LFW: Moixa SS16 Collection – “Beautiful Beast: Out of the Woods”

As a month of fashion weeks around the world ends and the glitter starts to settle, we thought it the best time to share one of our favourite London Fashion Week experiences. We were lucky enough to be invited to Moixa‘s fantastical fairytale of a show, which was a riot of rich colour and sumptuous fabrics. And guess what? You, our fellow FDJ LDN fashionista, are joining us on the Front Row. So take your seat as the show is about to begin!

LONDON FASHION WEEK! Can any three words excite a style siren more? Well, perhaps “it’s on sale”, but that’s by the by! It’s LFW and the palpable thrum of excitement in the heart of the city during this time is electric. As we trotted around London from showroom to showcase on that sublimely stylish Saturday, our excitement built to a fever pitch as we sauntered (translation: RAN in heels – we were running ever so fashionably late!) over to the Grand Connaught Rooms where the Moixa show was being held. We collected our VIP gold wristbands with an aura of stylish sheen (slightly sweaty) and husky voice (out of breath) and proceeded to collect two very yummy King Bloom cocktails to quench our palate, but not our hunger, for the show to come.  Perfect for the clean living stylista who still loves a tipple, these cocktails pack a punch on taste without compromising your conscience! We opted for a “Blizzard” (vodka, white cranberry and coconut water) and a “Tea Party” (gin, peach and green tea) and supped as we soaked in the atmosphere.

Fashion week is probably one of our favourite times of the year as it is such a good time to style spot and waiting here to be seated for the show was no exception. The crowd that had flocked to see Moixa was a smorgasbord of style to feast upon! We loved how people had taken the latest trends and had extrinsically made them their own. We had dressed for the occasion accordingly with nods to the upcoming AW15 trends and, of course, in tones of the style maven’s favourite – black!

Leigh wear New Look and Prada. Nicky wears HM.

After a rather pleasurable wait filled with chat and cocktails, we were seated on the frow for the main event. Bubbly in one hand and cupcake in the other, we sat alongside the white catwalk for the show to begin, amidst the excited chatter and popping flashes of the gathered photographers. We were lucky enough to be seated next to one of the MUAs who had primped and preened the models in preparation for the show and were told that the collection was not to be missed! We waited with bated breath for the show to begin and, when it did, we were not disappointed…

As the strains of a beautiful Soprano’s voice filled the space, a model glided down the catwalk for the opening of the show, in a dress adorned with the most intricate web fabric of golden thread. As she turned in gravity-defying heels the shimmer and sheen off what can be only described as a moving piece of art was spell-binding, like the dew glistening off a spider’s web in the early sunlight. We were captivated!

As the model retreated into the shadows, a pulsating beat kicked in whilst the singing continued to float over the top. “Thumping music paired with opera? That shouldn’t go together!” I hear you say. But the atmosphere that it created through its paradox reflected the very essence of the collection itself. As brazenly bold and bright fabrics seamlessly mingled with delicate details and sharp shapes, the models stalked down the runway unabashedly, becoming the “Beautiful Beasts” themselves, as savage as they were show-stopping.

Moixa is the labour of love of New Yorker, Denise Mahmud, who relocated to the heart of London towards the end of the 90s. From here she made her name as a clothes and accessories designer, selling her wares from those well-heeled haunts of many a style-conscious guru, Portobello Road, Camden and Old Spitalfields. As a label, Moixa is defined by Mahmud’s skill in creating opulent textiles, using Batik, Shibori, silkscreen, weaving and block printing techniques which were displayed in abundance throughout the show. Be it through the woodland prints adorning jackets, trousers and full ball gowns skirts to the intricate webs of spun silk dotted with Swarovski crystals, beads and stones – Moixa’s skills were showcased to their jaw-dropping potential.

“Moixa” means female cat in Catalan and the models embodied the feline elegance of these creatures on the catwalk purrrr-fectly!  The hair and makeup complemented the aesthetic of the designs with graphic hairstyles and lips that looked like they had been kissed by the Golden Orb spider itself, encrusted with gold leaf.

At the climax of the show, the model sashayed down the runway with regal grandeur in a dazzling voluminous gold gown – a real crowd pleaser to the Cinderella in all of us! As the rest of the models joined for the final walk, the runway was awash with a cavalcade of jewel tones, which drew a gasp from even the most seasoned of show-goer. As Denise joined the models she received rapturous applause, which was highly deserved.

We thoroughly enjoyed stepping into the world of Moixa and are sure that this stunning collection is bound to create further waves in the fashion world. Thank you so much for having us! We hope you FDJ LDN fillies have enjoyed being on the frow as much as we did. As ever, comment, like and share. We love your internet-based love.

Until next time, stay Fashion Du Jourable!

Love Nicky and Leigh at FDJ LDN HQ x

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