ON OUR RADAR: Sand and Seagulls

Nothing can evoke the spirit of Summer like images of sandy beaches, the sound of waves crashing on the shore, collecting seashells whilst walking through the sea with your flip-flops in our hand. Ahhh *sigh* sheer bliss. So when we came across the nautical delights from Sand and Seagulls, we here at FDJ LDN HQ had to share this wanderlust inducing range with our fillies. So grab your sunnies as we chat with Zoe all about the brand, its ethos and bring you some serious mermaid chic beside the seaside…

Message in a Bottle Necklace – £17.50

We are super excited to find out about the lady behind the lushness! Please tell us a little about yourself, your background etc and how you decided to start your business? Has it changed over time?
I’m a Mum of two gorgeous boys Rudy, 3 and Felix 11 months. I studied Marketing Management and University and have worked in Marketing for the past 9 years. Whilst on maternity leave with my eldest, I wanted to do something for me, so in-between naps and nappy changes Sand and Seagulls was born! I started out with a handful of products and now I have dozens, each and every one has a story behind it and is inspired by the seaside.

Sand and Seagulls is such an interesting name – we love the imagery it conjures up! What’s the story behind it/where did they originate from?
We had a seaside themed wedding in 2010 and having lived by the sea all my life, the beach is very close to my heart. As a family we love playing down on the sand, and my boys love the Seagulls. It also sounds pretty good too

It certainly does! What are the best parts and most challenging parts of your business?
The best parts are the feedback and lovely things people say about my jewellery, I can be quite modest so it can be a real honour to be someone’s birthday or Christmas present. The most challenging part is time; as a Mum of two small boys, I don’t get much time to hide away in my office/studio.

Sea Star Hairclip – £7.50
Just Beachy bracelet- £15.50

You are clearly Super Woman! And what’s your proudest moment for the brand so far?
In 2015 I commissioned some necklaces and earrings for a brides bridesmaids to wear on her big day; when I was sent a photograph of the three ladies wearing my pieces I felt so proud.

What’s an average day like at Sand and Seagulls?
The daytime is mostly spent looking after and entertaining my boys. Then when they’re tucked up in bed and the dishes are done I’ll retreat upstairs. Practising new skills such as hand stamping, making orders, social networking as much as I can squeeze in! It is pretty good being able to work in my PJ’s though!

Sand Castle necklace – £16.00
Beach Life Abalone rings – £8.50-9.50

Brilliant – we love working in our PJ’s too! What influences and inspires you?
The seaside! All of my pieces are inspired by the seaside, either pieces from the sea itself like pearls and shells, right through to the colour of the sea in a pair of earrings.

We are LOVING your range – if you HAD to pick, which piece/s would be your must-have to get you through SS16? What are your key trends that we MUST have?
My sterling silver pendant necklaces absolutely! They have been incredible popular over Christmas and I think every lady loves a dainty, high quality, understated necklace. I have some more designs coming soon too!

Dreaming of the Sea necklace – £17.50
Marine Life Turquoise Ring – £10.50

Well, we can’t wait to see the new pieces! What do you think the Sand and Seagulls customer is like?
Ladies approximately 20’s – 40’s, have a connection to the seaside in some way and like to treat themselves once in a while!

We certainly do and your jewellery is certainly a treat. Now, which celebrity would you LOVE to see rocking your brand?
Fearne Cotton would be great!

Good choice! She has fab style – we love her here at FDJ LDN HQ! How would you describe your own personal style?
Practical! As mentioned, I’m a busy Mum so it’s got to be easily washable, and comfortable! I do sneak in a leopard print here or there though 😉

Beach Find necklace – £14.00
Summer Life Amazoniite rings – £8.50-9.50

Thank you so much to Zoe for sitting down with us and chatting about her fabulous range. Be sure to go check them out fillies, we promise you won’t be able to resist having a little piece of summertime bliss on your wrist, fingers or around our neck. Get dropping those Valentines Day *hint HINTS* to the other half in!

Until next time fillies,

Nicky and Leigh at FDJ LDN HQ x

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4 thoughts on “ON OUR RADAR: Sand and Seagulls

    • Thanks so much Jadirah! Such a gorgeous range right? And we loved the story behind the brand. Keep your eyes peeled as there may be a competition soon to win a piece of lushness for yourself 😉

      Love Leigh at FDJ LDN HQ x


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