Enjoying a night out from Fashion Du Jour LDN HQ

Join us on our Fashion Du Jour-ney…

Well hello there, you fashionable filly, you! Welcome to our little corner of the internet. We are Fashion Du Jour LDN. Two sisters. One ethos. To bring “aspirationally attainable” style, beauty and lifestyle to all. Pleased to meet you!

Now why start a blog? Well, we wanted to create a space where we could combine our passions and eclectic styles to inspire others to do the same.

Through the years we have been on our own personal style pathways, sometimes stumbling off track into murky places…can we mention white eyeliner, gelled fringes and a slightly prolonged obsession with Spice Girls platform trainers? No. No, we can’t start off in such a dark hole of fashion failure (although, thankfully, we were NEVER so stylistically challenged to go down the Kappa trackie bottoms and crop top route – we swear on Topshop and the high priestess, Kate Moss!).

As sisters close in age but with different tastes, we can appreciate each other’s individuality but were always encouraged by our ever so stylish Mama to  find our own spin on things in life…I mean how fashion forward are we here right? RIGHT!

Check out those super blunt fringes and statement colour pop jumpers. All kinds of fashion snaps happening right there!

Through the eighties, nineties, noughties and teenies, we have always tried to straddle that tricky fine line between on trend and in style…it isn’t easy to be of the minute AND timeless, especially as we saunter through our thirties. Are we right fellow fashionista? We have tried, failed and succeeded and had lots of fun along the way!

We are full of contradictions and paradoxically puzzling pariahs it would appear: We love cheap clothing but not clothes that look cheap (BIG difference). We love brand new buys mixed with old wardrobe loves. We enjoy finding new styles but who can beat adding in the ol’ faithfuls, hey? We take the mass trend and tailor it to our individual needs and tastes (we are determined to make culottes work for us damn it!). That’s why the ethos of our blog is to be “aspirationally attainable” – a paradox in itself but our mantra nonetheless. It is possible to look, feel and FIND the holy grail of your definition of style to aspire to and achieve it without compromising your mortgage, other half, soul, etc.

That’s why the ethos of our blog is to be “aspirationally attainable” – a paradox in itself but our mantra nonetheless

We have worked for a number of years within the fashion, style, beauty, lifestyle world but wanted to express ourselves under our own brand for a change. Leigh is an actress but also works from time to time as a model and fitting model for numerous brands, both new and established. It’s an interesting and sometimes challenging career – y’all OK with standing around in your pants being measured and told you are too thin/fat/have too long a thigh bone? Yes, these things have actually been said! But coming across so many stylish and talented people and discovering so many brands and ways to individualise looks has really helped her develop and grow in so many ways, staying intrinsically true to herself.

Nicola is a copywriter who works for various fashion, beauty and lifestyle companies, using words to weave beautiful pictures that reflect the vision of those she works for. She has loved being able to combine her flair for form with her passion for fashion. But heck, it’s nice to be able to freestyle under Fashion Du Jour LDN and create a brand from scratch! Nicola is all about the aesthetics and the classic, but likes to get street and contemporary too when the occasion calls for it. She likes to break the mould and wants you, dear friendly fashion maven, to do the same in whatever area of life you desire!

But you want to know what the best part of this whole adventure is? We get to do it together…and that’s just #FashionDuJourable

We can’t wait to share more with you here at Fashion Du Jour LDN. Pop by, chat to us, let’s become friends! Deal? Click that mailing list button, get in contact, follow us on Instagram and Twitter. Send us some internet love and we will send it right back to you too!

Love Nicola and Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN HQ x

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