We’re Jammin’!

Ahhhh Sunday. What’s better than a lazy Sunday? A Sunday with an EXTRA hour of lazing! What’s better than a Sunday with an extra hour of lazing? When you are doing it in super cute PJ’s and none come super cuter than Jimmi Jamm’s fresh and fabulous range. Click this way and join us as we spend a day totes jammin’ in our Jimmi Jamm’s…

Sundays are made for PJ’s and why spend the day in a mediocre, sleep bedraggled mire of bad nightwear? No sirree! Step forward Jimmi Jamm’s, saving us the morning after the night before with its fluffy, supremely soft pajamas that are like a wearable warm hug all day long. These textures most certainly won’t rub you up the wrong way and will help soothe away a hangover. So on this super Sunday, we decided to crack out our new favourite sleepwear, Jimmi Jamm’s. Packaged in the most Instagrammable milk carton wrapping, we knew that the contents of this delivery was going to be so special and boy, we were not disappointed!

Nicky opted for the Flannel Heritage Set in pink to chill out in and catch up on her reading. The set contains brushed cotton bottoms in cute check, which are uber soft and perfect for keeping the winter chill that’s creeping in away, as well as a long-sleeved top emblazoned with the witty company name and a little bunny on the sleeve. The attention to these little details give the brand a quirky and quality feel and make it the kind of purchase that makes you wiggle about in glee whenever you put them on. We think that these would be perfect for slumber parties with the girls or maybe the ultimate Christmas morning ensemble. The range includes various styles and combos including sleep shirts and cuddly blankets, short sets and polka dot headbands, so you will never have an ordinary sleep again.

Nicky reclines whilst reading the utterly fabulous “Map My Style” by Dom and Ink

Leigh spent the day in her T-76 Lounge Set in blue/black, which is a luscious layered up combo comprising of leggings, a thin strapped vest and a baggy over vest in contrasting colours for a relaxed, fresh look. Now, there are black leggings and there are black leggings, fashion fillies, and these are thankfully the quality kind with a thick waistband, strong stitching and that don’t go see-through when you pull them on! This cheeky combo would be as perfect for chilling at home as working up a sweat at the gym. The perfect active/inactive wear, in these you’ll never again feel embarrassed opening the door to the postman in the mornings when your online shopping arrives!

But why save these delights for yourself? Perhaps you could share the joy of decent sleepwear this Christmas, as we think these would be the most fabulous of stocking fillers. Join us jammin’ in our Jimmi Jamms! We fully intend to rock ours around the clock this Sunday and all those to come. No more sleepless nights for us FDJ LDN ladies.

Love Nicky and Leigh at FDJ LDN HQ x


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