‘Tis the Season to…Have Fab Skin!

Yup! It’s finally December and ’tis the season to eat, drink and be merry to levels of extra excess FDJ LDN fillies. There’s parties to be partied at, food and drink to be scoffed, shopping in swelteringly overheated environments before facing the biting frosts outside to be encountered, all in the name of St. Nick! Therefore we thought that we would, on some small part, try to combat the Xmas onslaught with a few bits of fabulousness – boosting your health, fitness and beauty, so you can face the season at your sparkling best! In our first in our “‘Tis the Season” series, Leigh shares her secret weapon to get your skin glowing easily and quickly. So click this way…

So, your night is packed with parties, your days are filled with work and your weekends? Well that’s for all that shopping you need to do, right? Well, love, when are you going to give your skin the TLC it needs? This season I for one am doubly busy. I am juggling all of the above alongside being in Panto (oh yes I am!) and have noticed that my otherwise healthy skin had been looking a bit lacklustre. I have a pretty awesome skincare routine (Catch up on what I have been using here) and I try to eat as healthy as possible to nourish my skin, as well as fuel my body. Heck, I guzzle green tea and water err day! But due to the added physical strain of rehearsals, the change in weather and various drinks and dinners out causing festive fatigue – I had noticed my visage was looking more Christmas turkey, than Snow Angel?!

Enter Works With Water with their Help: Beautify Skin to the rescue! I got this 14 day supply of skin supplements hoping that it would restore my skin to its former lustre. I was noticing, due to my packed schedule and added stress levels perhaps, that I was getting dry patches, Eczema was flaring up and I was looking a bit dull and grey with spots under the skin threatening to break the surface. I was hoping it would calm and chill out my skin during my busy period, whilst fitting in with it too as my time’s becoming increasingly precious. But…boy oh boy did these little beauties surpass my expectations!

The deliciously appley sachets are so convenient for the girl on the go! Packed full of PravenAge, a cocktail of CoEnzymeQ10, Hydrolysed Marine Collagen, Resveratrol, Aloe Vera and Vitamin C, these anti-ageing beauty jellies certainly have delivered a powerful punch to perk up my pallor. Developed by Jules Birch who believes in using natural products that are scientifically proven to deliver results, I trusted that I was only using something that would naturally enhance my skin. I know that anti-aging treatments are important as a lady in her flirty thirties, but I am trying to do this as holistically as possible without giving myself over to Botox or Collagen fillers injected into my “too scared of needles” face. Therefore, ingesting these great tasting sachets was an utter delight PLUS a lot cheaper than a syringe full of Collagen. Also, taking Collagen orally proves to be actually MUCH more effective than applying it topically. Who knew!

I found that storing the sachets in the fridge provided a refreshing way to nibble these yummy jellies (they are also fab stirred into Greek yoghurt) as I started my commute in the morning. You can have 1-2 sachets a day but I found 1 provided the results I needed. After a week I noticed that my skin was a lot less patchy and that I didn’t need to exfoliate as much. Towards the end of the second week is when the most noticeable results started to kick in! Usually around my time of the month, my skin can go utterly haywire and become particularly spotty and itchy in itself. But whilst using Help: Beautify Skin I noticed that I had hardly, if any, spots (if you do suffer with acne-prone skin, you may find that Help: Clear Skin is more up your street and for you fellas out there, Help: Clear Skin Men). My skin was a lot more dewy and felt moisturised all day with a great glow. I found that I could run into rehearsals with no foundation on at all (meaning a bit of extra time in bed). Not only that, but I was getting compliments from numerous friends and work colleagues that I was glowing and looked really healthy. Perhaps it’s the festive spirit, but I think it was almost certainly down to the Beautify Skin! The combination of anti-inflammatory, regenerating  and nourishing ingredients have definitely cushioned my skin against the effects of the season. So much so I am starting a second two week programme as I type! I highly recommend (along with plenty of water, good skincare and eating well as much as possible) this as your secret weapon this Christmas too.

Till next time fillies,

Leigh at FDJ LDN HQ xx

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