New Year. Fresh Start: Snack Happy!

We know the old mantra “New Year. New YOU!” but heck FDJ LDN fillies, we think you are pretty darn cute already! So why declare to make a “New YOU”?! No, no, no! How about the same fabulous you but with a few version 2016 updates? That’s more like it. In our new series “New Year. Fresh Start” we are going to bring to you direct some new found fabulousness to add into your daily routine, from fitness, food, beauty, make-up and fashion. These little lovelies will have the old you feeling freaky fresh and ready to shine this new year.  So click this way to find an easy way to snack happy!

We all know the drill. We make the resolution to eat uber healthy and knock all naughtiness out of our diet, willingly not trying to smash anyone in the face that dares to eat chocolate down wind of us right? Totes ma goats! But this kind of extreme deprivation of a human’s right to enjoy nice tasting food can only last so long and before you can say “£1 giant slab of chocolate”, we have thrown away our good intentions along with our unwanted Christmas presents. Enter Pulsin’ and their range of sensational snack bars! We decided to road-test their range of Raw Choc Brownies and found them to be the perfect anti-dote to any lack of yumminess you may have found from other health bars, plus they are exactly that- HEALTHY!

Pulsin Raspberry and Goji Berry Raw Choc Brownie

We decided in the interest of fairness to try ALL the flavours of Raw Choc Brownie. I know, we are that selfless dear fillies! The bars come in three fab varieties – Super Berry, Maca Bliss and Almond and Raisin and we thought we would trial them through the past few weeks to meet our needs on that particular day.

Leigh has been finding it hard to eat as well as usual during the festive season due to being in Panto and various social engagements. She’s been having to grab what she can on the go and has needed snacks that are quick and easy to eat between shows and whilst travelling. That being said she also wanted something that would pack a health-filled punch to feed her aching body. She decided to opt for the Super Berry Raw Choc Brownie. Pulsin’ describe it as “the ultimate in-between meal snack” and hells yes, it was! Not only is it one of the best tasting and indulgent tasting health bars she had ever tasted, with no dry “sticking to your teeth and gums” hell but it also kept her firing on all cylinders through the show until she could grab a meal at the end of the day. She felt full, but in no way bloated or heavy and full of energy. We highly recommend for anyone that’s always on the go!

Pulsin Maca Bliss Raw Choc Brownie

Nicky has kickstarted the New Year by going back to Netball after the Christmas break and so she decided to use the Maca Bliss Raw Choc Brownie as her pre-workout fuel. Packed with Cacao and that Peruvian wonder, Maca which is renowned for its energy enhancing benefits, Nicky was bouncing around that Netball court with a bit of extra vitality in her step! Maca is great for boosting the immune system as well as revving the libido – so it sounds like Nicky is in for a VERY happy New Year! Plus Nicky is trying to eat less sugar and dairy, so this, like the other bars in the range, ticks those boxes. Also to all our Vegan friends, you can eat happy in the knowledge that Pulsin’ has got you covered!

Pulsin Almond and Raisin Raw Choc Brownie topped Overnight Oats

Now it is BOTH of our “New Year. Fresh Start” resolutions to try and not skip breakfast and to have one that is bigger and healthier. Have no fear – Almond and Raisin Raw Choc Brownie Bar is here! We have been topping our Overnight Oats (a quick to make porridge you can prep the night before. Simply mix 1/2 cup Oats, 1/2 cup Greek Yoghurt and 1/2 of Soya or Almond Milk together and pop in fridge) with a chopped up Almond and Raisin bar, some Chia Seeds, some Cashew Nuts and a drizzle of Sweet Freedom, accompanied by Coffee and Green Tea. Delicious! Now, we might have to say this bar is possibly our favourite! Not only because it’s a great way to start the day due to its ingredients such as raw Rice Protein powder (to regulate blood sugar) and super good for you Cacao and Almonds, but because it tastes like the most delicious chocolate truffle! Gooey, yummy, stickiness that you can’t quite believe is packed with the healthy things your body needs. You will forget that you are eating something that is doing you good.

We certainly think that making Pulsin’ one of 2016 habits is going to be an easy and highly delicious one to keep. We are looking forward to trying out the rest of their range which includes protein bars and protein powders. We hope you become as a big a fan as we are. Have you tried their products? We would love to hear!

Also if you have any great “New Year. Fresh Start” tips, please share in the “Comments” section below or contact us through our “Contact Us” page! We love hearing from you.

Until next time fillies,

Love Nicky and Leigh at FDJ LDN HQ x

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7 thoughts on “New Year. Fresh Start: Snack Happy!

    • Hello Soph,

      Thank you so much for your comment! Tell us about it – we are always on the look for tasty and healthy treats and this certainly is!

      Would love to have a look at your blog – heading there now!

      Love Leigh at FDJ LDN HQ x


  1. They look quite like Naked bars, they are good too. These types of bars are surprisingly filling aren’t they?

    Thanks for introducing ‘totes ma goats’ into my vocabulary. I shall be using that forever now I think…

    Liked by 1 person

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