Come away with me – Hotel Gotham

Sometimes to appreciate the present, we have to step back into the past…and there is seriously no better place to do that than to saunter through the gilded doors of Hotel Gotham, right into the glamorous heart of the 1920’s. And the perfect travel buddy? Why, a makeup bag full of beautiful Bagsy Beauty! Oh and your gorgeous boyfriend of course!!! Join Leigh as she time-travels (without the need to build a machine) to a place that needs to be seen to be believed!

As we strolled through the streets of Manchester, up to the impressive 100 King Street entrance to Hotel Gotham, you couldn’t help but feel anything less than royalty! Oozing Art Deco opulence we put our best shoe forward, stepped into the waiting elevator and were whisked up to the sixth floor. As the doors parted, we drank in a scene which could have been from the golden age of Hollywood – bell-hops bustled whilst we were greeted with a welcome cocktail and were checked in by the crisply attired staff. Holy Batman and Robin, fashion fillies!!! We were most certainly no longer in 2015!

If this was a taste of what was to come, we were hungry for more! We hastily glided down the sweeping staircase in our eagerness to get to our room. What greeted us on the other side of the door didn’t disappoint! Throwing open the door to our suite, we were greeted with an abundance of awesome! Every turn of the head was a feast for the eyes as we bounced around the room, discovering the mind-boggling attention to detail: From a copy of “The Gotham Bugle” on our night-stand to the bars of gold bullion in the bathroom by way of a seemingly ordinary wardrobe that transformed into something not far short of the Bat Cave itself, nothing was left wanting!

After having a good look around, a peruse of the room service menu, an unpack and an obligatory bounce on the fur-throw covered bed, it was time to start thinking about the next important decisions of the day – food and of course, that all important OOTN yo’!

Where to eat was a no-brainer. We decided on Panama Hatty’s with its delectable dishes ranging from Mexico to Malaysia, to the Caribbean and the Mediterranean cuisine that would be washed down with a good (BIG) bottle of red wine. That decision was easy! Now OOTN…well, we all know that can take a little bit longer right ladies? Right!

In keeping with the sophisticated era I was currently residing in, I opted for a classic LBD from River Island. With its clean simple lines, I felt like a walking piece of Art Deco. Adding a distinctly 2015 touch, I paired it with killer Dorothy Perkins shoe boots to make it pop!

OOTN done, it was time to head into “Hair and Makeup” and become screen goddess worthy, Bagsy Beauty products in hand! In starlet-like surroundings, I assembled the gang: Wonder Wand highlighter and concealer (Take aim!), Beautiful Eyes pencil in Smokey Eyes (Ready!) and Wow Lips chubby sticky in Ready to Wear (FIRE!). This triple threat of products had me looking from zero to hero in literally 10 minutes! Bagsy Beauty products are super easy to use, have wonderful textures that glide and blend like a dream and are brilliant multi-taskers. Wonder Wand is a double-ended delight, providing me with flawless coverage one side and the ultimate strobing highlighter the other, which I used on cheeks, nose, cupid’s bow and brow bone. Beautiful Eyes in Smokey Eyes does just that! It creates the easiest smokey eyes you could wish for! It’s super blendable and the look lasted the whole evening due to its 24 hour wear. Wow Lips in Ready to Wear is possibly my favourite lip product at the moment! I use it most days. It feels lovely and nourishing on the lips, lasts well and is an incredibly lush colour. It’s a bit of a nod to the 90s (Hello Rachel from Friends alert) but super of the moment too! Bagsy Beauty was developed by someone with a wealth of experience in the beauty business and you can certainly tell as these products are clearly of labour of love from someone who has poured their passion, as well as fab ingredients, into their products! Available at Feel Unique, I HIGHLY recommend you go get yourself some lushness STAT! Plus have you seen how cute the packaging is? The inside of your makeup bag will never have looked so good!

I’m ready for my close up, Mr DeMille! Grabbing a long-line waistcoat and trilby hat, we were finally ready to (almost regretfully) dip our toe back into the modern day and the somewhat inclement Manchester weather. Dinner was gorgeous, washed down with that good (BIG!) bottle of red wine we had promised ourselves earlier. Swaying our way happily back to Hotel Gotham, we decided it would be utterly RUDE not to partake of the delights of the exclusive members and guest cocktail bar, Club Brass.

Looking like something between being on board the opulence of the Titanic (but without the sinking feeling) and entering the awe-inducing lair of a Bond villain, Club Brass is simply spectacular! With possibly the most unrivalled views of the Manchester metropolis, we perched on leather banquettes amid the gold covered walls, drinking in the scenery whilst drinking in some potently good cocktails! You would be mistaken if you think you can guess who had which cocktail though…

After supping leisurely on our cocktails till they sadly were no more, we descended back to our room to finish out the night with our perfectly chilled prosecco, courtesy of the Bat Cave’s fridge! Hotel Gotham robes on and prosecco popped we reclined on the fur – nice work Batman and Robin!

Fast forward to the morning after the night before…and all that high living had resulted in what can only be described as QUITE the little hangover for Leigh-Leigh! I seriously could have stayed in that fluffy white bed nursing my particularly venomous hangover, but my partner in crime reminded me that breakfast was waiting for us and nothing can part me from a good poached egg and a strong coffee! So like the superhero I am I sucked it up, prettified my hair with a refreshing spritz of Hair Wonder dry shampoo and was ready to face the world and a HUGE breakfast!

Big portions and bigger cups of coffee were served whilst my head was soothed but the elegant white surroundings and my blurry vision was cleared by the most stunning views out of the pictureframe-like windows. Sheer bliss! After fuelling up on British best, we headed back to the room to pack for and prep for our return to modern life. I once again turned to Bagsy’s magic Wonder Wand to hide the sins of last night, defined my (reddened) eyes with Beautiful Eyes pencil, used the Wow Lips as a cheeky blush and lavished my lips in Lip Velvet Soft Matte lip colour in Rush Hour. Donning my trusty trilby and ripped jeans combo, it was time to leave…

As we stepped back into the present and the of hustling and bustling street, I reflected on my little jaunt into the past. There really is something to be said to sometimes looking back and revisiting a by-gone age. The simplistic grandeur and the feeling of occasion Hotel Gotham excludes is something that is lacking in our everyday life, but perhaps it’s something we should embrace more often. A feeling of quality not quantity and the space and time to enjoy a slower pace of life! This little getaway left me refreshed (despite aforementioned hangover!) and ready to turn my Bagsy-beautified face to the future. Totally #FashionDuJourable!

Love Leigh at FDJ LDN HQ x

P.S. Thank you to Mike, my wonderful boyfriend for treating me…and for being a great photographer xx

12 thoughts on “Come away with me – Hotel Gotham

    • Hi Aria,
      It does indeed and it was truly fabulous. The touches and nods to Batman are amazing – hello Bat shaped biscuits in the bureau! The hotel is like something straight out of a film set. If you get the chance to stay, I highly recommend it!!!

      Have a lovely weekend and thanks for commenting!

      Leigh at FDJ LDN xx


  1. Oh my gosh I’m beyond jealous. I actually live about 5 minutes away from Gotham but I still want to stay there cause it looks SO cool! Loved this post, I felt like I was having my long awaited snoop around the place.



  2. I don’t get to go to manchester a lot even though I only live an hour away, but this has made me want to book a night or two there! that hotel looks amazing!


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