Skincare Week: The Results ~ Part 3 ~ AEOS

It’s the third instalment of our Skincare Week series and time for AEOS to step into the spotlight. Leigh took the Active Energised Organic Skincare programme for a week-long whirl in the hopes to get close-up ready. Click this way and let’s see whether her skin was as pretty as a picture thanks to the AEOS system…

When opening such a treasure chest of gorgeous goodies from the Optimal Essentials Blue Kit, I couldn’t wait to slather, spray and smooth this box of tricks all over my face. The enticing packaging oozed spa-like quality and I have to say that what was waiting inside the various bottles and tubes did not disappoint little Leigh-Leigh! I had my new headshots coming up and I needed to get my skin in tip-top condition STAT.

This skincare system is a twelve-step programme (minus the Lohanesque troubles), which will whip your skin into shape. Five to six products in the morning and six in the night make up the three-phase routine: Renewal, Rebalance and Replenish. By combining all natural ingredients from organic and biodynamic plant extracts, essences and essentials oils, as well as crystal essences, these products endeavour to deliver a healthy, glowing complexion in the healthiest of ways without any synthetic additives. And as the winner of a plethora of awards including Natural Health Magazine awards in 2013 and 2014, I felt my skin was in the safest and most nurturing of hands. Time to start my seven-day-and-night love-in with AEOS!

Morning Routine:

As I said, this system is made of up five/six products you use in the day and six you use in the night (some of the products are used both day and night). Now, I know what you are thinking – “Six products? SIX products! In the morning? I’d rather be supping on my coffee or spending an extra ten minutes in bed” – but bare with me FDJ LDN fillies, as these products make your skin so delightful that you will be jumping out of the bed before your alarm has gone off! Plus they are super quick to use too. The first two products of your Renewal phase are Gentle Cleansing Lotion and Gentle Exfoliant (which I used 2-3 times a week on my combination skin). Applied to a damp face, I found the Gentle Cleansing Lotion had a silky texture that glided over my skin and was so gentle yet effective that it didn’t sting my eyes. The fresh lemony scent cleared my bleary head every morning too! Moving on to the Gentle Exfoliant, this buffed my skin but without the grainy sharpness that most exfoliators have and my skin felt moisturised whilst it was sloughed due to its  carrier cream. My skin was always left feeling squeaky clean but in no way tight.

Next up is the Rebalance section, which I must say, is my personal favourite part of the day and night routine. Starting with the Energising Conditioner, this is applied to damp skin and patted in. I liked to use a cotton pad to sweep and pat the product into the skin as it is quite runny and it also swept away any remaining dirt from my skin, like a toner. It has THE most heavenly rose scent and made my skin feel plumped and ready to face the day. This was followed by an all over the face and neck spritz of Refreshing Hydrating Mist, which did exactly that. This light, clean-smelling spray was the perfect wake-up solution, a fresh start to the day which creates the perfect canvas for the final phase – Replenish!

Whilst the skin was still damp, I patted on the Realive Serum to lock in the moisturise. This heavenly scented lotion absorbs quickly and, as with all the AEOS products, you only need a pump or two as they are highly concentrated and a little goes a long way! To finish off, it’s time for you to seal the deal with the Energising Moisturiser. This gel cream feels luxurious and smells of fresh citrus, leaving your skin feeling dewy and plumped. I would recommend perhaps getting dressed and cleaning your teeth before applying your make up to let the moisture sink in. When you do turn your face to the mirror, you will be faced with a glowing complexion that looks poreless and flawless, even after the first use!

Night Time Routine:

Now, a lot of the steps to the night time regime are the same as the morning. You will use the same Rebalance and Replenish products as before, but you will say a warm hello to two new products as part of the Renewal phase. Onto dampened cotton wool pads, I would apply a few drops of the Cleansing Oil De-Maq, which I absolutely adored as it cut through make up and melted it away in the most luxurious lemony way. A few spritzes of Dew Facial Wash either into a sink of warm water or worked into the palm of your hand created a fresh froth that swept away the cleansing oil and all that mucky muck, especially when I paired it with a facial or muslin cloth. My skin was left squeaky clean (literally) yet feeling hydrated and healthy.

Followed by the next Rebalance and Replenish steps, the remains of day had gone, leaving my skin beauty sleep ready. And the next morning…time to face the mirror. Each morning I woke up, I noticed the clarity and quality of my skin got better, with less spots and pores. This was the perfect system to use on the lead up to my photo shoot the next week. On the day, the photographer even remarked that I had flawless skin, so if anything gives a skincare routine a big tick, it has to be that! AEOS left my skin feeling lush and looking the healthiest it has in a long while. My skin goes through a lot due to the demands of my work and my schedule, but this made me looked rested and replenished. I highly recommend the kit as the perfect way to try the whole range, as well as some of the body products and is also great to take on holiday. Lush! Go check it out fillies.

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Stay tuned for more Skincare Week results coming shortly.

Until next time FDJ LDN lovelies,

Leigh at FDJ LDN HQ x

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