tan with the trauma! So those with sensitive, oily and/or spot-prone skin, this may well be the tan for you. However, it’s not just the fabulousness of its ingredients that had us jumping to road-test this product, it was also the ease of use.

We found that this product slipped seamlessly into our night-time skin routine. Applied with cotton wool, we used this little glow getter 2/3 times a week, replacing our usual toner after cleansing. Because it is moisturising, there is no need to use moisturiser afterwards, so it meant we could get into bed that little bit quicker. It was a delight to use and instantly disappeared into the skin with a lovely rose aroma. Be sure to wipe all over though, including the neck to blend in and to swipe around the hairline, blend around your ear, etc! Then simply rinse off after 8 hours – so it’s perfect to apply before your beauty sleep! The next morning after the first use, we woke up with a very light and natural-looking golden glow and little to no “fake tan” smell which we are not a fan of. Hallelujah!

From L to R: The results are clear! From Day 1, wearing usual make-up, to application that night to Day 3 wearing just Facial Tan Water, mascara and eyebrow pencil!

After a week of use, we were hooked! Using it every other night, we loved the lovely warm glow that developed, which was extremely natural. We were big fans of the fact that we could guarantee that after such a fuss-free application, we could wake up the next day to a seamlessly streak-free colour. No risk of tanned fingers either as you are using cotton wool to apply – yay! If you are after something that is quick and easy to fit into your skincare routine with added skincare benefits that produces an even colour – you are onto a winner with this product! We are both naturally very pale, so finding a tan can be somewhat of a nightmare! Whereas this simply left us glowing with a healthy looking colour that looked completely natural. If you are after a strong mahogany colour, this is probably not the tan for you – you will not get the totally tan-tastic Tina straight off the plane from Benidorm look here! But if want a beautiful healthy glow, you WILL get just that –  a beautiful healthy glow. Leigh found it so good that she was able to go foundation free, which was a god-send on a week when she had 5:45am starts! Nobody recoiled in horror at her basically make-up free face. In fact, there were only compliments of how healthy she looked after such an early start. Now that’s a thumb-up for this product right there!

We highly recommend this facial tanner here at Fashion Du Jour | LDN for a great little time-saving hack for all you busy fillies that want to face 2016 as gorgeous glow getter! This will most certainly be part of OUR “New Year. Fresh Start” regime!

Until next time fillies,

Nicky and Leigh at FDJ LDN HQ x

P.S Want to see the rest of our “New Year. Fresh Start” series and find out more of our v.2016 upgrades? Well catch up right here! And we are LOVING all our social media fun from FDJ LDN HQ over on our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook – so why not join the party?







4 thoughts on “New Year. Fresh Start: Glow Getter!

    • Hello Saira,

      Thank you so much for your lovely comments! Yes, it’s totally different from anything I’ve used before and I am loving the results. I think I may be addicted 😍

      I will certainly stop by. Love your blog – full of great content 👍

      Love Leigh at FDJ LDN HQ c

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